The Twelfth Working Group Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation Co-ordination Group of APANPIRG (ATNICG WG/12)

(WA, USA,5 - 8 August 2013) 

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Report of ATNICG WG-12 -13Aug 2013.pdfReport of ATNICG WG/12Aug 20, 2013Secretariat 
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AP060 - Invitation letter to ATNICG WG-12.pdfLetter of invitationJul 12, 2013Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docWP-IP TemplateJul 18, 2013Secretariat 
Group photo.pdfGroup PhotoAug 7, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
WP01_Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaJul 12, 2013Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO Report on Outcome of CNS SG17 - APANPIRG24.pdfWP02Report on Outcome of CNS SG/17 and APANPIRG/24 MeetingsJul 18, 2013Secretariat 
WP03_JPN AI.4 - Implementation of IP VPN.pdfWP03Consideration on Implementation of IP-VPN MPLSJul 18, 2013Japan 
WP03 - JPN (Attachment).pdfWP03Attachment to WP/3Aug 6, 2013Japan 
WP04_USA AI.3 - Outcome of the ACP WGs I and M Rev.pdfWP04Report on Outcome of ACP WG I & MJul 31, 2013USA 
WP05_ICAO AI.8 - REV. Title and WP of the ACSICG WG.pdfWP05Title and Work Programme of the ACSICG Working GroupAug 5, 2013Secretariat 
WP06_USA AI.5 - Rev. Road Map to SWIM over AMHS (cover page).pdfWP06Roadmap for Transition to SWIMAug 5. 2013USA 
WP07_USA AI.5 - SWIM over AMHS.pdfWP07SWIM over AMHS Jul 31USA 
WP08_ICAO AI.6 - AMHS Implementation Status in other Regions.pdfWP08Brief Review of ATN/AMHS Implementation in other RegionsAug 02, 2013Secretariat 
WP09_ICAO AI.7 - Review FASID Tables 1B - 1C.pdfWP09Review of FASID (Doc 9673 Vol. II, CNS Tables 1B and 1CAug 2, 2013Secretariat 
WP10_USA AI.4 - Proposed Internet Protocol VPN.pdfWP10Proposed Asia/Pacific Regional Internet Protocol Virtual Private NetworkAug 2, 2013USA 
WP11_USA AI. 5 - ATNICG SWIM Governance 08-05-13.pdfWP11FAA SWIM Governance and Interoperability InitiativesAug 5, 2013USA 
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AP060 - Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting BulletinJul 19, 2013Secretariat 
IP02 - MYN AI.6 - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status.pdfIP02ATN/AMHS Implementation Status of MyanmarJul 19, 2013Myanmar 
IP03 - ROK AI. 3 Development Status of SWIM.pdfIP03Development Status of SWIM in ROKJul 31, 2013Republic of Korea 
IP04 - USA AI.5 - SWIM Programme Overview.pdfIP04US SWIM Programme OverviewJul 31, 2013USA 
IP05 - USA AI.3 - Rev. AFTN SVC Processing.pdfIP05AP to Doc 9880 Part II: AFTN Service Message Processing in AFTN/AMHS GatewayAug 5, 2013USA 
IP06 - USA AI.4 - MEVA III Transition Process.pdfIP06Transition Process for MEVA III Satellite NetworkAug 2, 2013USA 
IP07- ICAO AI. 4 - Inter-regional AIDC Task Force updates.pdfIP07Update on PAN Inter-Regional ICD for AIDC Aug 2, 2013Secretariat 
IP08 - THA AI. 6 - AMHS Implementation Status.pdfIP08Thailand ATN/AMHS Implementation ActivitiesAug 5, 2013Thailand 
IP09 - THA AI. 6 - AMC information updated.pdfIP09Update on the Asia/Pacific Interim AMHS Database and AMCAug 5, 2013Thailand 
IP10 - USA - European Directory Service (EDS) a Follow-up.pdfIP10European Directory Service (EDS) - a Follow UPAug 5, 2013Comsoft 
IP11 - CHN AI.6 - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status.pdfIP11China ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportAug 6, 2013China 
IP12 - IND AI.6 - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status.pdfIP12ATN/AMHS Implementation Status in IndiaAug 7, 2013India 

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