AIM Quality Assurance Seminar and the 8th Meeting of ICAO Aeronautical Information Services - Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (AAITF/8)
( Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,6-10 May 2013)
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AP185-12 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.6-AP185/12 (ATM)Dec 20,2012ICAO
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AAITF mongolia link.htmLink website 12,2013CAA of Mongolia
collapse Type Name : 1-AIM Quality Assurance Seminar (Ulaanbaatar, 6 May 2013)- ‎(12)
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AIM Quality Assurance Seminar Program.pdfAIM Quality Assurance Seminar ProgramMay 03,2013Secretariat
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01 - Why We are Here - The Need for Quality (FAA).pdf01Why we are hereMay 06,2013
02 - The Power of Process and its Effect on Quality - (FAA).pdf02The Power of Process and its Effect on QualityMay 06,2013
03 - Aeronautical Information Quality.pdf03Aeronautical Information QualityMay 06,2013
04 - Performance Based Navigation Data Quality (Jeppesen).pdf04Performance Based Navigation Data Quality (Jeppesen)May 06,2013
05 - MCAA AIM (Avitech).ppsx05MCAA AIM (Avitech)May 06,2013
06 - ADQ IDS Tech.pdf06IDS Aeronautical Data QualityMay 06,2013
07 - Quality Management System in Mongolia.pdf07Quality Management System in MongoliaMay 06,2013
08 -Quality Management in AISC Japan (CAB of Japan).pdf08Quality Management in AISC Japan (CAB of Japan)May 06,2013
09 - AIM Officer - QA Assured Training and Certification (Airservices Australia).pdf09AIM Officer - QA Assured Training and Certification (Airservices Australia)May 06,2013
10 - The introduction of QSMS construction of ATMB in CAAC.pdf10The introduction of QSMS construction of ATMB in CAACMay 06,2013
11 - DIGITAL NOTAM IDS Tech.pdf11Digital NOTAMMay 06,2013
collapse Type Name : 2-AAITF/8 (Ulaanbaatar, 7-10 May 2013- ‎(22)
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FINAL REPORT AAITF8.pdfReport of AAITF/8Jun 03,2013Secretariat
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Order of Business AAITF 8.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 03,2013Secretariat
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP-IP TEMPLATE.docIP/WP TemplateMar 11,2013Secretariat
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WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provision AgendaMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP02 Related Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Related Meeting OutcomesMay 06,2013Secretariat
WP03 AIS - AIM Related Air Navigation Deficiencies.pdfWP03Asia/Pacific AIS-AIM Air Navigation DeficienciesMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP04 Electronic AIP Implementation in Asia_Pacific Region.pdfWP04Electronic AIP (eAIP)implementation in the Asia/Pacific RegionMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP05 Regional AIS - AIM Implementation Plan.pdfWP05Regional AIS-AIM Implementation PlanMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP06 Survey of Differences Between State's NOTAM Operations and OPADD.pdfWP06Survey of differences between states NOTAM Operations and OPADDMay 03,2013Japan
WP07 ICARD Update.pdfWP07ICARD UpdateMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP08 Submission of BANP Amendment Proposals for ATS Routes.pdfWP08Submission of BANP Amendment Proposals for ATS routesMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP09 Timeliness and Accuracy of AIP Supplement.pdfWP09Timeliness and Accuracy of AIP SupplementsMay 03,2013Secretariat
WP10 Open Source Pre-Flight Information Service.pdfWP10Open Source Pre-Flight Information Service in Asia/Pacific RegionMay 03,2013Mongolia
WP11 - AIS to AIM in Viet Nam.pdfWP11AIS-AIM in Viet NamMay 07,2013Viet Nam
WP12 Task List.pdfWP12Task ListMay 03,2013Secretariat
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IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersMay 03,2013Secretariat
IP02 Annex 15 Amendment 37 and Future Changes.pdfIP02Annex 15 Amendment 37 and Future ChangesMay 03,2013Secretariat
IP03 ICAO AIS-AIMSG Progress.pdfIP03ICAO AIS-AIMSG ProgressMay 01,2013Australia
IP04 AIM Implementation in Hong Kong China.pdfIP04AIM Implementation in Hong Kong, ChinaMay 01,2013Hong Kong, China
IP05 China eAIP.pdfIP05CAAC Electronic AIP (eAIP) by the end of 2013May 01,2013China
IP06 Indonesia AIS - AIM Implementation Progress.pdfIP06Implementation progress of AIS - AIM in IndonesiaMay 01,2013Indonesia

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