First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Meteorological Advisories and Warnings Implementation Task Force (METWARN/I TF/1)
(Bangkok, Thailand,23-25 March 2011)
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exec sum - metwarn-i tf1.pdfExecutive SummaryMar 31,2011Secretariat
final report METWARN-I TF-1-25-03-11.pdfReport of the First Meeting of the ASIA/PAC Meteorological Advisories and Warnings Implementation Task Force (METWARN/I TF/1)Mar 28,2011Secretariat
group_photo_for_web.jpgGroup PhotoMar 24,2011Secretariat
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wp01.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp02.pdfWP02Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the METWARN/I TFFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp03.pdfWP03Review Updates to the SIGMET GuideFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp04.pdfWP04Global Progress on Guidance on Radioactive CloudFeb 23,2011Secretariat
WP05.pdfWP05Global Progress on Guidance on TsunamiMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP06_contingency plan.pdfWP06Plans Progress on Regional Contingency Plans (Revised)Mar 14,2011Secretariat
wp07.pdfWP07Summary of Wind Shear Detection Systems Acquisition WorkshopFeb 23,2011Secretariat
WP08.pdfWP08Update on the ICAO Regional SIGMET Advisory TrialMar 04,2011Co-chairs
WP09.pdfWP09Update on the METWSG/3 Discussions on Wind Shear, Turbulence and Tsunami WarningsMar 04,2011Co-chairs
WP10 - SIGMET by WMO.pdfWP10SIGMET for the Vientiane FIR by MWO in LAO PDRMar 07,2011Lao PDR
WP11 SIGMET trial.pdfWP11RODB Coordination for Regional SIGMET Advisory TrialMar 08,2011Secretariat
WP12_Vol Ash Adv.pdfWP12Timelines of Volcanic Ash AdvisoriesMar 14,2011IATA
WP13_bi coordination.pdfWP13Bilateral Coordination between Indonesia and Singapore during Volcanic Ash ContingenciesMar 14,2011Indonesia & Singapore
WP14 adioactive cloud.pdfWP14Dissemination of Information on Radioactive CloudMar 21,2011Secretariat
WP14 radioactive cloud.pdfWP14Dissemination of Information on Radioactive CloudMar 22,2011
WP15 Result of SIGMET.pdfWP15SIGMET Advisory Trial in the Asian Region Hosted by ChinaMar 22,2011China
WP16 Bundling of SIGMET.pdfWP16"Bundling" of SIGMET PhenomenaMar 22,2011IATA
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ip01.pdfIP1Meeting BulletinFeb 23,2011Secretariat
IP02 Tsunami.pdfIP2Progress on Aerodrome Warnings for TsunamiMar 14,2011Australia
IP03 Result of SIGMET test.pdfIP3The results of the SIGMET tests from ChinaMar 22,2011China
IP04 Provision of Tsunami.pdfIP4Provisions of Tsunami WarningsMar 22,2011USA
IP05 - JPN AI2a - Current issue on radioactive cloud and Tsunami.pdfIP5Current Issue on Radioactive Cloud and TsunamiMar 23,2011Japan

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