Second Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group - Asia and Pacific Regions (RASG-APAC/2)
( New Delhi, India,08-09 October 2012)
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!RASG APAC2 Report Final.pdfFINAL Report - RASG-APAC/2 (15 October 2012)Nov 13,2012
Apdx A_RASG Status Monitoring 15.10.pdfAppendix A - RASG-APAC/2 DecisionsNov 13,2012
Apdx_B_TORs RASG_Revised_Oct12.pdfAppendix B - TORs for RASG-APAC - Revision 1 Dated 09 October 2012Nov 13,2012
Apdx_C_RASGYearlyProg 15.10.pdfAppendix C - RASG Yearly Programme 2012Nov 13,2012
Apdx_D_RASGStandingProg 15.10.pdfAppendix D - RASG Standing Work ProgrammeNov 13,2012
Apdx_E_List of Participants RASG2.pdfAppendix E - List of Participants (15 October 2012)Nov 13,2012
Apdx_F_List of Papers_Rev09Oct12.pdfAppendix F - List of Working Papers and Information PapersNov 13,2012
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A_Provisional Agenda_Rev12Sept.pdfProvisional Agenda - Revision 12 September 2012Sep 17,2012
AP097 InvitationRASG2_States.pdfState Letter T 6/13.11 - AP097/12 (FS) (To: States/Administrations)Sep 17,2012
AP099 InvitationRASG2_Industry Partners.pdfState Letter T 6/13.11 - AP099/12 (FS) (To: Industry)Sep 17,2012
B_Nomination form_AP097.dotNomination Form (States/Administrations)Sep 17,2012
B_Nomination form_AP099.dotNomination Form (Industry)Sep 17,2012
Template Paper_rev17Sept.dotPaper TemplateSep 17,2012
Order of Business - RASG APAC2_06Oct.pdfOOB-Rev07OctOrder of Business - Revision 07 October 2012Oct 07,2012
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AI1.1_WP01_Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of AgendaSep 28,2012Secretariat
AI1.2_WP02_RASG Conclusions Progress_Secretariat.pdfWP/02Regional Aviation Safety Group - Asia and Pacific Regions (RASG-APAC) Progress ReportSep 28,2012Secretariat
AI1.3_WP03_ESTABLISMENT AND WORKINGS OF RASG-APAC SUB-GROUPS Agenda 1 3 Revsion 2  26 Spet.pdfWP/03Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST) and its Subsidiary GroupsSep 28,2012Secretariat
AI2_WP04_APRAST and sub-group action items for approval by RASG Revised Sept  27 2012 TH.pdfWP/04APRAST Recommendations Requiring RASG - APAC ApprovalSep 28,2012Co-Chair APRAST
AI3_WP05_FRANCE_BEA_DP _ APAC49_Training investigators to face rare air disasters.pdfWP/05Training Investigators to Face Rare Air DisastersSep 28,2012France
AI3_WP06_Balancing Airworthiness Oversight Functions RASG Agenda 3 (2)_US.pdfWP/06Balancing Airworthiness Oversight Functions through a Collaborative ApproachSep 28,2012United States of America
AI3_WP07_Nepal_SSP_DP.pdfWP/07Challenges of SSP ImplementationSep 28,2012Nepal
AI3_WP08_Implementation of Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training in Hong Kong [RASG-APAC2,Agenda Item 3].pdfWP/08Implementation of Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training in Hong KongSep 28,2012Hong Kong, China
AI3_WP09_US_Updated Pilot Stall Recovery Training-FINAL.pdfWP/09Updated Pilot Stall Training GuidanceSep 28,2012United States of America
AI3_WP10_Republic of Korea_Fire detection.pdfWP/10Improving Fire Detection Systems of Aircraft Cargo CompartmentSep 28,2012Republic of Korea
AI3_WP11_Republic of Korea_PEL_.pdfWP/11Improving License Conversion Process between StatesSep 28,2012Republic of Korea
AI3_WP12_Republic of Korea_AAR991 Accident.pdfWP/12Implications of Accident Investigation of Asiana Airlines FreighterSep 28,2012Republic of Korea
AI4_WP13_ RASG and APRAST communication channels_Secretariat_rev07Oct.pdfWP/13Protocol on Channels of Communication between Regional Aviation Safety Group - Asia and Pacific Regions (RASG-APAC) and its Sub-Groups - Revision 07 October 2012Oct 07,2012Secretariat
AI4_WP14_RASG-FAOSD WP R3 Sept  25 Rev 1.pdfWP/14Implementation of the Foreign Air Operator Surveillance Database (FAOSD)Sep 28,2012Secretariat
