ATS Message Handling System (AMHS/SWIM)/System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Workshop and the Seventh Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Co-ordination Group (ATNICG/7) of APANPIRG
( Chiang Mai, Thailand,5 - 9 March 2012)
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SP07_Comsoft FPL2012-Conversion (revised).pptCOMSOFT GmbH - Flight Plan Conversion Issues - Second seminar/workshop on the implementation of the new flight plan format – Amendment 1 to the 15th Edition of Doc 4444 PANS/ATM (Lima, Peru, From 19 To 20 May 2011)
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APX. H - Sample TMC for ATN-AMHS Trials.docxAppendix H - Sample TMC for ATN/AMHS Interconnection TrialsApr 02,2012Secretariat
Final Report ATNICG7 - revised.pdfReport of ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)/System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Workshop and the Seventh Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Co-ordination Group of APANPIRG (ATNICG/7)Apr 02,2012Secretariat
APX. C - AMC Form and APX. F - Pro Forma for modification.docAppendix C - Forms and requirements for AMHS address registry of AMCApr 02,2012Secretariat
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WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateMar 02,2012Secretariat
AMHS SWIM Workshop and ATNICG7 group photo.jpgGroup PhotoMar 06,2012Secretariat
AP002-12 (CNS) - Invitation letter.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 8/2.10:AP002/12 (CNS) dated 11 January 2012Jan 13,2012Secretariat
ATNICG-7 Updated Tentaive Work programme (rev.).pdfATNICG/7 - Tentative Work Programme(Revised)Mar 07,2012Secretariat
Attachment 1_ By Thanupont  - List of participants as 6  Mar  12.pdfAttachment 1 - List of Participants for AMHS/SWIM Workshop (As of 6 March 2012)Mar 06,2012Secretariat
Attachment 2 - List of papers as of 2 Mar. 12.pdfAttachment 2 - List of PapersMar 08,2012Secretariat
Flimsy1-TMC (Sample).pdfFlimsy 1 - Sample TMC on ATN/AMHS TestingMar 08,2012Secretariat
Tentative Seminar Programme (formatted).pdfSeminar/Workshop Tentative ProgrammeMar 06,2012Secretariat
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WP01 - ICAO.Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaJan 13,2012Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI.6 - Review Action Items list.pdfWP/02Review of Action Items ListJan 31,2012Secretariat
WP03 - ICAO AI.2 - Report on outcome of APANPIRG-22 and CNS-MET SG-15.pdfWP/03Report on the Outcome of CNS/MET SG/15 and APANPIRG/22 Meetings relevant to AFS and AMSJan 31,2012Secretariat
WP3A -  Revised TOR of ATNICG P. 1.docxWP/03AAppendix A - Revised TOR of ATNICGJan 31,2012Secretariat
WP03B -  Subject tasks list of ATNICG  P.2.xlsWP/03BAppendix A - Revised Subject/Tasks ListJan 31,2012Secretariat
WP04 - ICAO AI.6 - Review PFF.pdfWP/04Review of Performance Framework Form for ATNFeb 01,2012Secretariat
WP05 - ICAO AI.6 - Review FASID Tables.pdfWP/05Review of Asia and Pacific Regions Air Navigatin Plan (Doc 9673) Volume II, FASID TablesFeb 21,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Attachment A - Table CNS 1B - Explanation.docWP/05(1)Table CNS 1B - ATN Router Plan (Explanation)Feb 02,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Table CNS 1B.docWP/05(2)Table CNS 1BFeb 02,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Attachment B - Table CNS 1C - Explanation.docWP/05(3)Table CNS 1C - AMHS Routing Plan (Explanation)Feb 02,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Table CNS 1C.docWP/05(4)Table CNS 1CFeb 02,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Attachment C - Table CNS 1E - Explanation.docWP/05(5)Table CNS 1E - ATS Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC) Implementation Plan (Explanation)Feb 02,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI.6 - Table CNS 1E.xlsWP/05(6)Table CNS 1EFeb 02,2012Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI.3 - AMHS in other regions.pdfWP/06ATN/AMHS Implementation in other RegionsFeb 02,2012Secretariat
WP07_ICAO AI.2 - Review outcome of ATNICG WG-10.pdfWP/07Review Outcome of Tenth Working Group Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG WG/10)Feb 03,2012Secretariat
WP08_ICAO AI.2 - ACP WG I and M.pdfWP/08Review of Aeronautical Communication Panel Working group - I (IPS) and M Maintenance) Meeting ReportsFeb 21,2012Secretariat
WP09_THA AI. 3 - Usage of Wildcard.pdfWP/09The Usage of Wildcard (**) in AMHS CAAS AddressFeb 21,2012Thailand
