The Sixth Meeting of the Southeast Asia Route Review Task Force (SEA-RR/TF/6) and the Nineteenth Meeting of the South-East Asia ATM Coordination Group (SEACG/19)
( Bangkok, Thailand,30 April to 4 May 2012)
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FINAL REPORT SEA RR TF SEACG.pdfReport of the Sixth Meeting of the Southeast Asia Route Review Task Force (SEA-RR/TF/6) and the Nineteenth Meeting of the South-East Asia ATS Coordination Group (SEACG/19)May 30,2012Secretariat
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AP023-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.12, T3/8.12.2-AP023/12 (ATM)Feb 21,2012Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 02,2012Secretariat
ORDER OF BUSINESS_Revised.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 02,2012Secretariat
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionMay 02,2012Secretariat
Thursday.pdfThursday, 03 May 2012May 03,2012Secretary
WP or IP TEMPLATE_SEACG-19.docWP/IP Template - SEACG/19Apr 03,2012Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE_SEARRTF-6.docWP/IP Template - SEA-RR/TF/6Jan 26,2012Secretariat
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Presentation IATA_Fuel cost to Jan 2012.pdfPresentationFuel Cost to Jan 2012May 01,2012IATA
WP01 Agenda_SEARRTF6.pdfWP/01Revised Provisional Agenda - SEA-RR/TF/6Apr 26,2012Secretariat
WP01 Provisional Agenda_SEACG-19.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda - SEACG/19Apr 26,2012Secretariat
WP02 Review of Southeast Asia Route Implementation Plan_SEARRTF-6.pdfWP/02Review of Southeast Asia Route Implementation PlanApr 26,2012Secretariat
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP/02Relevant Meeting OutcomesApr 26,2012Secretariat
WP03 Action Plan_SEACG-19.pdfWP/03Review Action Plan from SEACG/18Apr 26,2012Secretariat
WP03 Dissolution of SEA-RR Task Force_SEARRTF-6.pdfWP/03Dissolution of SEA-RR Task ForceApr 26,2012Secretariat
WP03 ATT-SEACG-19_Task_List_04.5.12.pdfWP/03-ATTRevised Task ListMay 04,2012Secretariat
WP04 IMPLEMENT 30NM MINIMUM LONGITUDINAL SPACING ON A1 AND A202.pdfWP/04Implement 30NM Minimum Longitudinal Spacing on A1 and A202Apr 26,2012Hong Kong, China
WP04 Application of 50nm Longitudinal Separation on M771and L642.pdfWP/04Application of 50NM Longitudinal Separation on M771 & L642Apr 29,2012IATA
WP05 Review of Task List.pdfWP/05Review SEA-RR/TF Task ListApr 27,2012Secretariat
WP05 Traffic Growth and ATM Development.pdfWP/05Traffic Growth and ATM Developments in SEAMay 02,2012Secretariat
WP06 Air Traffic Management Enhancement between Jakarta and Singapore FIRs.pdfWP/06Air Traffic Management Enhancements between Jakarta and Singapore FIRsApr 27,2012Indonesia & Singapore
WP07 Review of the Large Scale Weather Deviation Procedures.pdfWP/07Review of Large Scale Weather Deviations over the South China Sea AreaApr 27,2012Singapore
WP08 HK China-WP-A461-A583 20120426.pdfWP/08Reconfiguration of ATS Routes A461 and A583Apr 27,2012Hong Kong, China
WP09 HK China-WP-L642-M771 20120426.pdfWP/09Configuration of PBN Routes L642 and M771Apr 27,2012Hong Kong, China
WP10 SEACG WP -Hong Kong_Capacity Notification Scheme.pdfWP/10Implementation of Capacity Notification Scheme for Hong Kong International AirportApr 29,2012Hong Kong, China
WP11 SEACG-19-HK China-WP-ADSB 20120426.pdfWP/11ADS-B Developments in Hong Kong, ChinaApr 30,2012Hong Kong, China
WP12 Philippines diversionary routes.pdfWP/12Diversionary Routes during Adverse Weather Conditions in the South China SeaMay 01,2012Philippines
WP13 SEACG SWG.pdfWP/13Establishment of SEACG Small Working GroupsMay 02,2012Secretariat
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IP01 List of Papers_SEACG-19.pdfIP/01List of Papers - SEACG/19May 02,2012Secretariat
IP01 List of Papers_SEARRTF6.pdfIP/01List of PapersApr 27,2012Secretariat
IP02 ADSB Implementation over South China Sea and Bay of Bengal (2).pdfIP/02ADS-B Implementation over the South China Sea and the Bay of BengalApr 26,2012Secretariat
IP03 JP Malaysia_Singapore PBN ROUTES.pdfIP/03Establishing an RNAV Route Southern Portion of Peninsular MalaysiaApr 27,2012Malaysia & Singapore
IP04 2012 FPL and ATS Message Implementation Update.pdfIP/042012 FPL & ATS Message Implementation UpdateMay 01,2012Secretariat
IP05 Regional ATM Contingency Planning.pdfIP/05Regional ATM Contingency PlanningMay 01,2012Secretariat
IP06 Philippines ADSCPDLC TRIAL.pdfIP/06Update of ADS/CPDLC Trial Operation in the Manila FIRMay 01,2012Philippines

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