The 15th Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/15)
( Bangkok, Thailand,1-5 August 2011)
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FINAL REPORT - RASMAG15.pdfReport of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/15)Aug 11,2011Secretariat
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AP080-11 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.17-AP080/11 (ATM)Jul 13,2011Secretariat
Order of Business.pdfOrder of BusinessJul 27,2011Secretariat
RASMAG15 1-5Aug2011+.JPGGroup PhotoAug 02,2011Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE.docWP/IP TemplateJul 13,2011Secretariat
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WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaJul 20,2011Secretariat
WP02 ChinaRMA Safety Assessment.pdfWP02Safety Monitoring Report from China Regional Monitoring Agency, May 2010 - April 2011Jul 26,2011China RMA
WP03 Report by SEASMA for South China Sea May2010 - Apr2011.pdfWP03Report from the South East Asia Safety Monitoring Agency: May 2010 - April 2011Jul 20,2011SEASMA
WP04 China RMA LTHM.pdfWP04Long Term Height Monitoring Issues for the China Regional Monitoring AgencyJul 26,2011China RMA
WP05 LHD reporting taxonomy _2_.pdfWP05Endorsement of Amended Taxonomy for Category D and M Operational ErrorsJul 20,2011Australia
WP06 Task List.pdfWP06Review of RASMAG Task ListJul 28,2011Secretariat
WP07 ChinaRMA Scrutiny Assessment.pdfWP07Assessment of Non-RVSM-Approved Aircraft Operating in the RVSM Airspace of Chinese Flight Information Regions and Pyongyang Flight Information RegionJul 26,2011China RMA
WP08 India_Working_Paper_for_RASMAG_15.pdfWP08Air Space Analysis of Bay of Bengal Arabian Sea Indian Ocean Region and Safety Assessment of RNP10 ATS Routes L510, N571, P628 & P762Jul 26,2011India
WP09 AFG.pdfWP09Pre-implementation Study of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum for the Kabul Flight Information RegionJul 27,2011AFCENT for Afghanistan
WP10 ATM AIS SAR SG.pdfWP10ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/21 OutcomesJul 29,2011Secretariat
WP11 PARMO safety moniitoring report May2010 - April2011.pdfWP11Vertical Safety Monitoring Report from the Pacific Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization, May 2010 - April 2011Jul 29,2011PARMO
WP12 PARMO RASMAG15 airspace scrutiny.pdfWP12Assessment of Non-State-Approved Operators Using Pacific RVSM AirspaceJul 29,2011PARMO
WP13 NonRVSMFinding.pdfWP13Assessment of Aircraft Operating in the Asia RVSM Airspace without Proof of RVSM ApprovalJul 29,2011MAAR
WP14 Mongolia Airspace Readiness.pdfWP14Readiness and Safety Assessments for the RVSM Implementation in the Mongolia AirspaceJul 29,2011MAAR
WP15 BOB_SCS.pdfWP15Summary of the Airspace Safety Review for the RVSM Operation in the Asia RegionJul 29,2011MAAR
WP16 AAMA assessments May 10 - Apr 11 _2_.pdfWP16Safety Assessment of RVSM within the Flight Information Regions Monitored by the AAMAJul 29,2011Australia
WP17 Compentent Agencies.pdfWP17Review of RASMAG List of Competent Airspace Safety Monitoring OrganizationsJul 29,2011Secretariat
WP18 Implementation of ADSB Height Keeping Monitoring.pdfWP18Implementation of Monitoring Aircraft Altimetry System Error Using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast DataJul 29,2011Australia
WP19 AAMA Non-Approved Airframes Operating With RVSM Approval Status.pdfWP19Identification of Non-Approved Airframes Operating with RVSM Approval StatusJul 30,2011Australia
WP20 RMACG-6 Meeting and revised MMR _3_.pdfWP20Summary of Outcomes from the RMACG/6 Meeting and Endorsement of Amended Minimum Monitoring RequirementsJul 30,2011Australia
WP21 Safety Assessment of RVSM within Fukuoka FIR.pdfWP21Safety Assessment of RVSM within the Fukuoka Flight Information RegionJul 30,2011Japan
WP22 Safety Assessment of Longitudinal Separation in the Oceanic Airspace of Fukuoka FIR _3_.pdfWP22Safety Assessment of the Longitudinal Separation in the Oceanic Airspace of Fukuoka Flight Information RegionAug 01,2011Japan
WP23 Establishment of Japan RMA EMA.pdfWP23Establishment of En-Route Monitoring Agency "JAPAN RMA EMA"Aug 01,2011Japan
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IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01Tentative List of Working and Information PapersAug 03,2011Secretariat
IP02 No_1_RASMAG_IP_ROK_KOTI_ _2_.pdfIP02Preliminary Analysis of Airspace Characteristics in the Incheon FIR and of ATS route B576 for Safety AssessmentJul 25,2011Republic of Korea
IP03 Air Koryo Monitoring.pdfIP03RVSM Height Keeping Monitoring for Air Koryo of DPR KoreaJul 26,2011China
IP04 NZ_Datalink Performance for RASMAG 15 _2_(Revised).pdfIP04Datalink Performance Monitoring ResultsJul 27,2011New Zealand
IP05 Philippines ADS-CPDLC Trial Operations _2_.pdfIP05ADS/CPDLC Trial Operations in the Manila FIRJul 26,2011Philippines
IP06 ADSB Height Keeping Monitoring.pdfIP06Long-scale Study of the Use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Data for Monitoring Aircraft Altimetry System ErrorJul 29,2011Australia
IP07 Update on Setouchi HMU.pdfIP07Update on Setouchi HMUAug 01,2011Japan
IP08 Indonesia RASMAG15.pdfIP08Airspace Safety Implementation in the Indonesian FIRsAug 02,2011Indonesia
IP09 NZ_Performance-based_Comms-surveillance.pdfIP09Performance-Based Approach for Communications and SurveillanceAug 03,2011New Zealand
IP10 Datalink Performance Monitoring.pdfIP10Data-link Performance Monitoring ResultsAug 03,2011Australia
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Flimsy01 Draft TORs FIT-ASIA.pdfNo.1Draft Terms of Reference FIT-ASIAAug 02,2011Secretariat
Flimsy02 MAAR-APANPIRG.pdfNo.2Risk Estimate for BoB and SCS airspace as of April 2011Aug 02,2011MAAR
Flimsy03 Comments on RASMAG-15-WP08 _2_.pdfNo.3Comments on RASMAG/15-WP/08Aug 02,2011United States
Flimsy04 Update of China RMA WP07.pdfNo.4Update of China RMA WP07Aug 03,2011China RMA
Flimsy05 Non-compliant RVSM Operations.pdfNo.5Non-compliant RVSM OperationsAug 03,2011Secretariat
Flimsy06 India's response.pdfNo.6Response by India in respect of United States' Comments on WP/08Aug 03,2011India EMA, BOBASMA

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