Second Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Sub-Group (ATM/SG/2) of APANPIRG

 2014 ATMSG2

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FINAL REPORT with attachment.pdfFinal Report for ATM/SG/2Aug 22, 2014Secretariat 
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AP091-14.pdfInvitation Letter 
ATMSG2 App-A Provisional Agenda.pdfProvisional Agenda 
ATMSG2 App-B Registration Form.docRegistration Form 
ATMSG2 App-C Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting Bulletin 
IP WP Template update 071714.docIP/WP Template for ATM/SG/2Jul 17, 2014Secretariat 
OOB ATMSG2.pdfOrder of BusinessJul 24, 2014Secretariat 
OOD.pdfOrder of DiscussionAug 01, 2014Secretariat 
ATMSG2_group photo_final.pdfGroup Photo for ATM/SG/2Aug 08, 2014Secretariat 
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AI1 WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaJul 28, 2014Secretariat 
AI2 WP02 APANPIRG 24 outcomes.pdfWP02Asia /Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group OutcomesJul 28, 2014Secretariat 
AI2 WP03 APANPIRG Follow up on AN- Conf-12 recommendations with attachment.pdfWP03 APANPIRG Follow up on AN- Conf-12 recommendationsJul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI2 WP04 DGCA Outcomes.pdfWP0450th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation OutcomesJul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI3 WP05 FIT-Asia3 RASMAG19 Outcomes.pdfWP05FIT-Asia/3 RASMAG/19 OutcomesJul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI3 WP06 Seamless ATM Reporting and Monitoring with attachment.pdfWP06Seamless ATM Reporting and MonitoringJul 30, 2014Secretariat 
AI3 WP07 Regional Priorities and Targets.pdfWP07Regional Priorities and TargetsJul 24, 2014Secretariat 
AI3 WP08 Alignment of the RANP with the GANP.pdfWP08Alignment of the RANP with the Global Air Navigation PlanAug 01, 2014Secretariat 
AI4 WP09 Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP09Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group OutcomesJul 31, 2014Secretariat 
AI4 WP10 Air Traffic Flow Management Operational Trial (Singapore, plus other States).pdfWP10ATFM Operational Trial Jul 25, 2014Australia, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam and IATA 
AI4 WP11 CANSO FPL 2012 Survey - Use of Converters with attachment.pdfWP11CANSO FPL 2012 Survey and the Use of ConvertersJul 30, 2014IATA 
AI4 WP12 Termination of the RPL System within the Singapore FIR.pdfWP12Termination of the RPL System within the Singapore FIRJul 23, 2014Singapore 
AI4 WP13 ATFM data exchange (Japan).pdfWP13Air Traffic Flow Management Data ExchangeJul 28, 2014Japan 
AI4 WP14 Communications Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP14Communications Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group OutcomesAug 04, 2014Secretariat 
AI4 WP15 Performance-Based Airspace Regional Supplementary Procedures with attachment.pdfWP15Performance-Based Airspace Regional Supplementary ProceduresJul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI4 WP16 ATFM Survey UPDATED.pdfWP16ATFM SurveyJul 30, 2014IATA 
AI4 WP17 US Implementation of ASBU (USA).pdfWP17US Implementation of ASBUJul 23, 2014USA 
AI5 WP18 Regional ATM Contingency Plan Task Force Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP18Regional ATM Contingency Plan Task Force Outcomes Jul 30, 2014Secretariat 
AI5 WP19 Afghanistan Airspace Contingency Planning with attachment.pdfWP19Afghanistan Airspace Contingency Planning Jul 28, 2014Secretariat 
AI5 WP20 SAIOACG-SEACG Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP20SAIOACG/4 and SEACG/21 Meeting OutcomesJul 31, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP21 AOP WG Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP21AOP Working Groups Outcomes Jul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP22 AAITF Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP22AIS - AIM Implementation Task Force OutcomesJul 30, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP23 Research and Development on Information Management (Japan).pdfWP23Research and Development on Information Management Jul 24, 2014Japan 
