Third Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/3)
( Bangkok, Thailand,7-10 May 2013)
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Final Report APRAST_3 [completed in full].pdfReport of the Third Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/3) - RevisedMay 21,2013
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1. State Letter - APRAST-3.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 6/13.11.1 - AP 024/13 (FS)Mar 12,2013
4. Registration Form.pdfRegistration FormMar 12,2013
5. Meeting Bulletin.pdfBulletinMar 12,2013
APRAST-3 WP Template.docxWP TemplateMar 18,2013
Detailed Programme_ Final_6May2013at1444pm.pdfProgramme (Revised 6 May 2013)May 06,2013
Explanatory Notes Final April 01 Revised.docExplanatory Notes on APRAST/3 Meeting Agenda Items (Revised)Apr 11,2013
Group photo APRAST3.pdfGroup PhotoMay 07,2013
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WP-01 AI_1 - AdoptionofAgenda _ SEC Revised May 01.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional AgendaMay 02,2013Co-Chair Industry
WP-02 AI_2 - Election of Co-Chair - Final.pdfWP/02Election of APRAST Co-Chair - (APAC Member Contracting State)May 06,2013Secretariat
WP-03 AI_3 - !RASG APAC 2 Conclusions and Revised TORs Final.pdfWP/03Review of RASG-APAC/2 Decisions and revised RASG-APAC Terms of ReferenceMay 06,2013Secretariat
WP-04 AI_3 - APRAST 2 Conclusions.pdfWP/04Review of APRAST/2 ConclusionsMay 04,2013Co-Chair APRAST
WP-05 AI_3 - !RASG-APAC Yearly and Standing Work Programme.pdfWP/05Progress on RASG-APAC/2 Approved Yearly and Standing Work ProgrammeMay 06,2013Co-Chair of APRAST
WP-06 AI_3 - CFIT-1 - v7-130502 final - SIN.pdfWP/06Update on APRAST Safety Enhancement Initiative - CFIT/1May 06,2013Singapore
WP-07 AI_3 - APRAST AIG AWG Report.pdfWP/07Report on the Meeting of the APRAST-AIG Ad-hoc Working GroupMay 04,2013Chairman of the APRAST-AIG AWG
WP-08 AI_3 - AP-SRP AWG Report.pdfWP/08AP-SRP Ad-hoc Working Group ReportMay 30,2013SRP Ad-hoc Working Group
WP-8[A] AI_3 - Revised TORs of SRP AWG [IND].pdfWP/08 (A)Revised TORs of AP-SRP Ad-hoc Working GroupMay 10,2013SRP Ad-hoc Working Group
WP-8[a] -amended AI_3 - Revised TORs of SRP AWG.pdfWP/08 (A) - amendedReview RASG APAC/2 and APRAST/2 Conclusions, the work of its subsidiary bodies and related safety initiativesMay 11,2013SRP Ad-hoc Working Group
WP-09 AI_4 - FAOSD Revised Final April 09.pdfWP/09Foreign Air Operator Surveillance Database Programme (FAOSD)May 04,2013Secretariat
WP-10 AI_8 - !State letter status summery FINAL.pdfWP/10ICAO State Letter Response SummaryMay 04,2013Secretariat
WP-11 AI_6 APRAST-3_WP_Max.pdfWP/11Identify Specific Training for Pilots and Air Traffic ControllersMay 06,2013Runway Safety Champion
WP-12 AI_6RE-6_!INDIA.pdfWP/12Timely and Accurate Reporting of Runway Conditions by ATS/AIS to Flight CrewMay 04,2013Airports Authority of India
WP-13 AI_4 - Implementation Challenges for Safety.pdfWP/13Implementation Challenges for Safety Enhancement InitiativesMay 04,2013CTA COSCAP-NA
WP-14 AI_3 - RASC-APAC_2WP15_Sharing of Information on Potential Precursors to Air Accidents_joint Sin and Mac.pdfWP/14Sharing of Information on Potential Precursors to Air Accidents (RASG/2-WP/15 and PRAST/3-IP/2)May 21,2013Singapore and Macao, China
WP-15 AI_3 - Completed SEI Template cover - TTG Final.pdfWP/15Completed SEI Template - Revised (20 May 2013)May 21,2013Co-Chair States
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IP-01 List of Papers [SEC] revised Final [15May2013].pdfIP/01List of Papers - Revised (20 May 2013)May 21,2013Secretariat
IP-02 AI_4 precursors to air accidents [SIN and MAC].pdfIP/02Sharing of Information on Potential Precursors to Air AccidentsMay 04,2013Singapore and Macao, China
IP-03 AI_4 - authentication_of_foreign_licences - FINAL.pdfIP/03Authentication of Foreign LicencesMay 04,2013Republic of Korea and Singapore
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3. CAST - 5_7_2013 CAST Update_Final.pdfIntroduction to CASTMay 06,2013CAST
5.FDX Demo v01[IATA].pdfFlight Data Exchange (FDX)May 09,2013IATA
6.Landing Risk Reduction[Airbus].pdfLanding Risk ReductionMay 09,2013Airbus
APRAST 3 Start-up v-5.pdfThe Continuous Improvement of SafetyMay 07,2013Co-Chair APRAST (Industry)
ASIAS brief GH 05 2013.pdfAviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS)May 04,2013Boeing
Voluntary Reporting.pdfVoluntary Occurrence ReportingMay 04,2013Boeing
GASP_en.pdfGlobal Aviation Safety Plan
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1 - 3rd CFIT Sub group meeting May 7-10.13 Bangkok rev 1.pdfProgrammeMay 04,2013
2 - APRAST3 CFIT template.pdfAPRAST3 CFIT templateMay 04,2013
3 - CFIT 1 - Model Regulation and Guidance Material - draft - 130418.pdfModel Regulation and Guidance Material on Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)May 04,2013
4 - CFIT 2_SOP template_HKCAD suggestions.pdfAppendix 1 SOP Template of AC No.: CSEA-002AMay 04,2013
5 - CFIT 3 CASA AC 008A APV Final.pdfAdvisory Circular for Air Operators - Approach procedures with Vertical Guidance (APV)May 04,2013
6 - CFIT 3CASA AC 008A CDFA Final.pdfNon-Precision Instrument Approach Using ContinuousDescent Final Approach (CDFA) TechniquesMay 04,2013
7 - CFIT 5 CRM draft AC rev 1.pdfAdvisory Circular for Air Operators - Crew Resource Management Training ProgrammeMay 04,2013
8 - CFIT 8 Draft AB.pdfAdvisory Bulletin for States - Issuance of Safety Alert/WarningMay 04,2013
9 - COSCAP APRAST CFIT 6 proposed AB SIA.pdfAdvisory Bulletin for Sates - Information to States on Approach and Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR) and Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) Prevention TrainingMay 04,2013
10 - Summary APRAST CFIT SEI rev9.pdfSummary APRAST CFIT SEIMay 04,2013

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