Sixteenth Meeting of the Communications/Navigation/Surveillance and Meteorology Sub-group (CNS/MET SG/16) of APANPIRG
( Bangkok, Thailand,23 - 27 July 2012)
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Final Report  of CNS-MET SG16.pdfReport of Sixteenth Meeting of the Communications/Navigation/Surveillance and Meteorology Sub-group (CNS/MET SG/16) of APANPIRGAug 09,2012Secretariat
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AP065 - CNS-MET SG-16_Invitation SL.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 4/3.2, T 8/9.6:AP065/12 (CNS/MET)May 07,2012Secretariat
group photo CNS_MET_SG16.jpg.pdfGroup PhotoJul 23,2012Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP & IP TemplateJul 16,2012Secretariat
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants 115 and 27 States.pdfAttachment 1 - List of ParticipantsJul 31,2012Secretariat
Attachment 2 - List of WP and IP for CNS-MET SG16 as of 25 July 12.pdfAttachment 2 - List of Working/Information PapersJul 26,2012Secretariat
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WP01_ICAO - Proposed provisional agenda - JB.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaMay 07,2012Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI.2 (1) - Review Report of CNS-MET SG15 and APANPIRG-22.pdfWP/02Review of Action Plan on the Report of the Fifteenth CNS/MET Sub-group and Twenty Second APANPIRG MeetingJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI.2 (2) - DGCA CONF-48 on  ADS-B Implementation.pdfWP/03Action Items of DGCA Conf/48Jul 13,2012Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI.2 (4) -SIP Workshop on ASBU.pdfWP/04Special Implementation Programme Workshop on ASBUJun 20,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI. 3 (1) - Report of ATNICG 7.pdfWP/05Report on the Seventh Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/7)Jun 22,2012Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI 4 (1) - Report on Outcome of SOCM-2-REV.pdfWP/06Report on the Outcome of Second Satellite Data-link Operational Continuity Meeting (SOCM/2)Jul 09,2012Secretariat
WP07_ICAO AI.5 (2) - Report on GNSS activities-2.pdfWP/07Report on GNSS related Regional ActivitiesJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP08_ICAO AI 5 (3) - Outcome of ISTF1-Rev.pdfWP/08Report on the Outcome of First Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/1)Jul 09,2012Secretariat
WP09_ICAO AI. 6 - Review Report of ADS-SITF-11.pdfWP/09Review Report of the Eleventh Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task ForceJun 22,2012Secretariat
WP10_ICAO AI.7 - Outocme of WRC-2012.pdfWP/10World Radiocommunication Conference - 2012 (WRC-12) Outcome & WRC-15 Agenda ItemsJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP11_ICAO AI. 16 - PFF.pdfWP/11Regional Performance Framework Forms (PFF) and CNS related PFFsJul 13,2012Secretariat
WP12_ICAO AI. 18 (2) - APANPIRG and SG Meeting in 2013 (Rev.).pdfWP/12Schedule of Meeting in ICAO Assembly Year 2013 (Revised 29/06/12)Jul 02,2012Secretariat
WP13_ICAO AI.2 (4) - ASBU Module.pdfWP/13System Capability for ASBU B0 ModulesJul 17,2012Secretariat
WP14_ICAO AI. 3 (3) - Outcome of the NAT SPG-48.pdfWP/14Review Outcome of the NAT SPG/48 on AIDCJul 02,2012Secretariat
WP15_ICAO AI.10 - TC ADVISORIES.pdfWP/15Implementation of Tropical Cyclone Advisories in Graphical FormJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP16_ICAO (co-chairs) AI. 11 (1) - METWARN-1 TF-2.pdfWP/16Review of METWARN/I TF/2 MeetingJul 12,2012Co-chairs of the METWARN/I TF
