Seventeenth Meeting of the Communications/Navigation and Surveillance
Sub-group (CNS SG/17) of APANPIRG
(Bangkok, Thailand,13 - 17 May 2013)
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Final Report of CNS SG-17.pdfReport - CNS SG/17May 29,2013Secretariat
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AP027 - CNS SG-17_Invitation SL.pdfState letter Ref.: T 8/9.6:AP027/13 (CNS)Feb 21,2013ICAO
group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 14,2013Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateApr 26,2013Secretariat
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WP01 - ICAO Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaApr 09,2013Secretariat
WP02 - ICAO AI 3.1 - Follow-up Actions to  APANPIRG23.pdfWP/02Review of Actions Plan on the Report of the Sixteenth CNS/MET Sub-group and Twenty Third APANPIRG MeetingsApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP03 - ICAO AI 3.2 - DGCA CONF-49_FL.pdfWP/03Action Items of DGCA CONF/49Apr 29,2013Secretariat
WP04 - ICAO AI 3.3 - Outcome of AN-Conf12_FL.pdfWP/04Follow-up to Recommendations of the Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12)Apr 29,2013Secretariat
WP05 - ICAO AI 5.4 - Amendment SATVOICE COM.pdfWP/05Amendment to SATVOICE COM Guidance Material (SVGM)May 10,2013Secretariat
WP06 - ICAO AI 4.1 - Review Report of ATNICG8.pdfWP/06Review Report on the Eighth Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/8)Apr 30,2013Secretariat
WP07 - USA AI.4 (1) - Propose IP VPN_to be reviewed by States.pdfWP/07Proposed Asia/Pacific Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN)Apr 29,2013USA
WP08 - ICAO AI 6.4 - Space Weather REV.pdfWP/08Space Weather Studies - CNS Issues (Revised 08/05/13)May 08,2013Secretariat
WP09 - ICAO AI 6.5 - Navigation Strategy rev-LI_FL.pdfWP/09Navigation Strategy for the Asia/Pacific RegionApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP10 - ICAO AI 5.3 - Satecommunication related issues_FL.pdfWP/10Significant Satellite Data-link Communication related Activities in the RegionApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP11 - ICAO AI 6.3 - Review ISTF-2.pdfWP/11Second Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/2) - ReviewApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP12 - ICAO AI 9.3 - CNS-ATM Planning Matrix.pdfWP/12CNS/ATM Implementation and Planning MatrixApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP12 - ICAO AI. 9.3 Atta - CNSATM Implementation Matrix.docWP/12Attachment to WP/12 (in MS Word)Apr 29,2013Secretariat
WP13 - ICAO AI 7.2 - Surveillance Strategy rev.pdfWP/13Surveillance Strategy for the Asia/Pacific RegionApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP14 - ICAO AI. 6.1 (a) - PBNTF and GLS Seminar.pdfWP/14GNSS Landing System Seminar and Tenth PBN Task Force OutcomesApr 30,2013Secretariat
WP15 - ICAO AI 8.1 - Preparations for WRC-2015.pdfWP/15Preparations for ITU WRC-2005Apr 30,2013Secretariat
WP15 - ICAO AI. 8.1 - Draft icao position - WRC2015.pptxWP/15Draft ICAO Position WRC 2015 (Power Point Presentation)Secretariat
WP16 - ICAO AI 7.1 - Review Report of ADS-B SITF12.pdfWP/16Review Report of the Twelfth Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task ForceApr 30,2013Secretariat
WP17 - ICAO AI 3.1 - TOR of CNS SG.pdfWP/17Terms of Reference and Task List of the CNS Sub-groupApr 30,2013Secretariat
WP18 - USA AI5.4 - GOLD Document_Rev.pdfWP/18Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD)May 03,2013Secretariat
WP18 - USA AIS 4 - GOLD Document_Rev.pptxWP/18GOLD (Power Point Presentation)May 17,2013USA
