Fourth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety (APRAST/4)
(Philippines, 22-25 April 2014)
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Final Report of APRAST_4.pdfReport of APRAST/47 May 2014 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
APRAST Group Photo 2014 Sharpened.jpgGroup Photo24 April 2014 
1 - INV APRAST_4.pdf1Invitation Letter5 February 2014 
APRAST_4 - Provisional Agenda Revised [asof4Apr2014].pdf2Provisional Agenda and Explanatory Notes21 April 2014Secretariat 
3 - Nomination form revised.doc3Nomination Form5 February 2014 
APRAST_4 Bulletin revised.pdf4Meeting Bulletin (revised)10 March 2014 
APRAST_4 Template.docx5APRAST/4 - WP / IP Template21 Feb. 2014 
Detailed Programme - Final asof 21Apr2014.pdf6Programme21 April 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
WP-01 AI_1 - Adoption of Provisional Agenda Revised 20April 04.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda20 Aprill 201f4Secretariat 
WP-02 AI_2 - Election of Co-Chair Revised April 04.pdfWP/02Election of Co-chair - Industry for the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST)15 April 2014Secretariat 
WP-03 AI_3 - !Update of progress status of RASG3 Decisions Revised April 04.pdfWP/03Review RASG APAC/3 Decisions17 April 2014Secretariat 
WP-04 AI_3 - !Update of RASG APAC Work Programmes Revised April 15.pdfWP/04Progress of the RASG Work Programme for 2013-201417 April 2014Secretariat 
WP-05 AI_4 - !R1_Dec13 - APRAST3 Progress Update Revised April 15.pdfWP/05Review of APRAST/3 Decisions and Conclusions15 April 2014Secretariat 
WP-06 AI_4 - Update of SRP AWG2 meeting.pdfWP/06Update on SRP AWG/2 Meeting held on April 21, 201421 April 2014SRP AWG Vice-chair 
WP-07 AI_6 - Proposed changes to APRAST structure_final asof21Apr2014.pdfWP/07Proposed Changes to the APRAST Structure21 April 2014APRAST Co-chairs 
WP-08 AI_6 - APRAST development of regional priorities and targets _final.pdfWP/08Development of Regional Priorities and Targets16 April 2014APRAST Co-chairs 
WP-09 AI_5 - FOASD_Republic_of_Korea.pdfWP/09Improved Functions of the Foreign Air Operator Surveillance Database15 April 2014Republic of Korea 
WP-10 AI_5 - !State Responses to SL.pdfWP/10Update on the State’s Response to ICAO State Letter 18 April 2014Secretariat 
WP-11 AI_5 - Regional data collection and sharing_Final.pdfWP/11Regional Data Collection, analysis and Sharing17 April 2014Singapore 
WP-12 AI_4 - APAC-AIG Report (FINAL @2014-04-16).pdfWP/12Report on the First Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group17 April 2014Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
WP-13 AI_4 - Conclusions of APAC-AIG 1 (FINAL @2014-04-16).pdfWP/13Conclusions of the First Meeting of the Asia Pacific17 April 2014Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
WP-14 AI_4 - Investigation training in APAC (FINAL @2014-04-16).pdfWP/14Accident/Incident Investigation Training  in the Asia and Pacific Regions17 April 2014Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
WP-15 AI_4 - Strengthening of APAC Investigation Cooperation (FINAL @2014-04-16).pdfWP/15Strengthening of Investigation Cooperation Among  Asia Pacific States/Administrations17 April 2014Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(3)
IP 01 - List of Papers as of21Apr2014.pdfIP/01List of Papers 21 April 2014Secretariat 
IP 02 AI_4 - Transition fom APRAST-AIG AWG to APAC-AIG (FINAL @2014-04-16).pdfIP/02Transition From APRAST Accident Investigation Ad hoc Working Group to Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group17 April 2014Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
IP 03 AI_5 - !RRSS KL Outcomes.pdfIP/03Regional Runway Safety Seminar Outcomes18 April 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
IATA fdx presentation.pdf1Flight Data Exchange  A Global Approach to Local Risks21 April 2014IATA 
Proposed Changes to APRAST Structure-1.pdf2 (WP/7)Proposed Changes to APRAST Structure-21 April 2014APRAST Co-chairs 
3 - 2014-RASGPA-for APRAST GH-1.pdf3Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America Update to APRAST21 April 2014RASG-PA Industry Co-Chair 

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