WP17_ICAO AI. 11 (5) - Update on SIGMET Guide.pdfWP/17Update of SIGMET GuideJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP18_ICAO AI. 12 (1) - OPMET-M-TF Report.pdfWP/18OPMET Management Task Force ReportJul 11,2012Chair of the OPMET/M/TF
WP19_ICAO AI.12 (4) - ROBEX HB and ICD updates.pdfWP/19ROBEX Handbook and ICD UpdatesJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP20_ICAO AI.13 -BANP FASID.pdfWP/20Review MET Part of ASIA/PAC Basic ANP and FASID TablesJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP21_ICAO AI. 14 - Update on MET-ATM TF.pdfWP/21Update on MET/ATM Task ForceJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP23_ICAO AI. 16 (2) - MET PFFs.pdfWP/23MET Performance Framework FormsJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP24_ICAO AI.17 (2) - Deficiencies.pdfWP/24MET Deficiencies UpdateJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP25_ICAO AI. 4 (2) APX. C - SATVOICE GM_v1 0_23-Jul-12.pdfWP/25Appendix C to WP/25 - 1st Editon SVGM dated 23 July 2012Jul 24,2012Secretariat
WP25_ICAO AI.4 (2) - Outcome of SVTF3 on SVGM.pdfWP/25Review Outcome of the the Third Inter-regional SATCOM Voice Task Force MeetingJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP26_AUS AI.5 and 6 - Regulatory avionics mandate.pdfWP/26Regulatory Avionics Mandates Applicable to Australian Aircraft in Support of the Future Air Traffic Management SystemJul 09,2012Australia
WP27_AUS AI.7 - Review of WRC-2012 activities.pdfWP/27Aviation Spectrum Review of WRC 2012 and Looking forward to WRC 2015 - Australian PerspectiveJul 05,2012Australia
WP28_IATA AI. 12 (3) and 13 - IATA OPMET Monitoring.pdfWP/28IATA OPMET Data MonitoringJul 09,2012IATA
WP29_ICAO AI. 5 (4) - Navigation Strategy.pdfWP/29Navigation Strategy for the Asia/Pacific RegionJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP30_ICAO AI.6 (2) - Review surveillance strategy.pdfWP/30Review Surveillance Strategy for Asia/Pacific RegionJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP31_ICAO AI.16 (3) - CNS-ATM Planning Matrix.pdfWP/31CNS/ATM Implementation and Planning MatrixJul 09,2012Secretariat
WP32_ICAO AI.17(1) - CNS Deficiencies Review.pdfWP/32Status of CNS DeficienciesJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP33_USA AI. 3 (3) - Network Planning.pdfWP/33Information Management based Network PlanningJul 11,2012USA
WP34_ICAO AI. 11 (2) -  Review of SIGMET tests.pdfWP/34Review of SIGMET TestsJul 11,2012Secretariat
WP35_IATA AI. 12 (3) - Timliness-Availability of OPMET.pdfWP/35Timeliness, Availability and Regularity of OPMETJul 11,2012IATA
WP36_ICAO AI.2 (3) - APSAPG -1st Meeting RPT.pdfWP/36ICAO Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Planning Group (APSAPG)Jul 11,2012Secretariat
WP37_ICAO AI. 11 (1) - Update on regional Contingency Plan.pdfWP/37Update on Regional Contingency PlanJul 12,2012Secretariat
WP38_ICAO AI. 11 (3) - Update on Guidance for Radioactive Material.pdfWP/38Update on Guidance for Radioactive MaterialJul 12,2012Secretariat
WP39_IATA AI. 12 (3) - OPMET Data deficiencies.pdfWP/39OPMET Data DeficienciesJul 12,2012IATA
WP40_ICAO AI. 18 (1) - Review TOR and Subject Tasks Lists of CNS-MET.pdfWP/40Terms of Reference and tasks list of the CNS & MET Sub-GroupsJul 12,2012Secretariat
WP41_ICAO AI. 5 (1) - Review PBN TF 9 Report.pdfWP/41Report of Ninth Meeting of PBN Task ForceJul 19,2012Secretariat
WP42_ICAO AI. 2(5) - ATM AIS SAR SG 22 Outcomes.pdfWP/42ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-group OutcomesJul 16,2012Secretariat
WP43_SADIS Provider AI. 8 (3) - SADIS Developments.pdfWP/43Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the SADISJul 13,2012SADIS Provider
