ICAO Regional Accident Investigation Workshop, Asia and Pacific Regions (04-05 September 2012) and APRAST - Second Meeting of the Accident Investigation Ad hoc Working Group (APRAST-AIG AWG/2) (06-07 September 2012)
( Macao, China,04-05 and 06-07 September 2012)
collapse Type Name : 1-ICAO Regional Accident Investigation Workshop (04-05 September 2012)- Macao, China ‎(2)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
AP080_AIG Workshop and AIG AWG2_package.pdfState letter ref. T 10/7.7, T 6/13.11.2 - AP080/12 (FS)Jun 25,2012
Information about the ICAO Regional Accident Investigation Workshop.pdfMore information is available on the Host administration website: www.aacm.gov.moJun 25,2012
collapse Type Name : 2-Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team-Second Meeting of the Accident Investigation Ad hoc Working Group (APRAST-AIG AWG/2)(06-07 September 2012)- Macao, China ‎(19)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(2)
APRAST AIG AWG 2 Report Finalised.pdfRecord of Discussions and ConclusionsSep 11,2012Secretariat
List of participants (Final).pdfList of ParticipantsSep 11,2012
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APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Programme_rev05Sep.pdfProgramme (Revision: 5 Sept2012)Sep 05,2012
WP Template.dotWP/IP TemplateJun 27,2012
AP080_AIG Workshop and AIG AWG2_package(2).pdfState letter T 10/7.7, T 6/13.11.2-AP080/12(FS)Jun 25,2012
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(13)
WP 1 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Adoption of Agenda - Secreatriat.pdfWP/01Adoption of AgendaAug 31,2012Secretariat
WP 2 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - APRAST-2's comments on Conclusions of APRAST-AIG AWG-1 Rev 2.pdfWP/02APRAST/2's comments on Conclusions of APRAST-AIG AWG/1 (Revision 05 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Chairman AIG AWG
WP 3 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Results of ICAO APAC survey on AIG related matters - Singapore.pdfWP/03Results of ICAO APAC Survey on AIG related mattersAug 31,2012Singapore
WP 4 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 Training of Accident Investigators - HK, China.pdfWP/04Training of Accident InvestigatorsAug 31,2012Hong Kong, China
WP 5 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 Respecting and Protecting Independence in Accident Investigation-HK, China.pdfWP/05Respecting and Protecting Independence in Accident InvestigationAug 31,2012Hong Kong, China
WP 6 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Accident-Incident Investigation Training - Singapore_rev1.pdfWP/06Accident/Incident Investigation Training (Revision 04 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Singapore
WP 7 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Regional CAIR System-Singapore_Rev1.pdfWP/07Regional CAIR System (Revision 04 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Singapore
WP 8 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Establishment of Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (AAIC) In Lao PDR_Rev1.pdfWP/08Establishment of Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (AAIC) in Lao PDR (Revision 04 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Lao PDR
WP 9 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - CoC on Inv Cooperation - Singapore Rev 1.pdfWP/09Code of Conduct on Cooperation Relating to Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation (Revision 05 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Singapore
WP 10 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Terms of Reference for APAC-ACC - Singapore.pdfWP/10Terms of Reference for the APAC Group of Experts on Accident/Incident InvestigationSep 05,2012Singapore
WP 11 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Amdt to Record of APRAST-AIG AWG-1 - Singapore.pdfWP/11Amendment to Record of Discussions and Conclusions of APRAST-AIG AWG/1Sep 05,2012Singapore
WP 12 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Implementation of an Independent Accident Incident Investigation System - Singapore.pdfWP/12Implementation of an Indepent Accident-Incident Investigation (Revision 05 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Singapore
WP 13 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - Action Plan - Singapore.pdfWP/13APRAST-AIG AWG's Action PlanSep 05,2012Singapore
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(1)
IP 1 - APRAST-AIG AWG-2 - List of Papers_Rev1.pdfIP/1List of Working Papers and Information Papers (Revision 05 Sept 2012)Sep 05,2012Secretariat

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