AI4_WP14_Att_FAOSD Manual - Revised 28 Sep_revised_format.pdfWP/14-AttAttachment - FAOSD ManualSep 28,2012
AI3_WP15_Sharing of Information on Potential Precursors to Air Accidents_joint SinandMac.pdfWP/15Sharing of Information on Potential Precursors to Air AccidentsSep 28,2012Singapore & Macao, China
AI3_WP16 Singapore's Approach to Competency Based Training for Medical Examiners.pdfWP/16Singapore's Approach to Competency-Based Training for Medical ExaminersSep 28,2012Singapore
AI2_WP17_Feedback on oversight on operations over foreign territory and SSP implementation  (2).pdfWP/17Feedback on SSP/SMS Implementation and Oversight of Operations Conducted within Foreign StatesOct 02,2012Secretariat
AI4_WP18_RASG Work Implementataaion pAPER Rev  1.pdfWP/18A Mechanism for Implementation and Reporting of RASG-APAC Work ProgrammeOct 08,2012Secretariat
AI4_WP19_RASG Work Programme Approval - Working Paper.pdfWP/19Proposal for an Amendment to RASG-APAC Terms of Reference to Regularize the Approval of RASG / APRAST Work ProgrammesOct 09,2012Secretariat
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AI0_IP-01 List of Papers_Rev09Oct12.pdfIP/01-Rev09OctList of Working Papers and Information Papers - Revision 09 October 2012Oct 09,2012Secretariat
AI3_IP02_SRP Report_IP_RASG-APAC2 17 09 12.pdfIP/02AP-SRP Ad-hoc Working Group ReportSep 28,2012AP-SRP AWG
AI3_IP03_AIG Information Paper by Macao China.pdfIP/03Setting up a Permanent Accident Investigation Unit and Implementation of VIRS by the CAASep 28,2012Macao, China
AI3_IP04 SM ICG RASG Agenda 3_US.pdfIP/04Safety Management International Collaboration GroupSep 28,2012United States of America
AI3_IP05 SMS Development in China Civil Aviation.pdfIP/05Development of Safety Management Systems (SMS) in China Civil AviationSep 28,2012People's Republic of China
AI3_IP06_NZ Oversight of Operations (3).pdfIP/06Oversight of Operations Conducted within Foreign StatesSep 28,2012New Zealand
AI3_IP07_PEL_Republic of Korea_Final.pdfIP/07Development of Computer-Based Examination System for Aviation LicencesSep 28,2012Republic of Korea
AI3_IP08_Fire detection_final_ROK.pdfIP/08False Cargo Fire Warning Signal on AeroplanesOct 02,2012Republic of Korea
AI3_IP09_Mandatory Reporting System)_Japan121002 Rev.1.pdfIP/09Mandatory Reporting System in JapanOct 04,2012Japan
AI3_IP10 India paper on AAIB.pdfIP/10Formation of Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau in IndiaOct 04,2012India
AI3_IP11 Recommended Guidelines for the Authentication of Foreign Licences.pdfIP/11Authentication of Foreign LicencesOct 07,2012Singapore
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The Status of Aviation Safety in Asia Pacific.pdfPPTThe Status of Aviation Safety in Asia PacificOct 15,2012D/ANB
AI2_WP4_APD_A_APRAST Recommendations for RASG Approval_27Sept.xlsxRelated to WP/04APRAST Recommendations for RASG-APAC approvalOct 07,2012
APDX D1_Summary APRAST CFIT SEI rev2.xlsxRelated to WP/04Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - CFITOct 07,2012
APDX D2_LOC Summary 2012-09-23 FINAL for RASG r1.xlsRelated to WP/04Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - LOCOct 07,2012
APRAST AIG AWG 2 Report Finalised.pdfRelated to WP/04Report - AIG AWG/2 Meeting including Draft Code of ConductOct 07,2012
RunwaySafety_SEI-DIPs FINAL for RASG.xlsxRelated to WP/04Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - Runway SafetyOct 07,2012
APRAST and sub-group recommendations from RASG approval v-2.pdfWP/04-PPTAPRAST Recommendations to RASG-APAC/2Oct 15,2012APRAST Industry Co-Chair
France WP05_RASG_APAC 2 Training investigators_Delhi_2012.pdfWP/05-PPTTraining Investigators to Face Rare Air DisastersOct 15,2012France
Implementation of Multi-Crew Pilot Licence Training in Hong Kong.pdfWP/08-PPTImplementation of Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training in Hong KongOct 15,2012Hong Kong, China

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