WP19 - USA AI.4 - Proposed ASIA-PAC IP VPN.pdfWP/19Proposed Asia/Pacific Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN)May 02,2013USA
WP20 - USA AI 3.3 - Status of SWIM Operational Concept.pdfWP/20Updated Status of SWIM Operational ConceptMay 02,2013USA
WP21 - ICAO AI 3.4 - APSAPG Outcomes.pdfWP/21APSAPG OutcomesMay 06,2013Secretariat
WP22 - NZ AI 5.1 - Datalink performance.pdfWP/22Datalink Performance Monitoring ResultsMay 07,2013New Zealand
WP23 - AUS AI. 9 - GANP and ASBU Integrated Planning.pdfWP/23Bringing the GANP/ASBU Integrated Planning Methodology into the APANPIRG RealmMay 10,2013Australia
WP24 - IND AI 5.4 - Implementation of 8 33 KHz separation.pdfWP/24Deployment of 8.33 kHz Channel Spacing in the Band 117.975-137 MHz in APAC RegionMay 10,2013India
WP25 - HKG AI 3.4 - APAC Seamless ATM Plan v0 8d_v2.pdfWP/25Seamless ATM Plan Comments by Hong Kong, ChinaMay 10,2013Hong Kong, China
WP26 - ICAO AI 10 - REV.CNS Deficiencies.pdfWP/26Status of CNS Deficiencies (Revised 16/05/13)May 16,2013Secretariat
WP27 - ICAO AI 5.2 - Review regional AMS strategy.pdfWP/27Review Regional AMS StrategyMay 13,2013Secretariat
WP28 - ROK AI. 4 - SWIM Ad Hoc WG Proposal.pdfWP/28Regional Ad Hoc Group for SWIM and SWIM Development ConsiderationsMay 13,2013Republic of Korea
WP29 - ICAO AI 3.3 - Outcome of PIRG and RASG Global Meetings.pdfWP/29PIRG-RASG Global Coordination Meeting - Outcomes and PrioritiesMay 13,2013Secretariat
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IP01 - ICAO -  Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinApr 09,2013Secretariat
IP02 - ICAO AI 8.3 - Outcoe of AN-Conf-12 on  Spectrum and WRC related issues.pdfIP/02Spectrum Management - 12th Air Navigation Conference OutcomeApr 30,2013Secretariat
IP03 - USA AI 3.3 - Mini Global Demonstration.pdfIP/03The Mini-Global DemonstrationMay 02,2013USA
IP04 - USA AI 7.2 - ADS-B Update.pdfIP/04Status of the Implementation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B)May 02,2013USA
IP05 - USA AI 11 - Data Comm Trials.pdfIP/05FAA Data Communications TrialsMay 16,2013USA
IP06 - BGD AI 3.1 - Follow up on CNS-MET SG16.pdfIP/06Progress on Implementation of ATN/AMHS, AIDC, ADS-B and PBN etc.May 16,2013Bangladesh
IP07 - AUS AI 6.5 - Alternative PNT.pdfIP/07Characteristics of an Alternative Position, Navigation and Timing for the Asia/Pacific RegionMay 09,2013Australia
IP08 - ICAO AI.4.2- Revised AIDC Status and Implementation in APAC.pdfIP/08AIDC Planning and Implementation Status in APAC RegionMay 15,2013Secretariat
IP09 - IND AI 7.2 - (REV) Requirement for review of GMST document.pdfIP/09Review of Guidance Material on Composition of Surveillance Technologies (GMST) Edition 1.0 - September 2007 (Revised 10/05/13)May 10,2013India
IP10 - JPN AI 5.4 - DCL Trial in Japan.pdfIP/10The Status of Departure Clearance Trial Operation in JapanMay 09,2013Japan
IP11 - JPN AI 7.2 - Emergency Equipment for ATC.pdfIP/11The Importance of Preparation of Emergency Equipment for ATC as Risk ManagementMay 09,2013Japan
IP12 - JPN AI. 7.2 - WAM in Narita.pdfIP/12Update Information of Surveillance Upgrade Plan in JapanMay 09,2013Japan
IP13 - JPN AI 5.1 - Analaysis of B788 FIR ver3.pdfIP/13The Preliminary Analysis of the B788 in Fukuoka FIRMay 10,2013Japan
IP14 - ICAO AI 4.2 - COM Coordination meeting.pdfIP/14Outcome of COM Coordination MeetingMay 10,2013Secretariat
IP15 - ICAO AI 9.2 - PFF and ANRF and EANP Forms.pdfIP/15Performance Framework Form (PFF) Air Navigation Reporting Form (ANRF) & Electronic Air Navigation Plan (eANP)May 10,2013Secretariat
