Second Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/2)
( Bangkok,21 - 24 August 2012)
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APDX A_Summary of APRAST Conclusions_11Sept.xlsxAppendix A - Summary of APRAST ConclusionsSep 30,2012
APDX B_Registry of Emerging issues.xlsxAppendix B - Registry of Emerging IssuesSep 30,2012
APDX_C_CFIT APRAST2 results rev 3.pdfAppendix C - CFIT Sub-group ReportSep 30,2012
APDX D1_Summary APRAST CFIT SEI rev2.xlsxAppendix D - 1: Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - CFITSep 30,2012
APDX D2_LOC Summary 2012-09-23 FINAL for RASG r1.xlsAppendix D - 2: Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - LOCOct 01,2012
APDX D3_RunwaySafety_SEI-DIPs FINAL for RASG.xlsxAppendix D - 3: Draft SEI / DIP status monitoring document - Runway SafetyOct 04,2012
APDX_E_APRAST 2-Report on Runway Safety-11Sept- Recommendations and Conclusions.pdfAppendix E - Runway Safety Sub-group ReportSep 30,2012
APDX_F_LOC WP -- at 2012-08-22 v4 KT.pdfAppendix F - LOC Sub-group ReportSep 30,2012
ATT_A_List of participants APRAST2_FINAL.pdfAttachment A - List of ParticipantsSep 30,2012
Report APRAST2_FINAL.pdfReport - APRAST/2 MeetingOct 04,2012Secretariat
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group photo APRAST2.pdfGroup PhotoAug 21,2012
APRAST2_AttC_Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting BulletinJun 22,2012
APRAST2_AttA_Agenda_APRAST 2_Revised June 18 2012.pdfProvisional AgendaJun 22,2012
APRAST2_Registration form.dotRegistration FormJun 22,2012
AP085-12 Invitation APRAST2.pdfState letter T 6/13.11.1-AP085/12 (FS) - InvitationJun 22,2012
APRAST WP TEMPLATE.dotTemplate - WP/IPJun 22,2012
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APARST2_IP01_list of papers.pdfIP/1List of Information Paper and Working PapersAug 20,2012Secretariat
APRAST2_AI1_WP01_adoption of agenda_MS.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional AgendaAug 17,2012Secretariat
APRAST2_AI1_WP02 Election of CoChair_State_MS.pdfWP/02Election of APRAST Co-chairAug 17,2012Secretariat
APRAST2_AI2_WP03 Progress APRAST1 Revised 15 08 12-editMS.pdfWP/03Report on the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST)Aug 17,2012Co-Chair APRAST
APRAST2_AI2_WP04_APRAST AIG AWG Report.pdfWP/04Report on the First Meeting of the APRAST-AIG Ad-hoc Working GroupAug 17,2012APRAST-AIG AWG
APRAST2_AI2_WP05_SRP WP APRAST2 update and request for review of draft ASR 10 08 12.pdfWP/05AP-SRP Ad-hoc Working Group ReportAug 17,2012AP-SRP AWG
APRAST2_AI2_WP05_Att_AP-SRP Annual Report Format_Draft.docWP/05-ATTANNUAL SAFETY REPORTAug 17,2012
APRAST2_AI2_WP06_CFIT WP APRAST2 update rev5.pdfWP/06 - Rev 20.08.12Report and Review on the Status of SEIs and DIP - Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFITAug 20,2012CFIT Facilitator
APRAST2_AI2_WP06_Attachment 1- SEI CFIT01 Draft Survey.pdfWP/06-ATTSEI CFIT01 Draft SurveyAug 17,2012
APRAST2_AI2_WP07_RS report and review the status of SEIs and DIPS Revised.docx rev 1.pdfWP/07Report and Review on the Status of SEIs and DIP - Runway SafetyAug 17,2012Runway Safety Facilitator
APRAST2_AI2_WP07_att_Runway Safety_SEI Progress monitoring_15Aug.xlsxWP/07-ATTExcel work-aid listsAug 17,2012
APRAST2_AI2_WP08_LOC WP v3.pdfWP/08Report and Review on the Status of SEIs and DIP - Loss of Control (LOC)Aug 17,2012LOC Facilitator
APRAST2_AI6_WP09_aci apex aug 2012.pdfWP/09ACI APEX in Safety ProgramAug 17,2012ACI
APRAST2_AI3_WP10_FAOSD Revised Aug  15_MS.pdfWP/10Foreign Air Operator Surveillance DatabaseAug 17,2012Secretariat
APRAST2_AI2_WP11_RRSSs.pdfWP/11Update on Regional Runway Safety Seminars (RRSSs)Aug 17,2012Secretariat
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aprast2 presentation apex aci sl wong aug 2012.pdfACI APEX IN SAFETY PROGRAMSep 11,2012ACI
OccurrenceCategoryDefinitions.pdfAviation Occurence Categories: Definitions and Usage Notes - October 2011 (4.2)Aug 20,2012
PPT - Report on 1st APRAST-AIG AWG to APRAST - 2012-08-21.pdfREPORT ON APRAST-AIG AWG/1 MEETINGSep 11,2012Chairman AIG AWG
CFIT SEI APRAST 2 Update rev1.pdfSEIs Update - CFITSep 11,2012CFIT Facilitator
LOC SEI APRAST 2 Update 2012-08-22.pdfSEIs Update - LOCSep 11,2012LOC Facilitator

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