AI6 WP24 Meteorology Issues Relevant to ATM with attachment.pdfWP24Meteorology Issues Relevant to ATM Aug 01, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP25 Asia Pacific SAR Task Force (USA).pdfWP25Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Task Force Jul 23, 2014USA 
AI6 WP26 Asia-Pacific Search and Rescue Task Force Outcomes with attachment.pdfWP26Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Task Force Outcomes Jul 31, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP27 SAR Activity Sharing of Information using the Internet (Japan).pdfWP27SAR Activity Sharing of Information using the Internet Jul 30, 2014Japan 
AI7 WP28 ANS Deficiencies with attachment.pdfWP28Air Navigation Service Deficiencies ListJul 31, 2014Secretariat 
AI8 WP29 ATMSG Task List with attachment.pdfWP29 APANPIRG ATM Sub-Group Task List Jul 30, 2014Secretariat 
AI6 WP30 MH370 Australian SAR Response (Australia).pdfWP30MH370 Search and Rescue Response - JRCC AustraliaJul 28, 2014Australia 
AI9 WP31 ATS Points of Contact with attachment.pdfWP31ATS Points of Contact UpdateJul 23, 2014Secretariat 
AI5 WP32 Volcanic Ash Preparation (Japan).pdfWP32Volcanic Ash Preparation Jul 30, 2014Japan 
AI6 WP33 Efficient SAR Actions - Review of Annex 11 Provisions (India).pdfWP33Efficient SAR Actions - Review of Annex 11 ProvisionsJul 31, 2014India 
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AI1 IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of Tentative Working and Information PapersJul 31, 2014Secretariat 
AI5 IP02 Implementation of PBN (RNP1) Domestic Routes (Maldives).pdfIP02Implementation of PBN (RNP1) Domestic Routes Jul 23, 2014Maldives 
AI6 IP03 SAR Cooperation and Coordination (USA).pdfIP03Search and Rescue Cooperation and Coordination Jul 23, 2014USA 
AI4 IP04 Integration of Human Factors in Research, Operations and Acquisitions (USA) with attachment.pdfIP04Integration of Human Factors in Research, Operations and AcquisitionsJul 25, 2014USA 
AI6 IP05 ICAO Multi-Disciplinary Meeting Global Tracking (Australia).pdfIP05ICAO Multi-Disciplinary Meeting regarding Global Tracking Jul 28, 2014Australia 
AI5 IP06 EATMCG 7 Outcomes.pdfIP06EATMCG OutcomesJul 25, 2014Japan/IFATCA 
AI4 IP07 LAO PDR Air Navigation Systems Update (Laos).pdfIP07Lao PDR Air Navigation Systems UpdateJul 28, 2014Lao PDR 
AI4 IP08 CNS ATM developments within the Singapore FIR (Singapore).pdfIP08CNS/ATM developments within the Singapore FIR Jul 28, 2014Singapore 
AI4 IP10 Arabian Sea Indian Ocean UPR Zone Update (India).pdfIP10Arabian Sea Indian Ocean UPR Zone UpdateJul 31, 2014India 
AI4 IP11 ADS-B Implementation and Data Sharing (India).pdfIP11ADS-B Implementation and Data Sharing Jul 31, 2014India 
AI4 IP12 New Ha Noi FIR ATC Centre (Viet Nam).pdfIP12New Ha Noi FIR ATC Centre Aug 05, 2014Viet Nam 
AI4 IP13 Status of AIDC Implementation (India).pdfIP13Status of AIDC ImplementationJul 31, 2014India 
AI4 IP14 New Delhi A-CDM Implementation (India).pdfIP14New Delhi A-CDM ImplementationJul 31, 2014India 
AI4 IP15 Status of 30NM Longitudinal Separation Implementation (India).pdfIP15Status of 30NM Longitudinal Separation ImplementationAug 05, 2014India 
AI4 IP16 Kolkata FIR Upper Airspace Harmonisation Project (India).pdfIP16Kolkata FIR Upper Airspace Harmonisation ProjectJul 31, 2014India 
AI6 IP17 MET Divisional Meeting Outcomes.pdfIP17Meteorology Divisional Meeting OutcomesAug 01, 2014Secretariat 
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AI6 Flimsy 1 WP30 Secretariat Comments.pdfFlimsy01WP30 Secretariat Comments Jul 31, 2014Secretariat 

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