Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Seminar and the Thirteenth Meeting of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force of APANPIRG (ADS-B SITF/13)
(Hong Kong, China, 22 – 25 April 2014)
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Full page photo.pdfGroup Photo05 May 2014Secretariat 
Report of ADS-B SITF13-25th V4-Rev.pdfReport of ADS-B Seminar and ADS-B SITF/1308 May 14Secretariat 
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AP011-14-CNS.pdfLetter of invitation01 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docWP/IP Template11 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
Tentative ADS-B Seminar Programme (Rev 3 1 - final).pdfTentative ADS-B Seminar Programme22 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
Tentative Meeting programme - Rev.pdfTentative Meeting Programme23 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO - REVISED - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda (Revised 09/04/14)09 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - REV. Outcome of ADS-B SITF12 and APANPIRG.pdfWP/02Outcome of ADS-B SITF/12 & APANPIRG/24 on ADS-B (Revised 21/04/14)21 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI. 2 - SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-9.pdfWP/03Review Report of the Ninth Meeting of South-East Asia Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/9)11 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP04_AUS-HKG-SIN AI.3 - Follow up work on Recommendations of AN-Conf12.pdfWP/04Follow-up Work on Recommendations of AN-Conf/1211 Apr. 2014Australia, Hong Kong China and Singapore 
WP05_ICAO AI.2 - Report of Chairpersons of SGs.pdfWP/05Report of Regional Priorities and Targets Resulted from the Meeting of Chairpersons of SGs11 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP06_USA AI.4 - ADS-B Operational Approval for Domestic Airspace.pdfWP/06ADS-B Operational Approval for Operations Outside of U.S. Domestic Airspace15 Apr. 2014USA 
WP07_IATA AI.5 - REV.ATC Phraseologies.pdfWP/07ADS-B Implementation – ATC Phraseologies (Revised 23/04/14)23 Apr. 2014IATA 
WP08_AUS AI.5 - The Use of Flight Plan Data to Support ATM.pdfWP/08The Use of Flight Plan to Support Air Traffic Management and the Effect of Variable Application of Flight Planning Requirements16 Apr. 2014Australia 
WP09_AUS AI.5 - ATS Provision and Regulator roles.pdfWP/09Air Traffic Service Provision and Regulator Roles in ADS-B16 Apr. 2014Australia 
WP10_AUS AI.5 - REV. Use of Flight Plan Data.pdfWP/10The Requirement for ICAO Aircraft Address to be included in Fiight Planning and Associated Issues (Revised 21/04/14)21 Apr. 2014Australia 
WP11_ICAO AI.6 - Separation Minima Airspace Capacity and ADS-B Mandates.pdfWP/11Separation Minima, Airspace Capacity and ADS-B Mandates16 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP12_ICAO AI.7 _ Regional Supplementary Procedures Amendment to Support ADS-B Mandates.pdfWP/12Regional Supplementary Procedures Amendment to Support ADS-B Mandates16 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP13_AUS AI.5 - Possible Project with AUS-PNG-IDN.pdfWP/13Progress on Possible Project : Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia and Indonesia17 Apr. 2014Australia 
WP14_HKG AI5 -Low-Level Surveillance (Rev 4 final on 16 Apr 2014).pdfWP/14Surveillance on Low-Flying Aircraft Using ADS-B18 Apr. 2014Hong Kong, China 
WP15_ICAO AI.4 - TOR and Subject tasks list.pdfWP/15Review Terms of Reference and Tasks List of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force 17 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP16_ICAO AI 4 - REV. ADS-B Implementation status.pdfWP/16ADS-B Implementation Status in APAC Region and APANPIRG Conclusions on ADS-B (Revised 21/04/14)21 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP16_ICAO APX. xx - ADS-B implementation status in APAC.docxWP/16Attachment to WP/16 (MS word)24 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
WP17_HKG AI.4 - REV. Amendment to AIGD.pdfWP/17Proposed Amendment to AIGD (Revised 21/04/14)21 Apr. 2014Australia, Hong Kong China & Singapore 
WP18_India AI.6 - Data sharing between India and Myanmar.pdfWP/18ADS-B Data Sharing between India and Myanmar21 Apr. 2014India 
WP19_India AI.7 - Security Issues of ADS-B operations.pdfWP/19Security Issue of ADS-B Operations21 Apr. 2014India 
WP20_HKG-AUS-SIN AI.4 - Centralized database.pdfWP/20Centralized Database for ADS-B Avionics Performance Monitoring21 Apr. 2014Hong Kong China, Australia & Singapore 
WP21_AUS AI.4 - Synergy between ADS-B GNSS-PBN.pdfWP/21Task List : Synergy between ADS-B and GNSS/PBN21 Apr. 2014Australia 
WP22_SIN AI.6 - ADS-B Implementation FIR.pdfWP/22Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Implementation in Singapore FIR22 Apr. 2014Singapore 
