First Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/1)
(Bangkok, Thailand,20-24 February 2012)

 2012 APRAST1

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AP056-12 Forwarding letter APRAST1Report.pdfState letter T 6/13.11.1 - AP056/12 (FS)Apr 16,2012
First APRAST conclusions final_completed.pdfRecommendations and ConclusionsApr 16,2012
Group photo APRAST 1.pdfGroup photoMar 15,2012
List of participants APRAST 1_FINAL.pdfList of participantsMar 15,2012
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48-3-22-DP France SAR.pdfDGCA/48-DP/3/22-Search and Rescue in New Caledonia and French PolynesiaMar 15,2012
A - Structure and TORs.pdfA - Organizational Structure and TORs of the APRAST and its contributory bodiesJan 12,2012
AI 1 WP 3 Rev1_Establishment of RASG Structure and Review of TORs_3Oct_MAF _2_.pdfRASG-APAC/1-WP/3-Establishment of the RASG-APAC Structure and Review of the Draft Terms-of- ReferenceMar 15,2012
AI 2 WP 6 Rev1_PF for Safety _MM__MAF_05Oct.pdfRASG-APAC/1-WP/6-Regional Performance Framework for SafetyMar 15,2012
AI 4 WP 20 FAA Pilot Dispatcher Training final_Rev08Oct.pdfRASG-APAC/1-WP/20-Proposed Crewmember and Dispatcher Training RegulationsMar 15,2012
AI 4 WP 21 US Runway Safety Paper version August 8 _2_.pdfRASG-APAC/1-WP/21-Airfield Safety in the United StatesMar 15,2012
AI 4 WP 22 AIR DP Validation and Harmonized Requirements R3_Revision 1_05 Oct.pdfRASG-APAC/1-WP/22-Improving International Validation Programs; Reliance on Data-Driven RequirementsMar 15,2012
AP142-11 Invitation_1st APRAST.pdfState Letter T 6/13.11.1-AP142/11 (FS)Jan 12,2012
B - SSP GAP Analysis.dotB - SSP GAP AnalysisJan 12,2012
C - Provisional Agenda.pdfC - Tentative/Provisional AgendaJan 12,2012
D - Nomination Form.dotD - Nomination / Registration Form (Confirmation of the participation by 20 January 2012)Jan 12,2012
List of Decisions RASG1.pdfRASG-APAC/1 - List of DecisionsFeb 03,2012
Report RASG1_12Dec11_revSIN PAR List.pdfRASG-APAC/1 Report (Noumea, New Caledonia, 10-11 October 2011)Feb 03,2012
WP1_Programme APRAST_rev4_19Feb.pdfProgramme - Revision 4(As of 19 February 2012)Feb 19,2012
E - Meeting Bulletin.pdfE - BulletinDec 13,2011
Annex I - List of Hotels (Last updated 10 Aug 2011).pdfAnnex I - List of Recommended HotelsDec 13,2011
APRAST WP TEMPLATE.dotIP/WP TemplateDec 13,2011
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IP1_List of papers_rev09Feb.pdfIP/1List of Working Papers and Information Papers - Revision1 (09-02-2012)Mar 02,2012Secretariat
WP1_Programme APRAST_rev4_19Feb1900.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda/Programme - Revision 4 (19-02-2012)Feb 19,2012Secretariat
WP2_TOR.pdfWP/02Establishment of the RASG-APAC Organizational Structure and Terms-of-ReferenceFeb 03,2012Secretariat
WP3_Election.pdfWP/03Election - APRAST and Subsidiary BodiesFeb 03,2012Secretariat
WP4_App1SamSEI_App2 1DIP_App 2 2Output.xlsmWP/04Appendix 1, Appendix 2.1 and Appendix 2.2 (Sample SEL, DIP and Outputs Templates)Feb 03,2012
WP4_Regional Performance for Safety - APRAST 16 January 2012.pdfWP/04Regional Performance Framework for SafetyFeb 03,2012Secretariat
WP5_att_CFIT 2012 v9.xlsmWP/05Attachment: SEI, DIP and Output, for CFITFeb 03,2012
WP5_CFIT 14 January 2012.pdfWP/05Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT)Feb 03,2012Secretariat
WP6_att_Runway Safety 2012 v10.xlsmWP/06Attachment: SEI, DIP and Output, for Runway SafetyFeb 03,2012
WP6_runway safety paper.pdfWP/06Runway SafetyFeb 03,2012Secretariat
WP7_ LOC 14 January 2012.pdfWP/07Loss of Control (LOC)Feb 03,2012Secretariat
WP7_att_LOC 2012 v9.xlsmWP/07Attachment: SEI, DIP and Output, for LOCFeb 03,2012
WP8_ FIRST APRAST FROM COSCAP-SA.pdfWP/08Runway Incursions-Wrong Runway Departures-SE 182Feb 09,2012COSCAP-SA
WP9_AI23_ACI_APEX_vFinal.pdfWP/09ACI Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety ProgrammeFeb 09,2012ACI
WP10_APRASTWP_Japan_rev120207.pdfWP/10The Role of the Government of Japan in Training PilotsFeb 09,2012Japan
collapse Category : 4-Documents and Presentations which are not included in the CD ‎(7)
GASP_en.pdfDocGlobal Aviation Safety Plan - July 2007 (ICAO) Feb 23,2012
OccurrenceCategoryDefinitions.pdfDocAviation Occurrence Categories - Definitions and Usage Notes - October 2011 (4.2) (CAST)Feb 23,2012
APEX_APRAST-1_2012_vFinal_official.pdfPPTACI Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety ProgrammeFeb 23,2012ACI
Bangkok 2012 versionDLS.pdfPPTCAST - UpdateFeb 23,2012CAST
Bangkok RASG condensed.pdfPPTFAA Runway Safety InitiativesFeb 23,2012FAA
Boeing for APRAST 02 2012.pdfPPTUsing Safety Information - A Manufacturer's PerspectiveFeb 23,2012Boeing
Stat Summ 2010 Final - For Release [Repaired].pdfPPTStatistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents "Worldwide Operations 1959-2010"Feb 23,2012Boeing

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