First Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Sub-Group (ATM/SG/1) of APANPIRG
( Bangkok, Thailand,20-24 May 2013)
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FINAL REPORT post to web.pdfReport of ATM/SG/1Jun 13,2013Secretariat
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AP153-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1-AP153/12(ATM)Feb 04,2013
ATM SG list of participant.pdfList of ParticipantMay 23,2013Secretariat
group photo ATM SG.pdfGroup Photo of ATM/SG/1May 21,2013
IP WP Template.docIP WP TemplateApr 16,2013Secretariat
Order of Business.pdfOrder of BusinessApr 16,2013Secretariat
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionMay 20,2013Secretariat
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AI1 WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI2 WP02 APANPIRG 23 outcome.pdfWP02APANPIRG OutcomesMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI2 WP03 DGCA Outcomes.pdfWP0349th Conference of DGCA OutcomesMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI3 WP04 FIT-Asia2 RASMAG18.pdfWP04FIT-Asia/2 and RASMAG/18 OutcomesMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI3 WP05 Regional and National Performance Framework.pdfWP05Regional and National Performance FrameworkMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP06 APSAPG Outcomes.pdfWP06The ICAO Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Planning Group OutcomesMay 20,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP07 FPL 2012 Post Implementation Review.pdfWP07Flight Plan 2012 Post Implementation ReviewMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP08 PBNTF and GLS Seminar Outcomes.pdfWP08GNSS Landing System Seminar and 10th PBN Task Force OutcomesMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP09 ADSB SITF Outcomes.pdfWP09Review report of the 12th meeting of ADS-B SITFMay 21,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP10 Global Operational Data-Link Document (GOLD).pdfWP10Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD)May 14,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP11 CNS Sub-Group Outcomes.pdfWP11CNS Sub-Group OutcomesMay 20,2013Secretariat
AI5 WP12 Regional ATM Contingency Plan Task Force Outcomes.pdfWP12Regional ATM Contingency Plan Task Force (RACP/TF) OutcomesMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI5 WP13 SAIOACG SEACG Outcomes.pdfWP13SAIOACG/3 and SEACG/20 Meeting OutcomesMay 21,2013Secretariat
AI6 WP14 ATM-Meteorological Issues.pdfWP14MET Issues relevant to ATMMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI6 WP15 AIS-AIM Implementation Task Force Outcomes.pdfWP15AIS - AIM Implementation Task ForceMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI6 WP16 APSARTF Outcomes.pdfWP16APSAR/TF OutcomesMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI6 WP17 AOP Working Group.pdfWP17First Meeting of AOP Working GroupMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP18 Determination of Transition Altitude (Pakistan).pdfWP18Determination of Transition AltitudeMay 14,2013Pakistan
AI4 WP19 Regional ATFM (IATA).pdfWP19Regional Air Traffic Flow ManagementMay 14,2013IATA
AI4 WP20 Application of Surveillance-Based Separations (IATA).pdfWP20Application of Surveillance-Based SeparationsMay 14,2013IATA
AI4 WP21 Upper Airspace Hamonization and Route developments.pdfWP21Upper Airspace Hamonisation and Route DevelopmentMay 17,2013India
AI4 WP22 MANUAL ATFM IMPLEMENTATION IN THE DELHI FIR.pdfWP22Manual ATFM Implementation in the Delhi FIRMay 17,2013India
AI5 WP23 Enroute PBN between city pair    .pdfWP23Enroute PBN Implementation between High-Density City PairsMay 17,2013Singapore
AI5 WP24 ATM Collaboration bet Singapore and Viet Nam.pdfWP24ATM Collaboration between Singapore and Viet NamMay 17,2013Singapore and Viet Nam