WP23_SIN-PHL-VNM - ADS-B Colloboration Project.pdfWP/23Development of Asia/Pacific Regional ADS-B Implementation Plan and Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation plan22 Apr. 2014Singapore, Philippines and Viet Nam 
WP24_SIN AI.4 - Performance of ADS-B stations and Avionics FIR.pdfWP/24Performance of ADS-B Stations and Avionics in Singapore FIR22 Apr. 2014Singapore 
WP25_USA AI.4 - USA flight plan.pdfWP/25Flight Plan Association with ADS-B Surveillance Information22 Apr. 2014USA 
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin20 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
IP02_Tahiti AI5 - ADS B_implementation.pdfIP/02ADS-B Implementation in Tahiti FIR10 Apr. 2014French Polynesia 
IP03_ROK AI.5 - ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/03The ADS-B Development and Implementation in the Republic of Korea17 Apr. 2014Republic of Korea 
IP04_USA AI5 - Light aircraft surveillance equipment.pdfIP/04Light Aircraft Surveillance Equipment15 Apr. 2014USA 
IP05_AUS AI.4 - RVSM Monitoring.pdfIP/05Task List : ADS-B Data RVSM Safety Monitoring15 Apr. 2014Australia 
IP06_AUS AI.4 - Update on TPR901 Problem.pdfIP/06Update on TPR901 Problem15 Apr. 2014Australia 
IP07_AUS AI.5 - Surveillance activity.pdfIP/07Update on ATC Surveillance Activities in Australia15 Apr. 2014Australia 
IP08_AUS AI.5 - Implementation of Upper Airspace Project.pdfIP/08Implementation of Upper Airspace of Project (UAP) ADS-B in Australia16 Apr. 2014Australia 
IP09_ICAO AI.2 - PfA 7030 on Disablingnon compliant ADS-B.pdfIP/09Approval of SUPPs 7030 on Disabling Non-compliant ADS-B16 Apr. 2014Secretariat 
IP10_JPN AI.5 - Surveillance activities.pdfIP/10Surveillance Activities in Japan17 Apr. 2014Japan 
IP11_JPN AI.5 - Research Plan for performance monitoring.pdfIP/11Research Plan for Aircraft Height Keeping Performance Monitoring with ADS-B Data in Japan17 Apr. 2014Japan 
IP12_India AI. 4 - Performance Monitoring in India airspace.pdfIP/12Performance Monitoring of ADS-B Equipped Aircraft21 Apr. 2014India 
IP13_India AI.5 - Use of Non-Rarar Airspace.pdfIP/13Use of ADS-B in Non-Radar Airspace – Enroute and Terminal Airspace21 Apr. 2014India 
IP14_MDV AI.5 - ADS-B Implementation Progress.pdfIP/14ADS-B Implementation Progress in Maldives22 Apr. 2014Maldives 
IP15_USA AI.5 - ADS-B activities and Status V.1.pdfIP/15U.S. ADS-B Activities and Status22 Apr. 2014USA 
IP16_BGD AI.5 - ADS-B Implementation Plan.pdfIP/16ADS-B and MLAT Implementation Plan in Bangladesh22 Apr. 2014Bangladesh 
IP17_USA AI.5 - ADS-B V. 2 Installations.pdfIP/17ADS-B Version 2 Installations22 Apr. 2014USA 
IP18_USA AI.4 - ADS-B Version 2 Systems.pdfIP/18Performance of Current ADS-B Version 2 Systems22 Apr. 2014USA 
IP19_CAN AI.5 - Space based ADS-B.pdfIP/19Space Based - ADS-B23 Apr. 2014Canada 
IP20_CAN AI.5 - Safety assessment and operational approval.pdfIP/20Safety Assessment and Operational Approval for the Use of ADS-B in Canadian Airspace23 Apr. 2014Canada 
IP21 - AUS AI.5 - Sentry Analysis tools.pdfIP/21Sentry : Airservices Analysis Tool25 Apr. 2014Australia 
IP22_NZ AI.5 - Multilateration ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/22Multilateration and ADS-B Implementation25 Apr. 2014New Zealand 
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SP00_AUS ADS-B in context.pdfSP/00ADS-B in Context24 Apr. 2014Australia 
SP01_IATA - REV. Technology is enabler.pdfSP/01Technology is an Enabler (Revised 22/04/14)22 Apr. 2014IATA 
SP02__Maldives - Australian ADS-B transition experience.pdfSP/02Australia Transition to the ADS-B Mandate22 Apr. 2014Australia 
SP03_SIN - Singapore experience on ADS-B.pdfSP/03Singapore's Experience on ADS-B22 Apr. 2014Singapore 
SP04_USA FAA ADS-B Programme Status.pdfSP/04FAA on  ADS-B Programme Status22 Apr. 2014USA 
SP05_AUS Safety Assessment on ADS-B.pdfSP/05Safety Assessment of ADS-B & ICAO Circular 32622 Apr. 2014Australia 
SP06_AUS - ADSB in radar environments.pdfSP/06ADS-B in a Radar Environment22 Apr. 2014Australia 
SP07_AUS - ADSB on offshore platforms.pdfSP/07ADS-B Receivers on Offshore platforms22 Apr. 2014Australia 
SP08_Thales - ADS-B Solutions.pdfSP/08ADS-B Solutions - An Update22 Apr. 2014Thales 
SP09_SAAB - SAAB ADS-B.pdfSP/09SAAB ADS-B22 Apr. 2014SAAB 
SP10_Comsoft - ADS-B and WARM technologies.pdfSP/10ADS-B and WAM Technologies22 Apr. 2014Comsoft 
SP11_CHN - Constructin and Introduction of ADCC ADS-B.pdfSP/11Construction and Application Introduction of ADCC ADS-B22 Apr. 2014China 
SP12_CNS - REV. Space based ADS-B.pdfSP/12Space Based - ADS-B (Revised 24/04/14)24 Apr. 2014Canada 
SP13_Airbus - Presentation - EYIC.v1.pdfSP/13Airbus Presentation22 Apr. 2014Airbus 
SP13_Boeing - ADS-B Perspective.pdfSP/14ADS-B – A Boeing Perspective22 Apr. 2014Boeing 
SP15_Thales ADS-B Avionics.pdfSP/15ADS-B Avionics22 Apr. 2014Thales 




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