Civil/Military Cooperation Seminar/Workshop
(Bangkok, Thailand,28 February to 1 March 2012)
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Summary of Discussions Bangkok-CivMilCoop-Seminar-Workshop.pdfReport of the Civil/Military Cooperation Seminar/WorkshopMar 20,2012ICAO 
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Inbrief Exercises  Bangkok February 2012.pdfGENERAL INBRIEF EXERCISESFeb 29,2012ICAO 
Regulatory framework civil-military coop-coord matters-GDELEON-Bangkok.pdfICAO-37th Assembly Resolution and Regulatory Framework for Civil/Military Cooperation/Coordination mattersFeb 28,2012ICAO 
Roger Rapier (Optimizing the Relationship-Why Cooperate) ICAO Civ-Mil Briefing for 28 Feb 2012 Bangkok Seminar (01302012).pdfOptimizing the relationship: Why should Civil/Military Cooperate?Feb 28,2012FAA 
Seminar-Workshop Programme Overview-GDELEON-Bangkok.pdfSeminar/Workshop Programme OverviewFeb 28,2012ICAO 
THAILAND CMAC presentation.pdfProgress on Thailand's Civil/Military CooperationFeb 28,2012THAILAND 
Van-Blyenburgh-Peter_UVS-International_UAS_120228.pdfRPAS : Status, Needs & ChallengesFeb 28,2012 
(Japan) ICAO Civil Military Cooperation Seminar Workshop.pdfCivil/Military Cooperation in Japan Fukuoka FIR)Feb 28,2012JAPAN 
Australian Civil-Military Collaboration - AP ICAO CM Sem Feb-Mar 12 vfinal - revised AG.pdfAustralian Civil - Military ATM CollaborationFeb 28,2012AUSTRALIA 
Carlos Cirilo  ICAO Circular 330 Briefing for Feb 2012 Workshop.pdfCircular 330-AN/189 Civil/Military Cooperation in Air TrafficFeb 28,2012IATA 
CIVIL MILITARY COOPERATION MALAYSIA.pdfCivil/Military Cooperation - The Malaysian ExperienceFeb 28,2012MALAYSIA 
Civil Military Coordination IATA-FINAL.pdfImproving Utilization of Airspace - Civil/Military CollaborationFeb 28,2012IATA 
CIVIL MILITARY INDIA28022012.pdfCivil/Military Cooperation in India - Case Study - Bangalore International AirportFeb 28,2012INDIA 
Civil-Military Cooperation Presentation Revised-LenWicks.pdfCivil/Military Cooperation Asia and Pacific - Regional PerspectiveFeb 28,2012ICAO 
Effective Listening Handout.pdfEFFECTIVE LISTENING - A LEARNED SKILLFeb 29,2012FAA/CANSO 
Exercise 1_DeHart Bankok Communication.pdfExercise 1 - Fundamentals of Good CommunicationFeb 29,2012FAA/CANSO 
Exercise 2 - Static Airspace Plan.pdfExercise 2 - Static Airspace PlanFeb 29,2012EUROCONTROL 
Exercise 3 - Dynamic Airspace Plan.pdfExercise 3 - Dynamic Airspace PlanFeb 29,2012EUROCONTROL 
Exercise 4 - Improvement measures.pdfExercise 4 - Simulation Potential Improvements MeasuresFeb 29,2012EUROCONTROL 
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Panel 1 Questions Carlos.pdfPanel 1 QuestionsFeb 21,2012IATA 
Questions Panel 2 Bangkok Rob Peters.pdfPanel 2 QuestionsFeb 21,2012EUROCONTROL 
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Full page photo.pdfGroup PhotoFeb 29,2012 
List of participants_28.02.12.pdfList of participantsFeb 29,2012Secretariat 
Opening Remarks_ICAO.pdfOpening RemarksMar 13,2012ICAO 
Speech of RTAF.pdfSpeech of RTAFMar 14,2012Thailand 
Workshop Programme_Version_27_02_2012.pdfWorkshop ProgrammeFeb 28,2012Secretariat 
AP-144AGA INV Civil-Miltary Workshop.pdfState Letter ref.: SD 31 - AP 144/11 (AGA)Jan 18,2012Secretariat 
CIR330_Chinese.pdfCIR330 - Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management Chinese versionMar 20,2012ICAO 
CIR330_en.pdfCIR330 - Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic ManagementMar 20,2012ICAO 
DG_Speech.pdfSpeech of DG DCA ThailandMar 02,2012Thailand 

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