WP44_WAFC AI. 8 (3) - WAFS Developments.pdfWP/44Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the WAFSJul 13,2012WAFC Provider States
WP45_AUS AI. 9 - VAAC Darwin.pdfWP/45Darwin VAAC ReportJul 13,2012Australia
WP46_AUS AI. 15 - MET Sub-group TF.pdfWP/46MET Sub-group Task ForcesJul 13,2012Australia
WP48_AUS AI. 19 - Space Weather V.3.pdfWP/48Space WeatherJul 13,2012Australia
WP49_AUS AI. 4 (2) - SATVOICE_V3.pdfWP/49Australia's Position on SATCOM Voice Guidance Material (SVGM)Jul 13,2012Australia
WP50_CHN AI. 11 (4) - Review evaluation SIGMET Trial in Aisa.pdfWP/50Review and Evaluation of SIGMET Advisory Trial in AsiaJul 13,2012China
WP51_CHN AI. 3 and 6 - A new chapter of ATCC.pdfWP/51A New Chapter of Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC) in Hong Kong, ChinaJul 13,2012Hong Kong, China
WP52_CHN AI. 5 - GBAS for Ionospheric.pdfWP/52Strategy for Supporting Ground-based Augmentation System (GBAS) Ionospheric Studies in Asia and Pacific RegionsJul 16,2012Hong Kong, China
WP53_HKG AI. 6 - Sharing ADS-B data.pdfWP/53Sharing of ADS-B Data and Establishment of Safety Database for the Asia and Pacific RegionsJul 13,2012Hong Kong, China
WP54_USA AI. 8 (3) - Users Declining WIFS.pdfWP/54APAC States that Declined to Use WIFSJul 18,2012USA - WIFS Provider State
WP55_HKG AI. 8 (2) - WAFS Implementation TF Chairman Report-final.pdfWP/55Regional Progress in WAFS ImplementationJul 13,2012Chairman, WAFSI/TF
WP56_HKG AI. 8 (4) - CAT FC against pilot reports_final.pdfWP/56Verification of the Trial Harmonized Version of WAFS Gridded Forecast of CAT PotentialJul 16,2012Hong Kong, China
WP57_ICAO AI. 7 (3) - ICAO Spectrum objectives.pdfWP/57ICAO Spectrum Strategy ObjectivesJul 16,2012Secretariat
WP58_INDIA AI. 3 - AIDC Implementation Status.pdfWP/58ATS Interfacility Data Communication (AIDC) Implementation in India and related issues with adjacent ATS units in the Sub-regionJul 16,2012India
WP59_INDIA AI. 5 - ILS obstruction criteria beyond critical and sensitive area.pdfWP/59Obstruction Criteria beyond ILS Critical and Sensitive Areas - Amendment to Guidance Material in Annex 10Jul 16,2012India
WP60_INDIA AI 5 - Frangibility criteria for ILS Glide Path.pdfWP/60Frangibility Criteria for ILS Glide Path Antenna MastJul 17,2012India
WP61_INDIA AI. 5 - Rationalization of Critical Area behind ILS Localizer Rev 1-1607.pdfWP/61Rationalization of Critical Area behind Localizer AntennaJul 17,2012India
WP47_AUS AI. 15 - Quality Management (revised 20130910).pdfWP47Implementation of a Quality Management SystemSept, 10, 2013Australia
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IP01 ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinMay 07,2012Secretariat
IP02_ ICAO AI.4 (3) - Outcome of ACP WG-S.pdfIP/02Outcome of the First Meeting of Aeronautical Communication Panel Working Group - S (Surface) ReportJul 09,2012Secretariat
IP03_ICAO AI.18 - APANPIRG procedural Handbook.pdfIP/03APANPIRG Procedural Handbook UpdatesJun 22,2012Secretariat
IP04_HKG AI.8 - Rev. WAFS Service Reference Document.pdfIP/04Update of WAFS Service Reference Document (Revised)Jul 16,2012Chairman, WAFSI/TF
IP05_HKG AI. 8 (2) - WAFSITF Questionnaire - rev20120628.pdfIP/05Survey on Operational Use of Services and Products from Service Providers of World Area Forecast System (WAFS) in Asia/Pacific Regions and WAFS Training Needs of Asia/Pacific StatesJul 02,2012Chairman, WAFSI/TF
IP06_HKG AI. 16 - WAFSITF WorkPlan - 20120628.pdfIP/06Update of Work Plan of WAFS/ TFJul 02,2012Chairman, WAFSI/TF
