The Seventh Meeting of the Aeronautical Information Services - Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (AAITF/7)
( Ha Noi, Viet Nam,13-16 March 2012)
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FINAL REPORT AAITF7x.pdfReport of the Seventh Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Information Services-Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task ForceMar 23,2012Secretariat
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AAITF 7 BOOKING RESERVATION FORM.docSofitel - Hotel Room Reservation FormFeb 09,2012Secretariat
AP007-12 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.6-AP007/12 (ATM)Jan 20,2012Secretariat
AP022-12 (ATM).pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.6-AP022/12 (ATM)Feb 17,2012Secretariat
Group Photo2.pdfGroup PhotoMar 13,2012Secretariat
Order of Discussion_13Mar.pdfOrder of DiscussionMar 13,2012Secretariat
Programme AAITF7Rev1.pdfAAITF/7 ProgrammeMar 15,2012Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE.docWP/IP TemplateJan 20,2012Secretariat
collapse Type Name : 1-ICARD Seminar (13 March 2012)- ‎(8)
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apac 5lnc by country.pdfAPAC 5LNC by CountryMar 13,2012ICAO
apac 5lnc by namecodes.pdfAPAC 5LNC by NamecodesMar 13,2012ICAO
APAC dup by code.pdfAPAC List of Duplicates by NamecodesMar 13,2012ICAO
apac dup_country.pdfAPAC List of Duplicates by CountryMar 13,2012ICAO
ICARD Guidelines - 2012_gon.pdfICARD GuidelinesMar 13,2012ICAO
ICARD Workshop  2012 - proposed schedule.pdfICARD OutlineFeb 23,2012ICAO
ICARD WORKSHOP_01 - Ha Noi_Viet Nam_2012.pdfICARD 5LNC Workshop - 1 Knowledge on the system, background and functionsFeb 23,2012ICAO
ICARD WORKSHOP_02 - Ha Noi_Viet Nam_2012.pdfICARD 5LNC Workshop - 2 Practice and Work OnlineFeb 23,2012ICAO
collapse Type Name : 2-AAITF/7 Meeting (14-16 March 2012)- ‎(23)
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Flimsy 1 Annex 11 Waypoint Issues.pdfFlimsy 1Annex 11 Issues Related to Designation of Waypoint CodesMar 13,2012Secretariat
WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaFeb 29,2012Secretariat
WP02 AAITF-7 Timeliness and accuracy of data.pdfWP02Timeliness, Accuracy & Quality of AIS Promulgation including Consideration of Impact on Global DatabasesFeb 29,2012IATA
WP03 REV_Asia Pacific Meeting Outcomes Related to AIS-AIM.pdfWP03Asia/Pacific Meeting Outcomes related to AIS-AIMMar 14,2012Secretariat
WP04 REV_Air Navigation Deficiencies.pdfWP04Asia/Pacific AIS-AIM Air Navigation DeficienciesMar 14,2012Secretariat
WP05 Asia Pacific AIM Implementation Survey.pdfWP05Asia/Pacific AIM Implementation SurveyMar 02,2012Secretariat
WP06 Issue of Runway End Wing Bars Description in ICAO Annex 14 And 15.pdfWP06Issue of Runway End Wing Bars Description in ICAO Annex 14 and 15Mar 05,2012China
WP07 Task List.pdfWP07Review of the Task ListMar 05,2012Secretariat
WP08 Promulgation of ATS Route Designators.pdfWP08Promulgation of ATS Route DesignatorsMar 05,2012Secretariat
WP09 AIRAC Adherence.pdfWP09AIRAC AdherenceMar 08,2012Japan
WP10 Viet Nam_Some Proposals to ICAO.pdfWP10Proposals regarding the Transition from AIS to AIMMar 13,2012Viet Nam
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IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersMar 13,2012Secretariat
IP02 ICAO AIS-AIMSG Progress.pdfIP02ICAO AIS-AIMSG ProgressMar 01,2012United States
IP03 China_Transition to WGS84.pdfIP03CAAC has accomplished transition to WGS-84Mar 02,2012China
IP04 Digital NOTAMs in the United States.pdfIP04Digital NOTAMs in the United StatesMar 01,2012United States
IP05 Airport Mapping in Support of Graphical NOTAM.pdfIP05Airport Mapping in support of Graphical NOTAMsMar 01,2012United States
IP06 ETOD in the United States.pdfIP06eTOD in the United StatesMar 01,2012United States
IP07 REV_Indonesia-2012_AIS-AIM.pdfIP07Aeronautical Information Service - Aeronautical Information Management in IndonesiaMar 12,2012Indonesia
IP08 Rev_Transition from AIS to AIM in Viet Nam.pdfIP08Transition from AIS to AIM in Viet NamMar 13,2012Viet Nam
IP09 India Transition from AIS to AIM.pdfIP09Transition from AIS to AIMMar 08,2012India
IP10 AIS_to_AIM_Japan.pdfIP10AIS to AIM in JapanMar 11,2012Japan
IP11 AIM Process Implementation in Mongolia.pdfIP11AIM Implementation Process in MongoliaMar 12,2012Mongolia
IP12 Introduction of AIS Automation System of Viet Nam.pdfIP12Introduction of AIS Automation System of Viet NamMar 13,2012Viet Nam

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