Data-link Performance Monitoring Seminar, The 2nd Meeting of the FANS
 Interoperability Team-Asia (FIT-Asia/2) and The 18th Meeting of the Regional
Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/18)
( Bangkok, Thailand,27 March - 4 April 2013)
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FINAL DRAFT REPORT FITAsia2RASMAG18 .pdfReport of the FIT-Asia/2 and RASMAG/18Apr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix A Final List of Participants Seminar-FIT-Asia2-RASMAG18.pdfApp AList of ParticipantsApr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix B List of Papers.pdfApp BList of PapersApr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix C Data Link Performance Data Reporting Template.pdfApp CData Link Performance Data Reporting TemplateApr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix D FIT-Asia Task List.pdfApp DFIT-Asia Task ListApr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix E Competent Safety Monitoring Organizations.pdfApp ECompetent Safety Monitoring OrganizationApr 17,2013Secretariat
Appendix F RASMAG Task List.pdfApp FRASMAG Task ListMay 01,2013Secretariat
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AP133-12 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.13.1, T3/10.1.17-AP133/12 (ATM)Apr 17,2013ICAO
IP WP Template.docWP/IP TemplateMar 18,2013Secretariat
collapse Type Name : 1-Data-link Performance Monitoring Seminar (Bangkok, 27 March 2013)- ‎(15)
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Datalink Performance Monitoring Seminar Program.pdfProvisional ProgramMar 27,2013
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Performance Based Communications and Surveillance - An Introduction.pdf01Introduction of Performance Based Communications and SurveillanceMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
Performance Based Communications and Surveillance - ICAO SARPS and Guidance.pdf02ICAO SARPS and Guidance for Performance Based Communications and SurveillanceMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
3. RTCA DO-360_ED122-Oceanic SPR standard.pdf03EUROCAE ED-122/RTCA DO-306 Ocenic SPR StandardMar 27,2013
4. GOLD_Part 1 [Compatibility Mode].pdf04Global Operational Data Link DocumentMar 27,2013
5. Performance Monitoring.pdf05Post Implementation Monitoring and AnalysisMar 27,2013
6. Performance Monitoring_Interpreting Results.pdf06Interpreting RCP/RSP and Monitoring ResultsMar 27,2013
8. FIT-20 Problem Report Briefing.pdf07Problem Report BriefMar 27,2013
7. G-PAT - Analysis Tool for ATSP.pdf08G-PAT Analysis ToolMar 27,2013
9. ICAO-Central Reporting Agencies-r1.pdf09Central Monitoring Agencies & Problem ReportingMar 27,2013
10. ICAO-ATC Datalink on Boeing Airplanes.pdf10ATC Datalink on Boeing AirplanesMar 27,2013
12-0719 TEC Conv NAT PBCS Wkshp pdf (2).pdf11NAT Performance Based Communication and Surveillance WorkshopMar 27,2013
Data link monitoring seminar - GOLD.pdf12GOLD-Global Operational Data Link DocumentMar 29,2013Airservices Australia
ICAO-Central Reporting Agencies-r1.pdf13Central Monitoring Agencies & Problem ReportingMar 29,2013
WG78-SC214 Baseline 2 Tutorial - Final (25March2013).pdf14Advanced Data Communication Baseline 2 StandardsMar 29,2013
collapse Type Name : 2-2nd Meeting of the FANS Interoperability Team-Asia (Bangkok, 28-29 March 2013)- ‎(26)
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Group photo DLPM FITAsia2.pdfGroup PhotoMar 28,2013
List of Participants - FIT-ASIA.pdfList of ParticipantMar 26,2013Secretariat
ORDER OF BUSINESS.pdfOrder of BusinessMar 26,2013Secretariat
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionMar 26,2013Secretariat
WP-IP TEMPLATE_FIT-ASIA2.docIP/WP TemplateMar 11,2013Secretariat
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WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provision AgendaMar 26,2013Secretariat
WP02 Review of SEASMA Performance Data Received by CRA and attachment.pdfWP02Review of SEASMA FAN 1/A System Performance Data Received by the CRAMar 27,2013SEASMA
WP03 Data Link Performance Monitoring for the L888 Route.pdfWP03Data Link Performance Monitoring for the L888 RouteMar 26,2013China
WP04 Update of ADS-C CPDLC Operations in Indian FIRs.pdfWP04Update of ADS-C CPDLC Operations in Indian FIRsMar 26,2013Airports Authority of India
WP05 FANS1A Performance in the NZZO FIR and attachment.pdfWP05FANS1/A Performance in NZZOMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
WP06 NZZO FIR HFDL Performance.pdfWP06FANS1/A High Frequency Data Link (HFDL) Performance in NZZOMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
WP07 Logon Procedures and Notification of Changes to Aircraft Details.pdfWP07Logon Procedures, Rejected Logon Procedures, and Notification of Changed to Aircraft DetailsMar 26,2013Airservices Australia
WP08 Transferring CPDLC Connections.pdfWP08Transferring DPDLC ConnectionsMar 26,2013Airservices Australia
WP09 Reporting BACK ON ROUTE.pdfWP09Reporting Back on RouteMar 26,2013Airservices Australia
WP10 Data Link Performance Data Reporting Template.pdfWP10Data Link Performance Reporting TemplateMar 26,2013Secretariat
WP11 FIT-Asia Task List and attachment.pdfWP11FIT-ASIA Task ListMar 26,2013Secretariat
WP12 - Problem Reports and CRA Arrangements.pdfWP12Problem Reports and CRA ArrangementsMar 26,2013Secretariat
