Second Meeting of the Common Regional Virtual Private Network Task Force (VPN) of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (CRV TF/2)
 (Seoul, Republic of Korea, 12 May 2014)
collapse Type Name : 2014 CRVTF2 ‎(35)
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CRV TF-2 Final Report.pdfReport of CRV TF/222 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. A - Draft DOA 12 May 2014.docAppendix A - Draft Document of Agreement (DoA)23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. B - Draft MSA.docxAppendix B - Draft Management Service Agreement (MSA)23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. C - CRV CONOPS.docAppendix C - CRV Document of Agreement and Concept of Operation (CONOPS)23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. D - OOG CONOPS.pptAppendix D - Concept of Operation Oversight Group (OOG)23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. E - CRV Cost benefit analysis 1st iteration.docxAppendix E - CRV Cost Benefit Analysis 1st Iteration23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. F - Scope and Structure Request for Information- RFI.docxAppendix F - Scope and Structure Request for Information (RFI)23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. H - Updated Actions table.xlsAppendix H - Update Actions Tables23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. H - Updated Risks table.xlsAppendix H - Update Risks Table23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. J - User requirements How To.docxAppendix J - User Requirements "How to"23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. K - User requirements template.xlsxAppendix K - User Requirements Template23 May 2014Secretariat 
APX. L - Advertise CRV to CANSO.pptxAppendix L - Advertise CRV to CANSO23 May 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
AP029-14-CNS.pdfLetter of Invitation14 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docxWP/IP Template01 May 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(19)
WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda14 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2-4-5 - CRV User Requirements.pdfWP/02CRV User Requirements01 May 2014Secretariat 
WP03_TH and ICAO AI. 2 - OOG Conops.pdfWP/03Proposed Operational Oversight Group (OOG) Concept02 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP03_TH and ICAO AI.2 - Attachment.pptWP/03Attachment to WP/0302 May 2014Thailand and the Secretariat 
WP04_JPN-IND-AUS-ICAO AI.3 - Attachment.docxWP/04Attachment to WP/0402 May 2014Japan, India, Australia and Secretariat 
WP04_JPN-IND-AUS-ICAO AI.3 - Cost benefit analysis.pdfWP/04Cost Benefit Analysis (First Iteration)02 May 2014Japan, India, Australia and Secretariat 
WP05_THA-ICAO AI.2-4-5 - CRV Project activities.pdfWP/05CRV Project Activities since CRV TF/1 and for the next Period (May 14 – October 14)02 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP06_THA-ICAO AI.2 - Consideration for RFI.pdfWP/06Consideration for RFI Activities06 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP06_THA-ICAO AI.2 - Attachment.docxWP/06Attachment A to WP/06 (MS Word)06 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP06_THA-ICAO AI.2 - Consideration for RFI -rev.pdfWP/06Consideration for RFI Activities (Revised 12/05/14)12 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP06_THA-ICAO AI.2 - Revised attachment.docxWP/06 Attachment A to WP/06 (MS Word) (Revised 12/05/14)12 May 2014Thailand and Secretariat 
WP07_ICAO AI 2 - Draft MSA.pdfWP/07Draft Management Service Agreement (MSA) for CRV Procurement08 May 2014Secretariat 
WP08_USA AI.5 - CRV Concepts of Operations.pdfWP/08Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) Concept of Operations08 May 2014USA 
WP08_USA AI.5 - Attachment A.docWP/08Attachment A to WP/0808 May 2014USA 
WP09_India AI. 2 - CRV Stakeholders.pdfWP/09Participation of Various Stakeholders in the Proposed Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) to Serve the Asia/Pacific Region08 May 2014India 
WP10_ICAO AI.6 - Advertising CRV initiative to CANSO.pdfWP/10Advertising CRV Initiative to CANSO08 May 2014Secretariat 
WP10_ICAO  AI. 6 - Attachment A - Advertise CRV to CANSO.pptxWP/10Attachment A to WP/10 (Power Point Presentation)08 May 2014Secretariat 
WP11_SIN AI.2 DOA V.2.pdfWP/11Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) Multinational Document of Agreement (DoA)12 May 2014Singapore 
WP11_SIN AI.2 attachment.docWP/11Attachment to WP/11 (MS word)12 May 2014Singapore 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(2)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin14 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
IP02_India AI.6 - IP VPN Ground-ground network.pdfIP/02IP-VPN Ground/Ground Communication Network Using Commercially Available MPLS Network08 May 2014India 

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