EUROPE - ASIA Trans-Regional Special Coordination Meeting
(Beijing, China, 23-25 September 2013)
collapse Type Name : 2013 EAT-SCM ‎(32)
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FINAL REPORT SCM 23 - 25 Sep posted on web.pdfFinal Report Europe - Asia Trans-regional SCM Nov 05, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
SCM WP IP Template.docEurope Asia Trans-regional SCM WP IP TemplateSep 2, 2013Secretariat 
China Beijing Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting Bulleting, Beijing ChinaSep 15, 2013Secretariat 
OOD.pdfOrder of DiscussionSep 20, 2013Secretariat 
SCM Participant list.pdfList of ParticipantsSep 24, 2013Secretariat 
Meeting photo.jpgMeeting PhotoSep 24, 2013Secretariat 
Group photo.pdfGroup PhotoSep 24, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(13)
WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01 Provisional AgendaSep 02, 2013Secretariat 
WP02 Seamless ATM Planning with attachment.pdfWP02Seamless ATM PlanningSep 02, 2013Secretariat 
WP03 RDGE Far East Routes.pdfWP03 RDGE Far East RoutesSep 20, 2013Secretariat 
WP04 Appendix A Bangkok - Europe Route Study.pdfWP04Appendix A Bangkok - Europe Route StudySep 02, 2013Secretariat 
WP04 Silk Road Initiative with attachment B and C.pdfWP04 Silk Road Initiative Sep 02, 2013Secretariat 
WP05 IP Europe - Seoul (IATA).pdfWP05 Routing from Europe to RKSISep 13, 2013IATA 
WP06 Asia Pacific ATS Route Catalogue.pdfWP06 Asia/Pacific ATS Route CatalogueSep 13, 2013Secretariat 
WP06 Attachment A Route Catalogue Version 12 Excerpt.pdfWP06 Attachment A Asia/Pacific Route Catalogue Version 12Sep 16, 2013Secretariat 
WP07 Trans Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring.pdfWP07 Trans-Regional Airspace Safety MonitoringSep 19, 2013Secretariat 
WP08 Asia Pacific ATS Contingency Planning.pdfWP08 Asia/Pacific ATS Contingency PlanSep 19, 2013Secretariat 
WP09 Asia Pacific Search and Rescue Planning.pdfWP09 Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue PlanningSep 19, 2013Secretariat 
WP10 ATS Routes proposals by DPR Korea.pdfWP10ATS Routes Proposals by DPR KoreaSep 23, 2013DPR Korea 
WP11 Air Route Network and Airspace Planning Improvement Activities.pdfWP11Air Route Network and Airspace Planning Improvement ActivitiesSep 23, 2013Mongolia 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01 List of PapersSep 23, 2013Secretariat 
IP02 Route Development Group with attachment.pdfIP02 The ICAO EUR/NAT Route Development Group - EAST (RDGE)Sep 19, 2013Secretariat 
IP03 Satus of ATS Surveillance Activities in Mongolia.pdfIP03 Status of ATS Surveillance Activities in MongoliaSep 19, 2013Mongolia 
IP04 LHD Reduction Report of Mongolia.pdfIP04 LHD Reduction Report of MongoliaSep 19, 2013Mongolia 
IP05 Status of Navigation Aid Infrastructure Policies in Mongolia.pdfIP05 Status of Navigation Aid Infrastructure Policies in MongoliaSep 19, 2013Mongolia 
IP06 Air Traffic and ATFM Planning in Mongolia.pdfIP06 Air Traffic and ATFM Planning in MongoliaSep 19, 2013Mongolia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(6)
IATA EUR-NASIA Routes Project Progress and Results.pdf01IATA EUR-NASIA Routes Project Progress and ResultsSep 23, 2013IATA 
EUROCONTROL Analysis of ATS Route Proposals (2).pdf02EUROCONTROL Analysis of ATS Route ProposalsSep 23, 2013Eurocontrol 
Mongolia Presentation revise.pdf03Mongolia PresentationSep 24, 2013Mongolia 
EAT_SCM_5LNCs.pdf04Duplicated and "Sound-Like" 5LNCsSep 24, 2013Eurocontrol 
SIMLI update.pdf05SIMLI DualisationSep 24, 2013Eurocontrol 
Предложения АДВ по реализации предложений  IATA.pdf06Предложения АДВ по реализации предложений  IATASep 24, 2013 

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