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IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersMar 26,2013Secretariat
IP02 Current Data Link Update in Yangon FIR.pdfIP02Current Data Link Update in Yangon FIRMar 26,2013Myanmar
IP03 ADS-C_CPDLC and AIDC Operation and Data Link Performance in Ujung Pandang FIR.pdfIP03ADS-C CPDLC and AIDC Operation and Data Link Performance in Ujung Pandang FIRMar 26,2013Indonesia
IP04 Use of CPDLC  ADS-C in Australia.pdfIP04Use of CPDLC ADS-C in AustraliaMar 26,2013Airservices Australia
IP05 Data Link Performance Data for Brisbane FIR.pdfIP05Data Link Performance Data for Brisbane FIRMar 26,2013Airservices Australia
IP06 - Inmarsat GOLD Monitoring Tools.pdfIP06Inmarsat GOLD Monitoring ToolsMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
IP07 GOLD Appendix D Proposed Changes and attachment.pdfIP07GOLD Appendix D Proposed Changes and attachmentMar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
IP08 GOLD Performance Analysis Tool Version 3.0.pdfIP08FAA Developed Gold Performance Analysis Tool (GPAT) Version 3.0Mar 26,2013Airways New Zealand
IP09  Update on ASIOACG7.pdfIP09Update on ASIOACG7Mar 26,2013Airports Authority of India, Chair ASIOACG
collapse Type Name : 3-18th Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (Bangkok, 1-4 April 2013)- ‎(35)
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OOD.docOrder of DiscussionApr 01,2013Secretariat
RASMAG18.pdfGroup PhotoApr 02,2013Secretariat
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(28)
WP01 Provisional Agenda2.pdfWP01Provision AgendaMar 26,2013Secretariat
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Relevant Meetings OutcomesMar 28,2013Secretariat
WP03 AAMA Safety Report and attachment.pdfWP03AAMA Safety ReportMar 26,2013Australia
WP04 China RMA Safety Report.pdfWP04China RMA Safety ReportMar 28,2013China RMA
WP05 JASMA Safety Report and attachment.pdfWP05JASMA Safety ReportMar 26,2013Japan
WP06 MAAR Safety Report.pdfWP06MAAR Safety ReportMar 26,2013MAAR
WP07 PARMO Vertical Safety Report.pdfWP07PARMO Vertical Safety ReportApr 02,2013the United States
WP08 PARMO Horizontal Safety Report.pdfWP08PARMO Horizontal Safety ReportMar 28,2013the United States
WP09 BOBASMA Safety Report.pdfWP09BOBASMA Safety Monitoring ReportMar 26,2013BOBASMA
WP10 SEASMA Safety Report.pdfWP10SEASMA Safety ReportMar 26,2013Singapore
WP11 Safety Assessment of RNAV ATS Routes Y711 and Y722.pdfWP11Safety Assessment of RNAV ATS Routes Y711 and Y722 July - December 2012Mar 26,2013Republic of Korea
WP12 JASMA Horizontal Safety Report.pdfWP12JASMA Horizontal Safety ReportMar 26,2013Japan
WP13 AAMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP13AAMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved AircraftMar 28,2013Australia
WP14 China RMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Aircraft.pdfWP14China RMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved AircraftMar 28,2013China
WP15 JASMA Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP15Non-RVSM Approved Flights in RMA DatabaseMar 28,2013Japan
WP16 MAAR Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP16MAAR Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved AircraftMar 28,2013MAAR
WP17 PARMO Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved Aircraft.pdfWP17PARMO Assessment of Non-RVSM Approved AircraftMar 28,2013the United States
WP18 AAMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP18AAMA LTHM Burden Estimate UpdateMar 28,2013Australia
WP19 China RMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP19China RMA LTHM Burden Estimate UpdateMar 28,2013China
WP20 JASMA LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP20JASMA LTHM Burden Estimate UpdateMar 28,2013Japan
WP21 MAAR LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP21MAAR LTHM Burden Estimate UpdateMar 28,2013MAAR
WP22 PARMO LTHM Burden Estimate Update.pdfWP22PARMO LTHM Burden Estimate UpdateApr 03,2013PARMO
WP 23.pdfWP23China RMA's Evaluation of Altimetry System Error Using ADS-BApr 02,2013China
WP24 AAMA's Evaluation of ASE using ADS-B.pdfWP24AAMA's Evaluation of Altimetry Ssyem Error Using ADS-BMar 28,2013Australia/AAMA
WP25 Data Sharing Between States and RMAs.pdfWP25Data Sharing Between Sates and RMAsMar 28,2013Australia
WP26 Regional Safety Monitoring Assessment.pdfWP26Regional Safety Monitoring AssessmentMar 28,2013Secretariat
WP27 Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring Organizations List Review.pdfWP27Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring Organization List ReviewMar 28,2013Secretariat
WP28 RASMAG Task List.pdfWP28RASMAG Task ListMar 28,2013Secretariat
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP01 List of Papers2.pdfIP01List of PapersMar 28,2013Secretariat
IP02 Safety Assessment of 50NM lateral and longitudinal on M774 M635.pdfIP02Safety Assessment of 50NM lateral and longitudinal on M774 M635Mar 26,2013SEASMA
IP03 Progress on MAAR'S AHMS.pdfIP03Progress on MAAR'S AHMSMar 26,2013MAAR
IP04 Setouchi HMU Monitoring Results.pdfIP04Setouchi HMU Monitoring ResultsMar 26,2013Japan
IP05 Fukuoka FIR 10 Minute Longitudinal Separation Safety Assessment.pdfIP05Fukuoka FIR T10 Longitudunal Separation Safety AssessmentMar 28,2013Japan

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