Fifth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ICAO Flight Plan & ATS Messages Implementation Task Force and Seminar (FPL&AM/TF/5 and Seminar)
( Manila, Philippines,7-9 November 2011)
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FINAL REPORT FPLAM TF-5 Seminar Master.pdfReport of the Fifth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ICAO Flight Plan & ATS Messages Implementation Task Force and Seminar (FPL&AM/TF/5 & Seminar)Dec 09,2011Secretariat
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AP113-11 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.20-AP113/11 (ATM)Sep 02,2011
FPL_DSC07348.JPGGroup PhotoNov 23,2011
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionNov 04,2011Secretariat
Proposed Order of Business.pdfProposed Order of BusinessNov 06,2011
Seminar Provisional Programme V3.pdfICAO New FPL Format Seminar Provisional Programme V3Oct 25,2011Secretariat
WP_IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateOct 10,2011
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WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaOct 10,2011Secretariat
WP02 Task List.pdfWP02Task List for the FPL&AM Task ForceOct 10,2011Secretariat
WP03 Quarterly Questionnaire (revised).pdfWP03FPL 2012 Quarterly Questionnaire (Revised)Nov 07,2011Secretariat
WP04 APANPIRG22 Update.pdfWP04Review Report APANPIRG/22Oct 10,2011Secretariat
WP05 Regional Guidance Material Update.pdfWP05Regional Guidance Material UpdateNov 03,2011Secretariat
WP06 Australia_Conversion into DAT.pdfWP06Conversion into DATNov 02,2011Australia
WP07 Australia_Implied DOF upon receipt DLA message.pdfWP07Implied DOF upon receipt of DLA message for EOBT change across 0000UTCNov 02,2011Australia
WP08 Australia_CHG message during transition.pdfWP08CHG Message Processing during TransitionNov 02,2011Australia
WP09 Australia_Removal of DOF Provision.pdfWP09Removal of DOF ProvisionNov 02,2011Australia
WP10 Australia_ Doc4444 amendment1.pdfWP10'W' in Item 10a and'NONRVSM' in Item 18Nov 02,2011Australia
WP11 Australia_2012 Post Implementation Review Proposal.pdfWP112012 Post Implementation Review ProposalNov 02,2011Australia
WP12 Australia_Filing of ORGN in Item 18.pdfWP12Filing of ORGN in Item 18Nov 02,2011Australia
WP13 Transition to New FPL Strategies.pdfWP13Transition to New Flight Plan & ATS MessagingNov 03,2011IATA
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IP01 Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersNov 14,2011Secretariat
IP02 Tahiti_TF5.pdfIP02Implementation Plan of ICAO NEW Flight Plan Format and ATS Messages in French PolynesiaOct 26,2011French Polynesia
IP03 Advance Submission of FPL.pdfIP03Advance Submission of a Flight PlanNov 03,2011New Zealand
IP04 Australia_FPL Item 10a Character Order.pdfIP04FPL Item 10a Character OrderNov 02,2011Australia
IP05 FAA Implementation.pdfIP05Notes on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Implementation of Amendment 1 to Doc 4444, 15th EditionNov 02,2011United States
IP06 India.pdfIP06Status of Implemenation in IndiaNov 04,2011India
IP07 Indonesia FPL Task Force 5 Manila 7-9 Nov 2011.pdfIP07Indonesia New Flight Plan Format Implementation ProgressNov 07,2011Indonesia
IP08 Cambodia.pdfIP08Implementation Plan of ICAO New Flight Plan Format and ATS Messages in CambodiaNov 08,2011Cambodia
IP for EUR changes 12.10.pdfIP09European FPL Technical MattersNov 09,2011Secretariat
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Flimsy 1.pdfFlimsy 1Chairman's comments on WPsNov 05,2011Secretariat
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FPL 2012 presentation for APAC(Manila) Novemberr 2011.pdfPresentation01Global UpdateNov 07,2011ICAO
FURTHER ISSUE ITEMS .pdfPresentation02Further Issues ItemsNov 07,2011ICAO
Testing process for FPL 2012.pdfPresentation03Testing Process for FPL 2012Nov 07,2011ICAO
ICAO Workshop Manilla Thales Nov 2011.pdfPresentation04Impact of New ICAO FPL 2012Nov 07,2011Thales
COMSOFT_FPL2012-Conversion_manila_20111107.pdfPresentation05FPL 2012 Message Conversion and MigrationNov 07,2011Comsoft
smartFPL2012 Converter (1).pdfPresentation06Smart FPL2012 Converter & Product DescriptionNov 07,2011Frequentis
Objectives and  Issues and outline details  for FPL 2012 Vendor Conference.pdfPresentation07Objectives and Issues and Outline Details for FPL2012 Vendor ConferenceNov 07,2011ICAO
Invitation_Vendor conference _final_.pdfPresentation08Invitation Vendor ConferenceNov 07,2011ICAO
Strategic Support Teams.pdfPresentation09Strategic Support TeamsNov 08,2011ICAO
Manual FPL2012 Programme.pdfPresentation10Manual FPL2012 ProgrammeNov 07,2011ICAO
Generic 2012 Flight plan V1.0.pptPresentation11ICAO Flight Planning Amendment 1 - 2012 Training Module ICAO Flight Plan Form ChangesNov 08,2011Australia

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