IP16 - ICAO AI. 4.2 - Inter-regional AIDC Task Force updages.pdfIP/16Inter-Regional APAC/NAT AIDC DocumentMay 10,2013Secretariat
IP17- ICAO AI 8.2 - Updated spectrum planning criteria Doc 9718 Vol.II.pdfIP/17Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requiements for Civil Aviation (Doc 9718 Vol. II)May 10,2013Secretariat
IP18 - ROK AI 11 - Incheon Airport CNS system plan.pdfIP/18Incheon International Airport CNS System Installation Project PlanMay 13,2013Republic of Korea
IP19 - JPN AI. 6.2 - GAST-D Prototype.pdfIP/19Development of GAST-D Prototype for Low Latitude RegionMay 13,2013Japan
IP20 - ICAO AI.8 - Status of Doc 9718.pdfIP/20Lastest Status of Doc 9718 Vol. I and Vol. IIMay 15,2013Secretariat
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01a _PBCS workshop ICAO opening - Lecat.pptx01 (a)Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) - IntroductionMay 16,2013Secretariat
01b_PBCS_Wkshp - Intro - Kraft.pptx01 (b)Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)- Introductory RemarksMay 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
02_PBCS_Wkshp_ICAO SARPS - Guidance - Radford rev1.pptx02ICAO SARPS and Guidance MaterialMay 14,2013New Zealand
03_PBCS_Wkshp_GOLD - Kraft.ppt03Global Operational Data Link Document - Introduction to RCP and RSPMay 14,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
04_PBCS_Wkshp - RCP-RSP Derivation - Kraft.pptx04Derivation of RCP/RSP Specifications - Where RCP 240 and RSP 180 criteria come from?May 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
05_PBCS_Wkshp - PBCS Intro - Radford.pptx05Performance Based Communications and Surveillance (PBCS) - An IntroductionMay 16,2013Paul Radford, New Zealand
06_PBCS_Wkshp - CSP Perspective - Assawac.pptx06CSP PerspectiveMay 16,2013ARINC
07_PBCS Wkshp - Airbus perspective - Condis.pptx07RCP/RSP - Airbus PerspectiveMay 16,2013Airbus
08_PBCS_Wkshp - Operational DL Authorization - Kraft.pptx08PBCS - Data Link Operational Authorization ProcessMay 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
09_PBCS_Wkshp - Monitoring - Radford.pptx09Post Implementation Monitoring and AnalysisMay 16,2013Paul Radford, New Zealand
10_PBCS_Workshop - G-PAT - Radford.pptx10G-PAT Analysis ToolMay 16,2013Paul Radford, New Zealand
11_PBCS_Wkshp_Interpreting Results - Radford.pptx11Interpreting RCP/RSP and Monitoring ResultsMay 16,2013Paul Radford, New Zealand
21.0_PBCS_Wkshp - APAC DL Implementation Status - Farmer.pptx21.0Status of Datalink Implementation in the Asia Pacific RegionMay 16,2013Toby Farmer, New Zealand
22.0_PBCS_Wkshp - NAT PBCS Implementation Plan -Kraft rev 1.ppt22.0Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)- RCP/RSP Voice ApplicationsMay 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
22.1_NATIMG42_WP03_NATPBCSplan.pdf22.1Performance Based Communication and Surveillance Implementation PlanMay 16,2013Secretariat
22.2_NATIMG42_WP08_RCPRSPtaskforce_PfA.pdf22.2NAT Regional SUPPs PFA for Reduced Separations Predicated on RCP/RSPMay 16,2013Secretariat
23_PBCS wkshp - closing remarks.ppt23 (a)ICAO Performance Based Communication and Surveillance Workshop - Closing RemarksMay 16,2013Secretariat
23b_PBCS_Wkshp - Closing - Kraft.pptx23 (b)Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)- Closing RemarksMay 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)
GPAT_Version3.zip24G-PAT Version 3. (Manual)May 16,2013Tom Kraft (FAA)


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