Combined Third Meeting of the Future Air Navigation Systems Interoperability Team-Asia
 (Pattaya, Thailand, 26 - 27 May 2014)
and The Nineteenth  Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group  (RASMAG/19)
                       (Pattaya, Thailand, 27- 30 May 2014) 
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Appendix A Participant List.pdfAPX. A - List of participants09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix B List of Papers.pdfAPX. B - List of papers09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix C Data link Implementation Strategy.pdfAPX. C - Data link Implemetnation Strategy09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix D Fit-Asia Task List.pdfAPX. D. - FIT-ASIA Tasks List09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix E PFA 14-09 ADS-C.pdfAPX. E - Proposal for Amendment (Serial No.: APAC-S 14-09)09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix F PFA 14-07.pdfAPX. F - Proposal for Amendment (Serial No.: APAC-S 14/07)09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix G Competent Safety Monitoring Organizations.pdfAPX. G - Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring Organizations09 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
FINAL REPORT FITAsia3RASMAG19.pdfReport of FIT-ASIA/3 and RASMAG/1909 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
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AP042_14 (ATM) FIT-Asia3 and RASMAG19 Invitation Letter.pdfFIT-Asia/3 and RASMAG/19 Invitation Letter22 May 2014Secretariat 
Meeting bulletin.pdfFIT-Asia/3 and RASMAG/19 Meeting Bulettin22 May 2014Secretariat 
meeting registration form.pdfFIT-Asia/3 and RASMAG/19 Registration Form22 May 2014Secretariat 
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FITASIA3 Agenda App A.pdfFIT-Asia/3 Provisional Agenda13 March 2013Secretariat 
Order of Business.pdfOrder of Business21 May 2014Secretariat 
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of Discussion26 May 2014Secretariat 
FIT Asia.pdfGroup Photo 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP02 Problem Reports and CRA Arrangements.pdfWP/02Problem Report and CRA Arrangements22 May 2014Secretariat 
WP03 Data Link Performance Chennai FIR.pdfWP/03Data Link Performance Chennai FIR21 May 2014India 
WP04 Use of Data link to implement 30 NM RHS (India).pdfWP/04Use of Data Link to Implement 3021 May 2014India 
WP05 Regional Supplementary Procedures Supporting ADS-C CPDLC Mandates.pdfWP/05Regional Supplementary Procedure Supporting ADS-C CPDLC Mandates21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP06 CPDLC Automatic Handoff Procedures.pdfWP/06CPDLC Automatic Handoff Procedures21 May 2014IATA/Boeing CRA 
WP07 CRA Website Status.pdfWP/07CRA Website Status21 May 2014New Zealand 
WP08 China Investigation Airbus A380 FANS on L888.pdfWP/08China Investigation Airbus A380 FANS on L88821 May 2014China 
WP09_Data Link Performance Report For L888.pdfWP/09Data Link Performance Report for L88821 May 2014China 
WP10 FIT-Asia Task List.pdfWP/10FIT-Asia Task List21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP11 Task List Actions 2_2 2_5 2_6.pdfWP/11Task List Actions22 May 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(4)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers26 May 2014Secretariat 
IP02 Competent CRA.pdfIP/02Competent CRA21 May 2014Secretariat 
IP03 Singapore Data Link Performance Report.pdfIP/03Singapore Data Link Performance Report26 May 2014Singapore 
IP04 Implementation of New Functionality by an ATS Unit.pdfIP/04Implementation of New Functionality by an ATS Unit26 May 2014Secretariat 
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FIT ASIA CRA Problem Report Briefing.pdfFIT ASIA CRA Problem Report Briefing23 May 2014Secretariat 
collapse Type Name : 2014 RASMAG/19 ‎(42)
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WP01 Provisional Agenda.docRASMAG/19 Provisional Agenda21 May 2014Secretariat 
RASMAG19 IPWP Template.docRASMAG/19 IPWP Template21 May 2014Secretariat 
RASMAG19.pdfGroup Photo 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(31)
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.docWP/02Relevant Meeting Outcomes23 May 2014Secretariat 
WP03 AAMA Safety Report.pdfWP/03AAMA Safety Report21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP04 China Vertical Safety Report (China).pdfWP/04China Vertical Safety Report21 May 2014China 
