The Second Meeting of ASIA/PAC Meteorological Advisories and Warnings Implementation Task Force (METWARN/I TF/2)
( Bangkok, Thailand,19 - 20 April 2012)
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group photo METWARN I TF2.pdfGroup PhotoMay 31,2012Secretariat
Report of METWARN-I_TF-2.pdfReport of the Second Meeting of the Asia and Pacific Meteorological Advisories and Warnings Implementation Task Force (METWARN/I TF/2)May 28,2012Secretariat
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Attachment 3_Nominatin form.docNomination FormMar 29,2012Secretariat
MET025_Invitation letter.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 4/7.5:AP025/12Feb 22,2012Secretariat
Order of Business Days Th-Fr (2012) (revised 20-04-12) (2).pdfOrder of Business (Revised)Apr 20,2012Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateFeb 27,2012Secretariat
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda (revised 17-04-12).pdfWP/1Provisional Agenda (Revised)Apr 18,2012Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI.2(b) - TORs and work programme.pdfWP/2Review of the Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the METWARN/I TFApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI.1(b) -Review of METWARN-I TF1 and Follow-up Action (revised 2012-05-31).pdfWP/3Review of METWARN/I TF/1 Meeting and Action Items (Revised)May 31,2012Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI.1 (b) - Review of APANPIRG-22.pdfWP/4Review of APANPIRG/22 Conclusions and ProgressApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI. Conjoint (c) - Review of SIGMET Guide.pdfWP/5Review Updates to the SIGMET GuideApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI.2 (a) - review of Guidance on radioactive cloud.pdfWP/6Global Progress on Guidance on Radioactive CloudApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP07_IDN AI.1 Conjoint (a) - SIGMET Tests by Jakarta WMO.pdfWP/7SIGMET Tests by Jakarta MWO and Ujung Pandang MWOApr 11,2012Indonesia
WP08_HKG Conjoint (d) - Volcanic Ash Advice V.2.pdfWP/8Volcanic Ash AdviceApr 11,2012Hong Kong, China
WP09_CHN AI Conjoint (b) - review and evaluation SIGMET in Asia.pdfWP/9Review and Evaluation of SIGMET Advisory Trial in AsiaApr 17,2012China
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP/1Meeting BulletinFeb 23,2012Secretariat
IP02_CHN AI. Conjoint (b) - Issuance SIGMET Phnom Penh.pdfIP/2The Issuance of SIGMET for the Phnom Penh FIR by the MWOs of CAAC on behalf of Phnom Penh MWOApr 19,2012China

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