The Second Meeting of the ICAO Inter-regional SATCOM Voice Task Force (IRSVTF/2)
( Seattle, USA,16 - 19 September 2011)
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Final Summary Report - IRSVTF2.pdfSUMMARY OF DISCUSSIONS - Second Meeting of ICAO Inter-regional SATCOM Voice Task Force IRSVTF/2) Seattle, 14-16 September 2011)Sep 28,2011Secretariat
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IRSVTF-2 - WP01.pdfWP/1Provisional AgendaSep 14,2011Secretariat
WP02A_SATCOM Voice GM_v0.pdfWP/2ADraft Satellite Voice Guidance Material (SVGM)- With tracks changesSep 14,2011Secretariat
WP02B_SATCOM Voice GM_v0.pdfWP/2BDraft Satellite Voice Guidance Material (SVGM)- Clean copySep 14,2011Secretariat
WP03_SATCOM Voice GM_v02_27-Jan-11_Master Comments_4-Sep-11.pdfWP/3Comments on SATCOM Voice Guidance Material (SVGM)Sep 14,2011Secretariat

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