Second Meeting of the ICAO Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Task Force (APSAR/TF/2)
(Singapore, 27-30 January 2014)
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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final REPORT APSARTF2 with all appendix.pdfFinal Report APSAR/TF/2Feb 03, 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
AP-ATM145 APSAR TF2 Invitation Letter.pdfAPSAR/TF2 Invitation LetterNov 22, 2013Secretariat 
IP WP Template APSARTF2.docIP WP Template APSAR/TF/2Jan 14, 2014Secretariat 
AP - ATM004 Change venue for APSARTF2.pdfChange venue for APSAR/TF/2Jan 14, 2014Secretariat 
OOD.pdfOrder of DiscussionJan 15, 2014Secretariat 
APSARTF2 Group Photo.pdfAPSAR/TF/2 Group PhotoJan 29, 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(23)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaJan 10, 2014Secretariat 
WP02 Africa-Indian Ocean Region SAR Services Integration Task Force (ASSI-TF).pdfWP02Africa - Indian Ocean Region SAR Services Integration Task ForceJan 14, 2014Australia 
WP03 ICAO Assembly Resolutions Search and Rescue.pdfWP03ICAO Assembly Resolutions Search and RescueJan 14, 2014Australia 
WP04 Asia Pacific SAR Status.pdfWP04Asia/Pacific SAR StatusJan 21, 2014Secretariat 
WP05 SAR Technical Officer at ICAO headquarters.pdfWP05SAR Technical officer at ICAO HeadquartersJan 10, 2014United States of America 
WP06 406MHz Distress Beacon Registration.pdfWP06406 MHz Distress Beacon RegistrationJan 10, 2014United States of America 
WP07 Pacific Maritime SAR Cooperation - SPC.pdfWP07Pacific Maritime SAR CooperationJan 10, 2014Secretariat of the Pacific Community 
WP08 Review IAMSAR SAR Agreement Template.pdfWP08Review IAMSAR SAR Agreement TemplateJan 10, 2014Singapore and USA 
WP09 National SAR Coordinating Template.pdfWP09National SAR Coordinating TemplateJan 28, 2014Singapore and USA 
WP10 Asia Pacific Regional SAR Plan.pdfWP10Asia/Pacific Regional SAR PlanJan 15, 2014Secretariat 
WP11 APSARTF Task List.pdfWP11APSAR/TF Task ListJan 10, 2014Secretariat 
WP12 SAR Contact List.pdfWP12SAR Contact ListJan 10, 2014Secretariat 
WP13 Cospas-Sarsat COSPAS-SARSAT Status Report and Operational Statistics.pdfWP13COSPAS-SARSAT Status Report and Operational StatisticsJan 15, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 
WP14 Establishment of an Asia-Pacific SAR Library.pdfWP14Establishment of an Asia-Pacific SAR LibraryJan 15, 2014United States of America 
WP15 COSPAS-SARSAT Developments for Future System Enhancements.pdfWP15COSPAS-SARSAT Developments for Future System EnhancementsJan 15, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 
WP16 Recommendations for Improving State SAR System.pdfWP16Recommendations for Improving State SAR SystemJan 17, 2014Australia 
WP17 The ICAO-IMO Joint Working Group on SAR.pdfWP17The ICAO - IMO Joint Working Group on SARJan 21, 2014United States of America 
WP18 Dealing with Certification for SAR.pdfWP18Dealing withCertification for SARJan 21, 2014New Caledonia 
WP19 Peer Review Process.pdfWP19Peer Review ProcessJan 21, 2014New Caledonia 
WP20 Report of the Fifth Pacific Regional Maritime SAR Workshop.pdfWP20Report of the 5th Pacific Regional Maritime SAR WorkshopJan 21, 2014New Caledonia 
WP21 Improving Oceanic SAR Response.pdfWP21Improving Oceanic Search and RescueJan 21, 2014Australia 
WP22 Non Detection of ELT - Helicopter Accidents.pdfWP22Non Detection of ELT - Helicopter AccidentsJan 24, 2014India 
WP23 Standardised Software Application for SAR Procedures.pdfWP23Standardised Software Application for SAR ProceduresJan 24, 2014India 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersJan 15, 2014Secretariat 
IP02 Related Meeting Outcomes.pdfIP02Related Meeting OutcomesJan 14, 2014Secretariat 
IP03 Global SAR Update.pdfIP03Global SAR UpdateJan 15, 2014Secretariat 
IP04 SAR Standardized Training Package.pdfIP04SAR Standardized Training PackageJan 15, 2014Singapore 
IP05 SAR Services Seminar for Civil Aircraft.pdfIP05SAR Services Seminar for Civil AircraftJan 17, 2014Japan 
IP06 Sri Lanka SAR Seminar.pdfIP06IMO Regional Seminar on the Implementation of the Global SAR Plan, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2 - 4 July 2013Jan 21, 2014IMO 
IP07 Mongolia-China SAR Agreement.pdfIP07Mongolia-China SAR AgreementJan 23, 2014Mongolia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(4)
JC-27-0507 - Contribution on PLBs.pdfPPT01Contribution on PLBsJan 27, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 
Low Number of Confirmed Alerts.pdfPPT02Number of Confirmed Alerts in Southern AfricaJan 27, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 
Programme Insight.pdfPPT03Programme InsightJan 27, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 
System Overview.pdfPPT04System OverviewJan 27, 2014COSPAS-SARSAT 

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