First Meeting of the Aerodromes Operations and Planning Working Group (AOP/WG/1)
( Bangkok, Thailand,21-23 May 2013)
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Final Report AOPWG-1.pdfFinal ReportJun 03,2013Secretariat
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AOPWG WP-IP templates.docIP & WP TemplatesFeb 04,2013Secretariat
AP153-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1-AP153/12 (ATM)Feb 04,2013Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 21,2013Secretariat
List of Papers.pdfList of PapersMay 20,2013Secretariat
List of participants.pdfList of ParticipantsMay 27,2013Secretariat
Order of Business.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 16,2013Secretariat
Order of Presentations.pdfOrder of PresentationsMay 20,2013Secretariat
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WP 1, AI 1 Election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.pdfWP01Election of Chairperson and Vice ChairpersonApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 2, AI 2 Adoption of  Provisional Agenda.pdfWP02Provisional Agenda for the First Meeting of the Aerodrome Operations and Planning - Working Group (AOP WG/1)Apr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 3, AI 2- Establishment of APANPIRG structure and AOP Terms of Reference.pdfWP03Establishment of APANPIRG Structure and AOP Terms of ReferenceApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 4, AI 3 Review of APANPIRG 23 Action Plan.pdfWP04Review of APANPIRG/23 Action PlanApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 5, AI 3, Review of 49 DGCA conf outcomes.pdfWP05Action Items of 49th Conference of Directors General of Civil AviationApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 6, AI 3, Airport Pavement.pdfWP06Airport Pavements - Design and EvaluationApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 7, AI 4-Runway SAfety.pdfWP07Updates on Runway SafetyApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 8, AI 4, Status of Implementation of Aerodrome Certification.pdfWP08Status of Implementation of Certification of Aerodromes Requirements in the APAC RegionMay 08,2013Secretariat
WP 9, AI 4- Regional and NAtional Performance Framework Forms1.pdfWP09Regional and National Performance FrameworkMay 10,2013Secretariat
WP 10, AI 5,  Air NAvigation Deficiencies.pdfWP10Air Navigation Deficiencies in AOP FieldApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 11, AI 6 AOPWG Task List.pdfWP11APANPIRG AOPWG Task ListApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP 12, AI 8, date and venue of next meeting.pdfWP12Date and Venue of Next Meeting and Provisional AgendaApr 26,2013Secretariat
WP13, AI 4, Amendment 11 to Annex 14, Vol I.pdfWP13Amendment 11 to Annex 14, Volume I - Aerodrome Design and OperationsApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP14  AI 4, Amendment 5 to Annex 14, Vol II.pdfWP14Amendment 5 to Annex 14, Volume II -HeliportsApr 29,2013Secretariat
WP 15, AI 8 AOPWG WP Indonesia Host WG-2.pdfWP15Proposal as a Host for AOP/WG/2May 02,2013Indonesia
WP 16, AI 4 AOPWG WP-DP Seaplane Base.pdfWP16Standards for Seaplane Bases (Waterbases)May 16,2013Indonesia
WP 17 AI 4 PROVISION OF MINIMUM VERTICAL CLEARANCES BETWEEN AN AIRCRAFT AND AN OBJECT.pdfWP17Provision of Minimum Vertical Clearances between an Aircraft and an ObjectMay 13,2013ROK
WP 18 AI, 3 Outcomes of PIRG RASG GCM.pdfWP18PIRG-RASG Global Coordination Meeting-OutcomesMay 14,2013Secretariat
WP 19, AI 4 ROK Aero Study.pdfWP19Proposal to Set Standards for Aeronautical StudyMay 15,2013ROK
WP 20, AI 4 ROK OLS.pdfWP20Proposal to Ease Regulations on Obstacle Limitation Surfaces in the Area Surrounding AirportsMay 15,2013ROK
WP 21, presentation apex aci sl wong may 2013.pdfWP21ACI APEX in SafetyMay 20,2013ACI
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IP 1, AI 4 Runway safety.pdfIP01Runway SafetyApr 26,2013Secretariat
IP 2, AI 4, Regional Performance Framework -AOPWG.pdfIP02Regional Performance Framework Planning Methodologies and ToolsApr 26,2013Secretariat
IP 3, AI 7 Aerodrome programme.pdfIP03Aerodrome Workshops/SeminarApr 26,2013Secretariat
IP 4, AI 4-AOPWG.pdfIP04Airport Personnel LicensingMay 02,2013Indonesia
IP5, AI 5 TCB.pdfIP05ICAO Involvement in Airport ProjectsMay 09,2013Secretariat
IP 6, AI 4 Aerodrome Operation.pdfIP06Aerodrome Operation in JapanMay 15,2013Japan
IP 7, AI 4 eco-airport.pdfIP07"Eco-Airport" In JapanMay 15,2013Japan
IP 8, AI 4  - Aerodrome Certification_Macao.pdfIP08Aerodrome CertificationMay 20,2013Macao, China
IP 9, AI 4 Progress of Aerodromes_India.pdfIP09Progress of Aerodromes Operations, Planning, SMS & Aerodrome Licensing in Airports Authority of IndiaMay 20,2013India
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BIRD DETERRING  LASER SYSTEM IN HSIA.pdfBird Deterring Laser System at HSIAMay 28,2013Bangladesh
WP 16 Seaplane Bases.pdfStandard for Seaplane Bases (Waterbases)May 28,2013Indonesia


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