Meeting of the Asia/Pacific OPMET Management Task Force(OPMET/M TF/9)
(Bangkok, Thailand,21 - 23 March 2011)
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Group Photo.JPGGroup PhotoMar 22,2011Secretariat
exec sum - opmet-m tf9.pdfExecutive SummaryMar 28,2011Secretariat
Final Report OPMET M TF-9- 30-Mar- 11.pdfReport of the Ninth Meeting of the ASIA/PAC OPMET Management Task Force (OPMET/M TF/9)Mar 30,2011Secretariat
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wp01.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp02.pdfWP02Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the OPMET/M Task ForceFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp03.pdfWP03Review OPMET/M TF/8 Meeting and Action ItemsFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp04.pdfWP04Review APANPIRG/21 Conclusions ProgressFeb 23,2011Secretariat
WP05.pdfWP05MET deficiencies updateMar 04,2011Secretariat
wp06.pdfWP06Review the Implementation of 30-H TAF in the ASIA/PAC RegionFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp07.pdfWP07Review Updates to the ROBEX HandbookFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp08.pdfWP08Review Updates to the ASIA/PAC ICDFeb 23,2011Secretariat
WP09.pdfWP09Review OPMET related FASID TablesMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP10.pdfWP10Progress with SIGMET Tests - WC and WVMar 04,2011Japan
WP11 - SIGMET Test 6.pdfWP11WS SIGMET Test 6Mar 07,2011Australia
WP12 - RB HB.pdfWP12ROBEX Handbook Changes (Lao PDR)Mar 07,2011Lao PDR
WP13_WAFS file.pdfWP13Current Status of OPMET on WAFS File Server and the Customer Service FunctionMar 11,2011WAFC Washington Provider State
WP14_SADIS.pdfWP14Differences between SADIS and ISCS/WIFS BulletinsMar 11,2011WAFS Provider State
WP15_WAFC with QMS.pdfWP15Compatibility of WAFC Provider States with QMS PrinciplesMar 11,2011the United States
WP16_IATA ISCS.pdfWP16IATA OPMET Data Monitoring (ISCS)Mar 14,2011IATA
WP17_IATA  SADIS.pdfWP17IATA OPMET Data Monitoring (SADIS)Mar 14,2011IATA
WP18_ Authorized access.pdfWP18Authorized Access to WAFS InformationMar 15,2011Washington WAFC Provider States
WP19 Review OPMET report.pdfWP19Review of OPMET Monitoring ReportMar 15,2011Singapore
WP20  WAFS Transmissions.pdfWP20Time Differences in WAFS OPMET TransmissionMar 15,2011RODB Tokyo and Singapore
WP21_WIFS User.pdfWP21WIFS User Implementation StatusMar 17,2011USA
WP22 RODB back up REV.pdfWP22RODB Back-up Procedure Real-time Exercise between RODBs Bangkok and Singapore (Revised)Mar 18,2011Thailand
WP23 Performance Indices.pdfWP23Performance Indices of ASIA/PAC RODBSMar 17,2011Thailand
WP24 Non AOP and AOP.pdfWP24Monitoring of OPMET Data Availability for AOP and Non-AOP Aerodromes in Thailand between 3-30 January 2011Mar 17,2011Thailand
WP25 OPMET from Bhutan.pdfWP25Monitoring of OPMET Information received from Bhutan between 1-31 January 2011Mar 17,2011Thailand
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IP01 - ICAO Meetinb Bulletin.pdfIP1Meeting BulletinMar 22,2011Secretariat
IP02 - ICAO AI5 - Summary of Attendance on Session of WMO CBS.pdfIP2Summary of ICAO Attendance at the 2010 Extraordinary Session of the WMO CBSMar 22,2011Secretariat
IP03 - JPN AI4 - RODB Tokyo.pdfIP3RODB Tokyo Performance Indices for METAR and TAFMar 22,2011Japan
IP04_SIN AI2b - Databank operations1.pdfIP4An Update of OPMET Databank OperationsMar 22,2011Singapore
IP05 - SIN Conjoint a - Z299 SIGMET Tests.pdfIP5Use of Sequence Number Z99 in SIGMET TestMar 24,2011Secretary
IP06_USA AI2a - WIFS Users Guide V4.11.pdfIP6The World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Internet File Service (WIFS) Users GuideMar 22,2011USA
IP07_USA AI5  - OPMET data over AMHS.pdfIP7Transit of XML - based OPMET Data over AMHSMar 22,2011USA
IP08 - China Conjoint a - OPMET for SIGMET.pdfIP8The Introduction of OPMET for SIGMET Advisory Trial in ChinaMar 23,2011China

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