IP07_ICAO_AI.3 (3) - COM Coordination Meetings.pdfIP/07COM Co-ordination MeetingsJul 13,2012Secretariat
IP08_ICAO AI. 2 (5) - RASMAG.pdfIP/08Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group OutcomesJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP09_ICAO AI. 12 (6) - Summary of MARIE-PT.pdfIP/09Summary of MARIE-PT ActivitiesJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP10_ICAO AI. 12 (3) - Summary of AMOFSG-9.pdfIP/10Summary of AMOFSG/9 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP11_ICAO ICAO AI.19 - Outcome of ACP WG-I and M.pdfIP/11Significant Outcome of Aeronautical Communication Panel Working Group - I (IPS) and M (Maintenance) MeetingsJul 17,2012Secretariat
IP12_ICAO AI. 8 (3) - Summary of SADISOPSG-17.pdfIP/12Summary of SADISOPSG/17 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP13_ICAO AI. 8 (2) - Summary of WAFSOPSG-6.pdfIP/13Summary of WAFSOPSG/6 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP14_ICAO AI.11 (3) - Summary of METWSG-4.pdfIP/14Summary of METWSG/4 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP15_ICAO AI. 9 - Summary of IVATF-4.pdfIP/15Summary of IVATF/4 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP16_ICAO AI. 9 - Summary of IAVWOPSG-6.pdfIP/16Summary of IAVWOPSG/6 MeetingJul 12,2012Secretariat
IP17_ICAO AI. 11 - Summary of Asia SIGMET Advisory Trial (revised 13 Jul).pdfIP/17Summary of Asia SIGMET Advisory Trial (Revised 13/07/12)Jul 23,2012Secretariat
IP18_ICAO AI. 19 - Revised Basic ANP.pdfIP/18Proposal for Revisin of BANP - ICAO Doc 9673Jul 09,2012Secretariat
IP19_AUS AI.5 (2) - GBAS Status.pdfIP/19GBAS StatusJul 05,2012Australia
IP20_USA AI.6 - ADS-B activities.pdfIP/20Report of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ADS-B ActivitiesJul 09,2012USA
IP21_USA AI.19 - NextGen overview.pdfIP/21Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Overview with a Focus on Communication, Navigation and SurveillanceJul 09,2012USA
IP22_WIFS and SADIS AI. 8 (3) - Accessto SADIS WIFS.pdfIP/22Obtaining Access to the Internet Based Services of the SADIS and WIFS ProvidersJul 17,2012WIFS & SADIS Provider States
IP23_AUS AI. 5 - PBN APV and NavAid Ver. 3.pdfIP/23PBN, APV and Navaids in AustraliaJul 13,2012Australia
IP24_ICAO AI. 7 (3) - Radio spectrum requirement.pdfIP/24Comprehensive Revision of Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation (Doc 9718) (File Size 3.93 MB)Jul 17,2012Secretariat
IP25_INDIA AI. 3 - ATN-AMHS New FPL Format.pdfIP/25ATN/AMHS and New FPL Format - 2012 Implementation Status in IndiaJul 16,2012India
IP26_INDIA AI. 6 - Surveillance Identification details SIC SAC.pdfIP/26Implementation on Addressing Scheme for Surveillance Exchange [System Area Code (SAC) and System Identification Code (SIC)]Jul 16,2012India
IP27_JPN AI. 5 (3) - Revised Ionospheric Data Source Summary.pdfIP/27Summary of Ionosphere Data Sources Identified through a Data Collection Template (Revised)Jul 18,2012Japan
IP28_USA AI. 3 (2) -  SWIM Update.pdfIP/28System Wide Information Management UpdateJul 17,2012USA
IP29_USA AI. 8 (3) - WIFS User Status.pdfIP/29WIFS User Access StatusJul 17,2012USA WAFS Provider User
IP30_ICAO AI.7 (3) - Rev. Handbook on Radio frequency Vol. II.pdfIP/30Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation: Part II Frequency Assignment Planning Criteria for Aeronautical Communication and Navigation Systems (File Size: 11MB)Jul 25,2012Secretariat
IP31_NZ AI. 4 and 6 - Com Surv Performance.pdfIP/31Review of Performance-based Communication and Surveillance Compliance RequirementsJul 17,2012New Zealand