WP10_FAA USA - Internet Protocal VoIP (revised).pdfWP/10Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP)Development (Revised)Mar 09,2012FAA/USA
WP11_XML-over-AMHS_V1.0.pdfWP/11Conveyance of XML-based Aeronautical Data in the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)Mar 05,2012Comsoft
WP12_USA AI.7 - Assignmen areas against Doc 9880.pdfWP/12List of Assignment Areas for Comparison of ASIA/PAC ICD Requirements against ICAO Doc 9880Mar 05,2012ASIA/PAC AMHS Technical Specification
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IP01_ICAO. Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinJan 13,2012Secretariat
IP02_IDN AI. 3 - ATN-AMHS Status report.pdfIP/02Report of ATN/AMHS Status in IndonesiaFeb 20,2012Indonesia
IP03_THA AI. 3 - Update AMC information (revised).pdfIP/03Update on the Asia/Pacific AMC Information (Revised)Mar 08,2012Thailand
IP03_THA Attachment - Appendix F Address pro forma.pdfIP/03(a)Appendix F - Address Pro FormaMar 08,2012Thailand
IP03_THA Attachment - AMC form_082011.pdfIP/03(b)AMC FormMar 08,2012Thailand
IP04_NZ AI. 3 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/04ATN/AMHS Implementation StatusFeb 27,2012New Zealand
IP05_India AI. 3 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/05Airports Authority of India ATN/AMHS Implementation Status and IssuesFeb 28,2012India
IP06_China AI. 3 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/06ATN/AMHS Implementation Status in ChinaFeb 28,2012China
IP07_European-Directory-Service_V1.0.pdfIP/07European Directory Service (EDS)Mar 05,2012Comsoft (on behalf of EUROCONTROL)
IP07_European-Directory-Service_V1.0_Attachment.pdfIP/07(a)Attachment to IP/7Mar 05,2012Comsoft (on behalf of EUROCONTROL)
IP08 - Singapore ATN-AMHS implementation status report.pdfIP/08Singapore ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMar 05,2012Singapore
IP09_Bangladesh - Reporting ATN Implementation Status.pptIP/09Reporting ATN Implementation StatusMar 05,2012Bangladesh
IP10_THA AI. 3 -  AMHS Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/10Thailand ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMar 06,2012Thailand
IP11_JPN - ATN-AMHS Status Report.pdfIP/11Japan ATN/AMHS Implementation StatusMar 06,2012Japan
IP12_AUS- ATN-AMHS Status Report.pdfIP/12Australian ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMar 06,2012Australia
IP13_LAO AI.3 - Status report.pdfIP/13Report of AFTN/AMHS Status in Lao PDRMar 07,2012Lao PDR
IP14_HK AI. 3 Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/14ATN/AMHS Implementation Status in Hong Kong, ChinaMar 07,2012Hong Kong, China
IP15_PHL AI. 3 -  Implementation Status Report.pdfIP/15Report of ATN/AMHS Status in the PhilippinesMar 07,2012The Philippines
IP16_Macao AI. 3 - ATN-AMHS Status Report.pdfIP/16ATN/AMHS Implementation StatusMar 07,2012Macao, China
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SP01_ICAO - ATN-AMHS Implementation.pptxSP/01ATN/AMHS Implementation in ASIA/PAC RegionFeb 22,2012Secretariat
SP02_FAA - AMHS Subnet - Overview.pptSP/02FAA AMHS Subnetwork OverviewFeb 22,2012FAA/USA
SP03_FAA - SWIM Program.pptSP/03System Wide Information Management (SWIM)- Programe OverviewFeb 22,2012FAA/USA
SP04_FAA - Preliminary Road Map to Information Distribution.pptSP/04Preliminary Road Map to Information DistributionFeb 23,2012FAA/USA
SP05_Comsoft - AMHS_Interfaces_V1.0.pdfSP/05AMHS Interface Options for Third-party, Non-AMHS SystemsMar 05,2012Comsoft
SP06_USA - SWIM over AMHS.pptSP/06System Wide Information Management (SWIM)over AMHSMar 05,2012FAA/USA
SP08_USA - NNEW SWIM Application.pptSP/08The Next Generation Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) SWIM ApplicationMar 06,2012USA
SP09_Frequentis and AMHS-SWIM, FPL2012 and VoIP V.1.0.pptxSP/09Frequentis and AMHS/SWIM, FPL2012 and VoIPMar 06,2012Frequentis
SP10_ICAO - Regional ATN-AMHS implementation Strategy.pptSP/10Regional ATN/AMHS Implementation StrategyMar 06,2012Secretariat
SP11_UBITECH - The Aeronautical Collaborative Ring (ACR).pptxSP/11The Aeronautical Collaborative Ring (ACR)Mar 06,2012Ubitech
SP12_China -  Initial SWIM overview.pptxSP/12China Initial SWIM Program OverviewMar 06,2012China
SP13_ICAO - Introduction to ASBUs GANP roadmap.pptxSP/13Introduction on ASBU & GANP planning and AN-Conf /12Mar 06,2012Secretariat
SP14_Aerothai - ICAO aviation system block upgrades and SWIM-AMHS.pptSP/14ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) and SWIM/AMHSMar 06,2012Thailand

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