Twenty Fifth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/25)
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8-11 September 2014, )
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Final Report.pdfFinal Report29 September 2015Secretariat 
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AP097-14 (AGA)_States1.pdfInvitation Letter_Member States10 July 2014Secretariat 
AP097 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda-WP1.pdfAttachment A – Provisional Agenda10 July 2014Secretariat 
AP097 - Attachment B - Nomination form.docAttachment B – Nomination Form10 July 2014Secretariat 
AP097 - Attachment C - List of Members-Alternate members.pdfAttachment C – List of Members/Alternate Members10 July 2014Secretariat 
AP097 - Attachment D - APANPIRG Members Nomination form.docAttachment D – APANPIRG Member Nomination Form10 July 2014Secretariat 
IP Template.docIP Template10 July 2014Secretariat 
WP Template.docWP Template10 July 2014Secretariat 
Meeting Venue.pdfMeeting Venue11 August 2014Secretariat 
AP-AGA0114-14.pdfLetter ref.: AP-AGA0114/14 dated 11 August 201411 August 2014Secretariat 
Order of Business updated 4 Sept.pdfOrder of Business8 September 2014Secretariat 
Order of Presentations.pdfOrder of Presentations8 September 2014Secretariat 
Group Photo.pdfGroup Photo9 September 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 2 - List of Papers.pdfList of Papers10 September 2014Secretariat 
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WP 1 - Adoption of Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Adoption of Provisional Agenda8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 2 - REV 1 - ANC actions on APANPIRG23.pdfWP02 - Revision 1Review of the Actions of the Air Navigation Commission on the Report of the APANPIRG/248 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 3, AI 1.2 - Status of APANPIRG 24 Conclusion Decisions-CNS.pdfWP03Status of Implementation of APANPIRG/24 Conclusions and Decisions8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 4, REV1_AI 1.3 - Outstanding conclusions, Decisions rev 1.pdfWP04 - Revision 1Status of Implementation of Outstanding APANPIRG Conclusions and Decisions8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 5, REV1_AI 2 - New ANP template and procedure for amendment.pdfWP05 - Revision 1New Regional Air Navigation Plan (ANP) Template and Procedure for Amendment8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 6, AI 3 1 Report on AOPWG outcomes.pdfWP06Report on the Second Meeting of AOP Working-Group8 September 2014Chairman of AOPWG 
WP 7, REV1_AI 3.2 - ATMSG2 Outcomes.pdfWP07 - Revision 1Report on the Second Meeting of ATMSG Outcomes8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 8, REV1_AI 3 3 RASMAG19 Outcomes rev 15Aug2014.pdfWP08 - Revision 1RASMAG/19 Outcomes8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 9, REV 1_AI 3.4 - CNS SG18 Report.pdfWP09 - Revision 1Report on the Eighteenth Meeting of CNS Sub-Group8 September 2014Chairman of CNS SG 
WP 10, REV2_AI 3.5 - MET SG-18 Outcomes.pdfWP10  (Revision 2)Report on the Eighteenth Meeting of MET Sub-Group10 September 2014Chairman of MET SG 
WP 11, REV 1_AI 4 - APANPIRG Deficiencies.pdfWP11  (Revision 1)Status of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the Asia/PAC Region10 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 12, AI 5 - ICAO Future Work Programme-CNS input (2).pdfWP12APANPIRG Work Programme 2015+8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 13, AI 5 - Restructuring of the APANPIRG-25 (rev 4).pdfWP13Restructuring of the APANPIRG Contributory Bodies to align its Working Arrangements with revised GANP8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 14, AI 6 - ICAODoc9082_Doc9161.pdfWP14Adherence to the Principles and Recommendations Detailed in ICAO Docs 9082 and 91618 September 2014IATA 
WP 15, _REV 1 - AI 3.0 ASBU Block 0 Modules_USA rev 1 [15Aug2014].pdfWP15 - Revision 1U.S. Implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Block 0 Modules8 September 2014USA 
WP 16, AI 3.2 - Mini-Global.pdfWP16Presentation of the Mini-Global Demonstration8 September 2014USA 
WP 17, AI 3.6 - Development of an ICAO Single Set of Forecasts.pdfWP17Development of an ICAO Single Set of Forecasts and Impact on the Customized Sets to be Produced by the Traffic Forecasting Groups8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 18, AI 3.6 - APANPIRG25 Progress of the ATFM Ops Trial - Final.pdfWP18Progress on the Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Operational Trial8 September 2014Hong Kong China, Singapore and Thailand 
WP 19, AI 2 - ANB Global Update.pdfWP19ANB Global Update8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 20, AI 3 0 - Regional Priorities and Targets.pdfWP20Regional Priorities and Targets8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 21, AI 3.0 - ASBU.pdfWP21Measures for Planning & Implementation of Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU)8 September 2014IBAC 
