Fifth Meeting of the Southeast Asia Route Review Task Force(SEA-RR/TF/5)
(Bangkok, Thailand,3-5 October 2011)
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Final Report SEA RRT TF5.pdfReport of the Fifth Meeting of the Southeast Asia Route Review Task ForceOct 11,2011Secretariat
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AP105-11 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.12.2-AP105/11 (ATM) dated 10 August 2011Aug 16,2011
group photo for web SEA-RR-TF5.JPGGroup PhotoOct 03,2011
Order of Business SEARR-TF5.pdfOrder of BusinessSep 28,2011
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionOct 04,2011
WP-IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateSep 21,2011
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WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaSep 20,2011Secretariat
WP02 Seamless ATM in the AsiaPacific Region.pdfWP02Seamless ATM in the Asia Pacific RegionSep 27,2011Secretariat
WP03 Route Proposals.pdfWP03Route ProposalsSep 21,2011IATA
WP04 Thailand Seamless Airspace - Final _2_.pdfWP04Seamless ATM Operations on Route A1Sep 28,2011Thailand
WP05 Developmens in BOB, Indian Continent and Arabian Sea Airspace.pdfWP05Developments in the Bay of Bengal, Indian Continent, and Arabian Sea AirspaceSep 27,2011Secretariat
WP06 SEASMA_Safety Assessment of 50NM lateral and  longitudinal on M774  M635 _2_.pdfWP06Assessment of the Safety of 50NM Lateral and 50NM Longitudinal Separation Standards on RNAV Routes M635 and M774Sep 29,2011SEASMA
WP07 Task List.pdfWP07Update SEA-RR/TF Task ListSep 28,2011Secretariat
WP08 Plan for identified ATS Route enhancements.pdfWP08Developing a Plan for Identified ATS Route EnhancementsOct 03,2011Secretariat
WP09 Singapore_Harmonisation of ATC Procedures with Implementation ADS-B.pdfWP09Reduction of Longitudinal Spacing with the Implementation of ADS-B in the South China Sea AreaSep 29,2011Singapore
WP10 Green Route Network _2_.pdfWP10uth East Asia Green Routes NetworkOct 03,2011Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, IATA
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IP01 Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersOct 05,2011Secretariat
IP02 M904 Implementation Plan - Final _2_.pdfIP02RNAV Route M904 Implementation PlanSep 30,2011Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
IP03 Malaysia-Thailand Surveillance Data Sharing-Final.pdfIP03Malaysia-Thailand Surveillance Data SharingSep 30,2011Malaysia and Thailand
IP04 MYSG Efforts to Enhance Flight Efficiency in the South China Sea Area.pdfIP04Efforts to enhance Flight Efficiency in the South China Sea AreaOct 04,2011Malaysia, Singapore

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