The Twenty-Second Meeting of the ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Group (ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/22) of APANPIRG
( Bangkok, Thailand,25-29 June 2012)
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FINAL REPORT ATMAISSARSG22 v2.pdfReport of the Twenty-Second Meeting of the ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Group of APANPIRG (ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/22)Jul 18,2012Secretariat
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ORDER OF BUSINESS.pdfOrder of BusinessJun 21,2012Secretariat
ORDER OF DISCUSSION.pdfOrder of DiscussionJun 22,2012Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE.docWP/IP TemplateJun 07,2012Secretariat
AP041-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1-AP041/12 (ATM)Mar 23,2012Secretariat
group photo of ATM-AIS-SAR-SG-22.pdfGroup PhotoJun 26,2012Secretariat
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Flimsy No.1 China.pdfFlimsy 1Implementation Status of ICAO New Flight Plan in ChinaJun 26,2012China
Flimsy No.2 Malaysia Indonesia IDCF.pdfFlimsy 2Indonesia-Malaysia AIDC TrialJun 26,2012Indonesia & Malaysia
Flimsy 3 Indonesia SAR Comment.pdfFlimsy 3Indonesia's Comment on Australia's Paper: Improving SAR Capability in the Asia/Pacific RegionJun 27,2012Indonesia
Flimsy No.4 Indonesia TOR ASEAN SAR FORUM.pdfFlimsy 4ASEAN SAR ForumJun 26,2012Indonesia
Flimsy No.5 AIS-AIMSG 6 SoD.pdfFlimsy 5Aeronautical Information Services-Aeronautical Information Management Study Group (AIS-AIMSG), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21-25 May 2012Jun 27,2012United States
Flimsy No.6 The_Republic_of_Korea's_NEW_Flight_Plan_Implementation_Status(IP).pdfFlimsy 6The Republic of Korea's NEW Flight Plan Implementation StatusJun 29,2012Republic of Korea
WP01 Provisional Agenda Revised.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda (Revised)Jun 21,2012Secretariat
WP02 APANPIRG.pdfWP02Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group OutcomesJun 20,2012Secretariat
WP03 Regional and National Performance Framework.pdfWP03Regional and National Performance FrameworkJun 18,2012Secretariat
WP04 RASMAG FIT.pdfWP04Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group OutcomesJun 18,2012Secretariat
WP05 APSAPG.pdfWP05Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Planning Group OutcomesJun 22,2012Secretariat
WP06 CIVIL-MIL SEMINAR WS.pdfWP06Regional Civil/Military CooperationJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP07 DGCA48.pdfWP0748th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation OutcomesJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP08 FPL and AM TF.pdfWP08Flight Plan & ATS Messages Implementation Task Force OutcomesJun 20,2012Secretariat
WP09 AAITF.pdfWP09Aeronautical Information Services-Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force OutcomesJun 14,2012Secretariat
WP10 PBN TF.pdfWP10PBN/TF/9 OutcomesJun 11,2012Secretariat
WP11 RACPTF.pdfWP11RACPTF OutcomesJun 14,2012Secretariat
WP12 SEARR TF.pdfWP12South-East Asia Route Review Task Force OutcomesJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP13 SEACG.pdfWP13SEACG OutcomesJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP14 BOB RHS TF.pdfWP14Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Task Force OutcomesJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP15 SAIOACG_Rev.pdfWP15South Asia/Indian Ocean ATM Coordination Group OutcomesJun 28,2012Secretariat
WP16 ADS-B SITF.pdfWP16ADS-B SITF OutcomesJun 14,2012Secretariat
WP17 SATCOM Seminar and SOCM2.pdfWP17Satellite Communication Meetings and Seminar OutcomesJun 22,2012Secretariat
WP18 ATFM GROUP.pdfWP18Global Air Traffic Flow Management GroupJun 08,2012Secretariat
WP19 MET TF.pdfWP19Meteorological Task Force OutcomesJun 15,2012Secretariat
WP20 IPACG.pdfWP20Informal Pacific Air Traffic Control (ATC) Coordinating Group (IPACG) UpdateJun 21,2012United States & Japan
WP21 ISPACG 26.pdfWP21Informal South Pacific ATS Coordinating Group OutcomesJun 15,2012New Zealand
WP22 ASIOACG6 INSPIRE2.pdfWP22Combined ASIOACG/INSPIRE Working Group Outcomes (Dubai, UAE, 22 and 23 May 2012)Jun 14,2012ASIOACG
WP23 BOBASIO.pdfWP23Review of BOBASIO/02 Meeting at ChennaiJun 11,2012India
WP24 EATMCG.pdfWP24East Asia Air Traffic Management Coordination Group Outcomes (EATMCG/5)Jun 13,2012IFATCA
WP25 Route Catalogue.pdfWP25Asia/Pacific Region ATS Route CatalogueJun 19,2012Secretariat
WP26 Russian Far East-Cross Polar Inter-Regional ATM Coordination.pdfWP26Russian Far East/Cross Polar Inter-regional ATM CoordinationJun 26,2012Secretariat
WP27 Search and Rescue Capability.pdfWP27Search and Rescue CapabilityJun 14,2012Secretariat