WP 22, AI 3.4 - SWIM.pdfWP22Harmonized SWIM Activities in Asia/Pacific Region8 September 2014Japan 
WP 23, AI 3.0 - CARATS.pdfWP23Importance of State’s Air Navigation Modernization Plan and Carats Activities in Japan8 September 2014Japan 
WP 25, AI 1B - Improving Air Traffic Safety Performance  IATA.pdfWP25Improving Air Traffic Safety Performance8 September 2014IATA 
WP 26, REV1_ICAO AI 3 -ANRF Seamless Reporting and monitoring of regional progress-Rev B.pdfWP26 - Revision 1ANRF, Seamless Reporting and Monitoring of Regional Progress8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 27, AI 3.0 - Performance-Based Approach to Advance ATM.pdfWP27Performance-Based Approach to Advance Air Traffic Management (ATM)8 September 2014Singapore 
WP 28, AI 2 - APANPIRG_RASG-APAC.pdfWP28Strategic and Proactive Coordination between APANPIRG and RASG-APAC in Trials and Validations for ASBU Implementation8 September 2014USA 
WP 29, AI 3.2 - Mongolia 20140829.pdfWP29The Ongoing Cooperation between Mongolia and Its Neighboring Countries8 September 2014Mongolia 
WP 30, AI 3.5 - Planning for Volcanic Ash Exercise in APAC Region.pdfWP30Planning for Volcanic Ash Exercise in APAC Region8 September 2014Japan 
WP 31, AI 3.4 - PBN Implementation Progress and ICAO Supports-20140902.pdfWP31PBN Implementation Progress and ICAO Support8 September 2014Secretariat 
WP 32, AI 3.3 - IMPROVING LHD REPORTING1.pdfWP32Efforts to Improve Large Height Deviation Reporting from Air Traffic Control Units in China8 September 2014China 
WP 33, REV 1_AI 1B - Report on the Coordination meeting PIRG-RASG (1).pdfWP33  (Revision 1)Report of the Coordination Meeting between the Chairperson of APANPIRG and RASG-APAC10 September 2014Secretariat 
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IP 1 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting Bulletin14 August 2014Secretariat 
IP 2 - RASG-APAC.pdfIP02Update of RASG-APAC Activities8 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 3 - AI 2 - SUPPs.pdfIP03Information on the Revision of the Regional Supplementary Procedures (Doc 7030)8 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 4 - AI 2 PIRGs Activities - final1.pdfIP04Planning and Implementation Regional Groups (PIRGs) Activities in other Regions8 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 5 - AI 3.pdfIP05The Integration of Human Factors in Research, Operations and Acquisitions8 September 2014USA 
IP 6 REV 1 - AI 1B - Activities in other RASGs 140826.pdfIP06 - Revision 1RASG Activities in other Regions8 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 7 - AI 3.pdfIP07Implementation of Himalayan and Trans Himalayan Routes Via Kathmandu FIR8 September 2014Nepal 
IP 8 - AI 3.pdfIP08Implementation of Steep Glide Slope ILS at Tribhuvan International Airport8 September 2014Nepal 
IP 9 - AI 3.pdfIP09Simultaneous Take-Off and Go-Around – Safety Concerns8 September 2014India 
IP 10 - AI 3.pdfIP10Implementation of PBN Based RNAV 1 (GNSS) SID and Star at GOA Airport8 September 2014India 
IP 11 - AI 3.pdfIP11Update on GAGAN  and Plans for Seamless Navigation8 September 2014India 
IP 12 - AI 3.6 - ASPIRE.pdfIP12Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE)8 September 2014Singapore 
IP 13 - AI 3.6 - RSO.pdfIP13Activities of ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub-Office in 2013-20148 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 14 - AI 3.2 - BIMT1_IP_APANPIRG25.pdfIP14Report of the First Meeting of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand ATM Coordination Group (BIMT/1)8 September 2014Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Thailand 
IP 15 - AI 3.6 - ENV-Recent Developments in ICAO and Climate Change.pdfIP15Recent Developments in ICAO on International Aviation and Climate Change8 September 2014Secretariat 
IP 16 - AI 3.4 - RAIM Prediction.pdfIP16Progress on the Establishment of RAIM Prediction System8 September 2014Thailand 
IP 17 - AI 3.0 - NAANP_NZ.pdfIP17New Zealand National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan8 September 2014New Zealand 
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WP 9, Flimsy 01 - MSA and RFI for CRV.pdfWP09 (Flimsy 1)Updated Documents from CRV Task Force: MSA and RFI 8 September 2014Secretariat 
Flimsy 02 - APAC follow-up to ANC 12 recommendations.pdfWP09 (Flimsy 2)APAC Follow-Up to AN Conf/12 Recommendations8 September 2014Secretariat 
Flimsy 03 - APAC regional priorities and targets - PBN-related indicatorRev.pdfWP20 (Flimsy 3)PBN-related Indicator for APAC Priorities and Targets8 September 2014Secretariat 

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