The Third Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/3) 
(Seoul, Republic of Korea,15 - 17 October 2013)
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group photo.jpgGroup Photo17 Oct. 2013Republic of Korea 
Final ISTF3 Report - 17 Oct. 2013.pdfReport of the Third Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/3)12 Nov. 2013Secretariat 
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AP100_Invitation letter.pdfInvitation letter10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docxWP-IP Template10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
tentative programme as of  14 Oct 13.pdfTentative Programme15 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
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Attachment 1 - Rev Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
WP02_ICAOAI5_Review action items from ISTF-2.pdfWP02Review Actions Items from Second Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/2)10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI2c_Outcomes of CNS SG17 and APANPIRG24.pdfWP03Outcome of CNS SG/17 and APANPIRG/24 on Ionospheric Related Issues10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO IA4_Review TOR of ISTF to include Space Weather Studies_fl.pdfWP04Review Terms of Reference of ISTF10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
WP05_India AI.3 - TEC at Low Latitudes.pdfWP05Longtitudinal Variations in TEC at Low Latitudes10 Oct. 2013India 
WP06_JPN AI.5 - Notification Scheme of Data Policy for Sharing.pdfWP06Notification Scheme of Data Policy for Sharing15 Oct. 2013Japan 
WP07_JPN AI.5 - Data Server for Data Sharing.pdfWP07Data Server for Data Sharing and Possible Means of Data Transfer for Data Exchange15 Oct. 2013Japan 
WP08_JPN AI.5 - Current status of data conversion tool.pdfWP08Current Status of Data Conversion Tool and Database of GTEX15 Oct. 2013Japan 
WP09_JPN AI5 - Guidance for Scintilation Monitoring.pdfWP09Guidance Material on Scintilation Measurements15 Oct. 2013Japan 
WP10 JPN AI. 5 - REV. Categolization of data sources.pdfWP10Categorization of Data Sources (Revised 11/06/13)06 Oct. 2013Japan 
WP11_ROK AI. 3 - updates on LTIAM.pdfWP11Updates on Long Term Ionospheric Anomaly Monitor16 Oct. 2013Republic of Korea 
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Attachment 2 - Rev. Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting Bulletin10 Oct, 2013Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI 2a_12th AN Conf on Ionospheric and Space weather.pdfIP0212th Air Navigation Conference on Ionospheric and Space Weather Issues10 Oct. 2012Secretariat 
IP03_ICAO AI 2b_Review outcome of NSP WGW-13 meeting.pdfIP03Review Outcome of ICAO Navigation Systems Panel Working Group of the Whole (WGW/13) Meeting10 Oct. 2013Secretariat 
IP04_JPN AI.3 - Ionospheric for GNSS.pdfIP04Current Status of Activities on Ionospheric Studies for GNSS in Japan15 Oct. 2013Japan 
IP05_JPN AI.2 - Report on IGWG-14.pdfIP05Report on the 14th Meeting of International GBAS Working Group15 Oct. 2013Japan 
IP06 JPN AI.2 - ITU-R report related to ionospheric radio propagation.pdfIP06ITU-Report Related to Trans-Ionospheric Propagation15 Oct. 2013Japan 
IP07- ROK Categorizing of GPS TEC Data.pdfIP07Categorizing of GPS TEC Data for Task 2 - Ionospheric Analysis15 Oct. 2013Republic of Korea 
IP08_ROK AI.3  - Korean GBAS Iono Threat Model.pdfIP08Korean CAT-I GBAS Ionospheric Threat Model16 Oct. 2013Republic of Korea 
IP09_HKG AI.3 - Updates for ISTF3.pdfIP09Updates for ISTF/315 Oct. 2013Hong Kong, China 
IP10_India AI. 3 - GNSS.pdfIP10GNSS Status in India15 Oct. 2013India 
IP11_India AI. 5 -  Iono Update.pdfIP11Update on Ionospheric Studies under GAGAN Project15 Oct. 2013India 
IP12_China AI.3 - Preliminary Research Results on Ionosphere.pdfIP12Preliminary Research Results on Characterizing Ionosphere over China15 Oct. 2013China 
IP13_THA AI. 3 - Ionospheric data collection.pdfIP13Ionospheric Data Collectin in Thailand15 Oct. 2013Thailand 

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