WP28 SAR in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.pdfWP28Search and Rescue in New Caledonia and French PolynesiaJun 11,2012French Polynesia
WP29 Australia SAR.pdfWP29Improving SAR Capability in the Asia/Pacific RegionJun 15,2012Australia
WP30 SAR Matters.pdfWP30Search and Rescue MattersJun 11,2012United States
WP31 UAS SAR.pdfWP31Search and Rescue Use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA)/Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)Jun 11,2012United States
WP32 HK China AIDC.pdfWP32Realisation of Increased Efficiency and Capacity via ATS Inter-facility Data-link Communications (AIDC)Jun 11,2012Hong Kong, China
WP33 HK China Capacity Notification Scheme.pdfWP33Implementation of Capacity Notification Scheme for Hong Kong International AirportJun 11,2012Hong Kong, China
WP34 India - ATM Automation in India.pdfWP34ATM Automation in IndiaJun 11,2012India
WP35 India- Obstructions Beyond ILS Critical Sensitive Areas.pdfWP35Consideration of Obstructions Beyond ILS Critical and Sensitive AreasJun 11,2012India
WP36 ATM Initiatives Between Indonesia and Singapre.pdfWP36Air Traffic Management Enhancements between Jakarta and Singapore FIRsJun 14,2012Indonesia & Singapore
WP37 Japan Implementation of PANS ATM Amendment 1.pdfWP37Status of Japan's Implementation of PANS-ATM (Updated)Jun 26,2012Japan
WP38 State Environmental Action Plans.pdfWP38State Environmental Action PlansJun 14,2012Secretariat
WP39 Indonesia Amendment 1 Test Results.pdfWP39Indonesian New Flight Plan Format Converter TestJun 25,2012Indonesia
WP40 Indonesia - Establishment of ATS Route L504.pdfWP40ATS Routes Restructurization within Jakarta FIR and Ujung Pandang FIRJun 21,2012Indonesia
WP41 Air Navigation Service Deficiencies List.pdfWP41Air Navigation Service Deficiencies ListJun 21,2012Secretariat
WP42 ATS Provider Security Requirements.pdfWP42ATS Provider Security RequirementsJun 26,2012ICAO
WP43 ATS Points of Contact.pdfWP43ATS Point of Contact UpdateJun 21,2012Secretariat
WP44 Task List.pdfWP44APANPIRG ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Group Task ListJun 21,2012Secretariat
WP45 IATA Surveillance Based Requirements in the SCS.pdfWP45Surveillance Based Service Requirements in the South China SeaJun 21,2012IATA
WP46 IATA ATS Route Proposals.pdfWP46ATS Route ProposalsJun 21,2012IATA
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IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of Working and Information PapersJun 29,2012Secretariat
IP02 India Saving of Fuel and Emissions.pdfIP02Saving on Fuel and Emissions on Route W20Jun 11,2012India
IP03 India AIS SAR Initiatives.pdfIP03Update on AIS/SAR InitiativesJun 11,2012India
IP04 India GNSS Approaches for Non Instrument Runways.pdfIP04GNSS Approaches for Non-Instrument RunwaysJun 11,2012India
IP05 Japan SCAS.pdfIP05Operational Trial of SCASJun 19,2012Japan
IP06 Runway Safety Seminar.pdfIP06Regional Runway Safety Seminar OutcomesJun 14,2012Secretariat
IP07 USA NextGen.pdfIP07Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) OverviewJun 21,2012United States
IP08 USA ADS-B.pdfIP08Report of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ADS-B ActivitiesJun 21,2012United States
IP09 Viet Nam ANS Update.pdfIP09Updates on ATM/AIS/SAR Activities in Viet NamJun 21,2012Viet Nam
IP10 USA UAS Integration into the NAS.pdfIP10Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the United States' National Airspace SystemJun 22,2012United States
IP11 USA Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in Metroplex Regions.pdfIP11Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in Major Metropolitan RegionsJun 22,2012United States
IP12 USA CTOP ATFM.pdfIP12Introduction of the Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP)Jun 22,2012United States
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Hong Kong China Capacity Notification Scheme power point [Compatibility Mode].pdfPresentation1Capacity Notification Scheme for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)Jun 27,2012Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong China WP32-Realisation Of Increased Efficiency and Capacity via AIDC [Compatibility Mode].pdfPresentation2Realisation of Increased Operational Efficiency and Capacity via ATS Interfacility Data Communication (AIDC)Jun 26,2012Hong Kong, China
Thailand FPL 2012 Progress Report - FDMC process [Compatibility Mode].pdfPresentation3Flight Plan 2012 Progress Report: ThailandJun 26,2012Thailand
Thailand Runway Maintenance.pdfPresentation4Suvarnabhumi Airport Runway Maintenance - Air Traffic Management Initiative & Two-Week ReviewJun 28,2012Thailand

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