IP32_ICAO AI. 19 - TCB Procurement Process Briefing.pdfIP/32Additional Information to IP/32 - ICAO Assistance in Procurement of Aviation equipmentJul 17,2012Secretariat
IP32_ICAO AI. 19 - TCO Paper.pdfIP/32ICAO Assistance in the Acquisition of New or Replacement EquipmentJul 17,2012Secretariat
IP33_SIN AI. 15 - Competency Assessment Test.pdfIP/33Information on Preparation for Competency Assessment TestJul 18,2012Secretariat
IP34_USA AI. 3 (3) and 12 (6) - XML over AFTN-AMHS.pdfIP/34Transit of XML-Based OPMET Data over AMHSJul 18,2012USA
IP35_USA AI. 3 - New Flight Plan Status.pdfIP/35Status of FAA Implementation of Amendment 1 to Procedures for Air Navigation Services / Air Traffic Management (PANS/ATM)Jul 19,2012USA
IP36_USA AI. 8 (3) - WIFS Update.pdfIP/36WAFS Internet File Service (WIFS) and Current DevelopmentsJul 18,2012USA
IP37_USA AI. 11 -  SIGMET Testing.pdfIP/37Washington WAFC and SIGMET Collection during TestsJul 18,2012USA
IP38_ROK AI. 6 (3) - Rev. Low Altitude Surveillance Safety Implementation.pdfIP/38Low Altitude Surveillance Navigation Safety System Implementation Proposal (Revised)Jul 24,2012Republic of Korea
IP39_ROK AI. 4 (3) - DCL and D-ATIS.pdfIP/39Datalink Service (DCL and D-ATIS) of the Incheon International AirportJul 18,2012Republic of Korea
IP40_HKG AI. 8 (4) - CAT Verification.pdfIP/40Verification of the WAFS CAT Potential and the Trial Harmonized Version of Gridded Forecast ProductsJul 18,2012Hong Kong, China
IP41_USA AI. 8 (3) - WIFS Users Guide.pdfIP/41WIFS Users GuideJul 18,2012USA WAFS Provider User
IP42_USA AI. 14 - Concept of Operations and CDM.pdfIP/42Report Out on the Development of Concept of Operations and Collaborative Decision MakingJul 18,2012USA
IP43_ICAO AI. 5 (2) - GNSS interference.pdfIP/43GNSS Interference and its ImplicationsJul 18,2012Secretariat
IP44_JPN AI 5 (2) - GBAS.pdfIP/44Japanese Research and Development Status Concerning GBASJul 18,2012Japan
IP45_USA AI. 8 (3) - ISCS G2 termination.pdfIP/45ISCS-G2 Contract Termination on 1 July 2012Jul 20,2012USA - WIFS Provider State
IP46_JPN AI. 10 - Current activities and future progress of TCAC Tokyo.pdfIP/46Current Activities and Future Progress of TCAC TokyoJul 23,2012Japan
IP47_JPN AI. 11 - Dissemination of Tsunami Warning.pdfIP/47Issues on Dissemination of Tsunami Warning at AerodromeJul 23,2012Japan
IP48 JPN AI. 11 - Progress with WV WC SIGMET tests.pdfIP/48Progress with SIGMET Tests - WC and WVJul 23,2012Japan
IP49_JPN AI. 8 - WIFS user authorization and data use policy.pdfIP/49User Authorization and Data Use Policy for WIFSJul 23,2012Japan
IP50_JPN AI. 11 - SIGMET for radioactive clouds.pdfIP/50SIGMET for Radioactive Clouds in JapanJul 23,2012Japan
IP51_JPN AI. 11 (4) - Requirments for WX SIGMET Advisory.pdfIP/51Requirements for Regional WX SIGMET Advisory CenterJul 23,2012Japan
IP52_JPN AI. 9 - AFTN addresses for dissemination of VAA.pdfIP/52AFTN Addresses for Dissemination of VAAJul 23,2012Japan
IP53_NZ AI. 4 - Data performance.pdfIP/53Datalink Performance Monitoring ResultsJul 23,2012New Zealand
IP54_Chair CNS-MET AI. 18 (2) - Election of chair person.pdfIP/54Consideration on Election of Chairpersons for the CNS Subgroup and Met SubgroupJul 23,2012Chairman CNS/MET SG
IP55_Indonesia AI. 19 - Revised Volcanic activity report.pdfIP/55Volcanic Activity Report Dissemination System (Revised)Jul 24,2012Indonesia
IP56_CHN AI.4 - Data link service update.pdfIP/56Data Link Service Update and Development PlanJul 25,2012China

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