AI4 WP25 Develop of CDM ATFM concept.pdfWP25Development of a Sub-Regional CDM/ATFM ConceptMay 17,2013Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Thailand
AI4 WP26 Harmonsing Enroute PBN.pdfWP26Harmonising Enroute PBN Implementation to achieve Seamless PlanMay 17,2013Singapore
AI9 WP27 IFSET Environmental Example.pdfWP27IFSET Example to Demonstrate Potential Environmental BenefitMay 17,2013Secretariat
AI7 WP28 ANS Deficiencies.pdfWP28Air Navigation Service Deficiencies ListMay 17,2013Secretariat
AI8 WP29 ATMSG Task List.pdfWP29APANPIRG ATM/AIS/SAR Sub Group Task ListMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI9 WP30 ATS Provider Security Requirements.pdfWP30ATS Provider Security RequirementsMay 14,2013ICAO Asia/PAC-Security
AI9 WP31 ATS Points of Contact.pdfWP31ATS Point of Contact UpdateMay 14,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP32 A Proactive Approach for Implemention of the Seamless plan.pdfWP32A Proactive Approach for the implementation of the Asia/Pacific Seamless PlanMay 17,2013Singapore
AI5 WP33 PROPOSALS AND COMMENTS FOR THE DRAFT SEAMLESS ATM PLAN.pdfWP33Proposals and Comments for the Draft Seamless ATM PlanMay 17,2013Singapore
AI6 WP34 Share ETOD data.pdfWP34Collaboration to share Electronic Terrain and Obstacle DataMay 17,2013Singapore
AI4 WP35 Hong Kong Significant Comments on the Seamless ATM Plan Draft.pdfWP35Hong Kong's significant comment on the Seamless ATM Plan draftMay 23,2013Hong Kong, China
AI3 WP36 PIRG-RASG Meeting Outcomes and Priorities.pdfWP36PIRG-RASG Global Coordination Meeting-Outcomes and PrioritiesMay 17,2013Secretariat
AI4 WP37 Proposals and Comments For The Draft Seamless ATM Plan.pdfWP37Proposals and Comments for the Draft Seamless ATM PlanMay 20,2013Japan
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IP01 List of Papers ATMSG 1.pdfIP01List of PapersMay 20,2013Secretariat
AI4 IP02 IPACG Outcomes.pdfIP02Cross Polar Trans East ATM Providers Working Group OutcomesMay 14,2013Japan
AI5 IP03 ASIOACG-INSPIRE.pdfIP03Arabian Sea Indian Ocean ATS Coordination Group (ASIOACG)and Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce emission-An updateMay 16,2013India
AI4 IP04 Integration of UAS into the US NAS (USA).pdfIP04Integration of UAS into United States' NASMay 16,2013United States
AI4 IP05 Afghanistan Update.pdfIP05Afghanistan Civil Aviation UpdateMay 16,2013Secretariat
AI5 IP06 ISPACG Outcomes.pdfIP06Informal South Pacific ATS Coordinating Group OutcomesMay 16,2013ISPACG
AI4 IP07 Implementation of Data Link (India).pdfIP07Implementation of Data Link Departure Clearance, D-ATIS and D-Volmet Services in IndiaMay 16,2013India
AI4 IP08 Implementation of Block 0 modules- India.pdfIP08Implementation of Block 0 modules- India's updateMay 16,2013India
AI5 IP09 EATMCG Outcomes (Japan).pdfIP09EATMCG OutcomesMay 16,2013Japan
AI5 IP10  Outcomes of Japan's Bilateral Meetings with Russia, ROK, and USA.pdfIP10Outcomes of Japan's bilateral meeting with Russia, Republic of Korea and United StatesMay 16,2013Japan
AI5 IP11 Update on the VOLKAM 13 Volcanic Ash Exercise.pdfIP11Update on the VOLKAM/13 Volcanic Ash ExerciseMay 16,2013Japan and United States
AI6 IP12 NOTAM Proliferation.pdfIP12NOTAM ProliferationMay 17,2013Japan
AI5 IP13 ATS Route for Viet Nam, Lao and Cambodia.pdfIP13ATS Route Proposals for Viet Nam, Laos PDR and CambodiaMay 17,2013Viet Nam
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Flimsy 1 Surveillance Control Services in Mongolia.pdfFlimsy 1The Process of Surveillance Control Services Implementation in Air Traffic Management of MongoliaMay 20,2013Mongolia
Flimsy 2 - Surveillance Coverage Predictions.pdfFlimsy 2Surveillance Coverage PredictionsMay 21,2013Secretariat
Flimsy 3 Procedural Separations.pdfFlimsy 3Procedural SeparationsMay 21,2013Secretariat


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