The Third Meeting of Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group
(Singapore, 10-14 March 2014)
collapse Type Name : 2014 ATFM-SG3 ‎(36)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report ATFMSG3.pdfFinal Report of the ATFM/SG/34 April 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP-ATM171 ATFMSG 3 Invitation Letter.pdfATFM/SG/3 Invitation LetterJan 06, 2014Secretariat 
Meeting_Bulletin.pdfATFM/SG/3 Meeting BulletinFeb 05, 2014Secretariat 
ATFM WP IP Template.docFeb 10, 2014Secretariat 
Order of Business.pdfOrder of BusinessMar 05, 2014Secretariat 
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionMar 12, 2014Secretariat 
ATFMSG-3 Group Photo (3).pdfATFM/SG/3 Group PhotoMar 11, 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
WP01 Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP01Adoption of AgendaMar 05, 2014Secretariat 
WP02 Related Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Related Meeting OutcomesMar 05, 2014Secretariat 
WP03 Draft Regional Framework for Collaborative ATFM.pdfWP03Draft Regional Framework for Collaborative ATFMMar 05, 2014Secretariat 
WP04 CDM Project Assessment Form.pdfWP04CDM Project Assessment FormMar 06, 2014Secretariat 
WP05 Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).pdfWP05Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)Mar 07, 2014IATA 
WP06 Concept of Operations for a Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM Network for the Region.pdfWP06Concept of Operations for a Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM Network for the RegionMar 07, 2014Singapore 
WP07 Distributed Regional ATFM Network Operational Trial.pdfWP07Distributed Regional ATFM Network Operational TrialMar 07, 2014Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam 
WP08 ATFM Messages Terminology and Network Interoperability with att.pdfWP08ATFM Messages Terminology and Network InteroperabilityMar 07, 2014Secretariat 
WP09 ATFM Service Categories (Airspace).pdfWP09ATFM Service Categories (Airspace)Mar 07, 2014Secretariat 
WP10 Draft Interim Regional Framework for Collaborative ATFM with att.pdfWP10Interim Regional Framework for Collaborative ATFMMar 07, 2014Secretariat 
WP11 Draft Appendices to the Interim Framework for Collaborative ATFM.pdfWP11Draft Appendices to the Interim Framework for Collaborative ATFMMar 09, 2014Secretariat 
WP12 ATFMSG Terms of Reference with attach.pdfWP12ATFMSG Terms of ReferenceMar 07, 2014Secretariat 
WP13 Review the Task List.pdfWP13Review the Task ListMar 07, 2014Secretariat 
WP14 Thailand Capacity Enhancement Initiatives.pdfWP14Thailand Capacity Enhancement InitiativesMar 09, 2014Thailand 
WP15  Thailand CDM-ATFM Concept.pdfWP15Thailand CDM-ATFM ConceptMar 09, 2014Thailand 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(11)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersMar 12, 2014Secretariat 
IP02 EU_AATIP Cross Border ATFM Workshop.pdfIP02EU-AATIP Cross Border ATFM WorkshopMar 05, 2014EU-AATIP 
IP03 North America_Caribbean ATFM Task Force Work Programme.pdfIP03North America/Caribbean ATFM Task Force Work ProgrammeMar 07, 2014United States of America 
IP04 Air Navigation Report Form.pdfIP04Air Navigation Report FormMar 07, 2014Secretariat 
IP05 Training Curriculum for ATFM FMPs.pdfIP05 Training Curriculum for ATFM FMPsMar 09, 2014Thailand 
IP06 Indonesia ATFM Implementation.pdfIP06Indonesia ATFM ImplementationMar 12, 2014Indonesia 
IP07 North Regional ATFM Harmonisation Group.pdfIP07North Regional ATFM Harmonisation GroupMar 12, 2014ICAO 
IP08  Current ATFM Status in China.pdfIP08Current ATFM Status in ChinaMar 12, 2014China 
IP09 CDM_ATFM Status in Middle South Regional China.pdfIP09CDM-ATFM Status in Middle South Regional ChinaMar 12, 2014China 
IP10 Relevant Ideas and Practices of CDM_ATFM in the South China Sea Area.pdfIP10Relevant Ideas and Practices of CDM_ATFM in the South China Sea AreaMar 13, 2014China 
IP11 Master Plan for the Second ACC and ATFM Center.pdfIP11Master Plan for the Second ACC and ATFM CenterMar 12, 2014Republic of Korea 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
WP06 Presentation Concept of a Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM Network.pdfPPT01Concept of a Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM NetworkMar 07, 2014Singapore 
ATFM/CDM in JAPAN.pdfPPT02ATFM/CDM in JapanMar 10, 2014Japan 
CDM Philosophies.pdfPPT03CDM PhilosophiesMar 24, 2014FAA 

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