WP05 JASMA Vertical Safety Report.pdfWP/05JASMA Vertical Safety Report21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP06 MAAR Safety Report (Thailand).pdfWP/06MAAR Safety Report21 May 2014Thailand 
WP07 PARMO Vertical Safety Report (USA).pdfWP/07PARMO Vertical Safety Report22 May 2014USA 
WP08 PARMO EMA Horizontal Safety Report (USA).pdfWP/08PARMO EMA Horizontal Safety Report21 May 2014USA 
WP09 Horizontal Safety Monitoring Report (India).pdfWP/09Horizontal Safety Monitoring Report21 May 2014India 
WP10 JASMA Horizontal Safety Report (Japan).pdfWP/10JASMA Horizontal Safety Report21 May 2014Japan 
WP11 SEASMA Safety Report (Singapore).pdfWP/11SEASMA Safety Report21 May 2014Singapore 
WP12 Category E Large Height Deviation Illustration (Thailand).pdfWP/12Category E Large Height Deviation Illustration21 May 2014Thailand 
WP13 LLE Category F And LHD Category E Error Descriptions.pdfWP/13LLE Category F and LHD Category E Error Descriptions21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP14 AAMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP/14AAMA Assessment of Non-RVSM21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP15 China RMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft (China).pdfWP/15China RMA Assessment of RVSM Approved Aircraft30 May 2014China 
WP16 JASMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP/16JASMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP17 MAAR Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft (Thailand).pdfWP/17MAAR Assessment of Non- RVSM Approved Aircraft21 May 2014Thailand 
WP18 PARMO Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft (USA).pdfWP/18PARMO Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft21 May 2014USA 
WP19 AAMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP/19AAMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP20 China RMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update (China).pdfWP/20China RMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update21 May 2014China 
WP21 JASMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update (Japan).pdfWP/21JASMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update21 May 2014Japan 
WP22 MAAR LTHM Burden Estimate Update (Thailand).pdfWP/22MAAR LTHM Burden Estimate Update21 May 2014Thailand 
WP23 PARMO LTHM Burden Estimate Update (USA).pdfWP/23PARMO LTHM Burden Estimate Update21 May 2014USA 
WP24 Regional Safety Monitoring Assessment.pdfWP/24Regional Safety Monitoring Assessment28 May 2014Secretariat 
WP25 RNP 4 Safety Assessment (India).pdfWP/25RNP 4 Safety Assessment 21 May 2014India 
WP26 Safety Assessment of RNAV ATS Routes Y711 and Y722 (Republic of Korea).pdfWP/26Safety Assessment of RNAV ATS Routes Y711 and Y72221 May 2014Rep. of Korea 
WP27 Pre-implementation RNP4 Safety Assessment (Singapore).pdfWP/27Pre-implementation RNP4 Safety Assessment21 May 2014Singapore 
WP28 Comparison of Average ASE for Aircraft Monitoring Groups (USA).pdfWP/28Comparison of Average ASE Aircraft Monitoring Groups21 May 2014USA 
WP29 JASMA  ASE Seasonal Variation Study (Japan).pdfWP/29JASMA ASE Seasonal Variation Study21 May 2014Japan 
WP30 RVSM Approvals and Authorisations (New Zealand).pdfWP/30RVSM Approvals and Authorisations21 May 2014New Zealand 
WP31 Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring Organizations List Review.pdfWP/31Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring Organisations List Review21 May 2014Secretariat 
WP32 RASMAG Task List.pdfWP/32RASMAG Task List21 May 2014Secretariat 
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OOD.pdfOrder of Discussion22 May 2014Secretariat 
IP02 China RMA ADS-B Height Monitoring Report  (China).pdfIP/02China RMA ADS-B Height Monitoring Report21 May 2014China 
IP03 Progress of MAAR's AHMS (Thailand).pdfIP/03Progress of MAAR's AHMS21 May 2014Thailand 
IP04 PARMO RNP database Status (USA).pdfIP/04PARMO RNP Database Status21 May 2014USA 
IP05 Latest Monitoring Results of Setouchi HMU (Japan).pdfIP/05Latest Monitoring Results of Setouchi HMU21 May 2014Japan 
IP06  RASMAG MAWG1 Report.pdfIP/06RASMAG MAWG1 Report21 May 2014Secretariat 
IP07 AAMA Height Monitoring Results.pdfIP/07AAMA Height Monitoring Results28 May 2014Secretariat 
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Summary Report FITAsia3.pdfSummary Report FIT-ASIA3 27 May 2014Secretariat 

 For further information please contact:
Mr. Shane Sumner - FIT-ASIA/3

Mr. Len Wicks - RASMAG/19