Fourth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ICAO Flight Plan & ATS Messages Implementation Task Force and Seminar (FPL&AM/TF/4 and Seminar)
(Bangkok, Thailand,30 May to 03 June 2011)
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FINAL REPORT FPL and AM TF-4 and Seminar.pdfReport of the Fourth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ICAO Flight Plan & ATS Messages Implementation Task Force and Seminar (FPL&AM/TF/4 & Seminar)Jul 13,2011Secretariat
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AP052-11 (ATM).pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.20-AP052/11 (ATM) dated 8 April 2011Apr 29,2011
Group Photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 31,2011
orderofbusiness.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 25,2011Secretariat
orderofdiscussion.pdfOrder of DiscussionJun 02,2011Secretariat
WP_IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateMay 26,2011Secretariat
AP020-11 (ATM) FPL and AM TF 4 andSeminar States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/10.1.20-AP020/11 (ATM) dated 4 February 2011Apr 29,2011
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WP01.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaMay 25,2011Secretariat
WP02.pdfWP02Doc 7030 Regional Supplementary Procedures AmendmentMay 26,2011Secretariat
WP03.pdfWP03Task List for the FPL&AM Task ForceMay 25,2011Secretariat
WP04.pdfWP04Observations of Amendment 1 and Considerations in Flight Plan Format AnalysisMay 25,2011Hong Kong, China
WP05.pdfWP05Coordination for the Transition to the NEW Flight Plan FormatMay 25,2011Secretariat
WP06.pdfWP06Review Report APANPIRG/21May 27,2011Secretariat
WP07.pdfWP07Example Aeronautical Information Circular for 2012 ICAO FPLMay 26,2011Australia
WP08.pdfWP08Flight Plan Implementation Tracking System UpdateMay 25,2011Secretariat
WP09.pdfWP09Use of the New Reasons for Special HandlingMay 26,2011United States
WP10.pdfWP10Equipment, Capability, and StandardsMay 26,2011United States
WP11.pdfWP11Interpretation of Certain Field 10b CapabilitiesMay 26,2011United States
WP12.pdfWP12Handling of Non-Standard Field 18 InformationMay 26,2011United States
WP13.pdfWP13Flight Identification and DesignatorsMay 27,2011IATA
WP14.pdfWP14PBN DevelopmentsMay 27,2011IATA
WP15.pdfWP15Field 18 - RMKMay 27,2011IATA
WP16.pdfWP16APAC Guidance Material Editorials and Suggested AmendmentsMay 30,2011Australia
WP17.pdfWP17Airline ReadinessMay 30,2011IATA
WP18.pdfWP18FPL 2012 Quarterly QuestionnaireJun 01,2011Secretariat
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IP01.pdfIP01List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)Jun 02,2011Secretariat
IP02.pdfIP02Implementation Plan of the NEW ICAO Flight Plan and Associated ATS Update Messages in SingaporeMay 25,2011Singapore
IP03.pdfIP03New Zealand Implementation ProgressMay 25,2011New Zealand
IP04.pdfIP04Australian Flight Plan Processing Assumptions for 2012 TransitionMay 26,2011Australia
IP05.pdfIP05Air Navigation Commission Review of Supplementary RequirementsMay 30,2011Secretariat
IP06.pdfIP06Implementation Plan of ICAO NEW Flight Plan Format and ATS Messages in IndonesiaMay 30,2011Indonesia
IP07.pdfIP07Implementation Plan of the NEW ICAO Flight Plan and Associated ATS Update Messages in MalaysiaMay 31,2011Malaysia
IP08.pdfIP08Status of Implementation in IndiaMay 31,2011India
IP09.pdfIP09Creation of a Multi-Regional Filed Flight Plan (FPL) Coordination GroupJun 02,2011United States
IP10.pdfIP10Bangladesh Implementation DetailsJun 02,2011Bangladesh
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Flimsy I.pdfFlimsy No.1Excerpt from ICAO EUR Region Plan for Implementation of Amendment 1 to the 15th edition of the PANS-ATM DocumentJun 01,2011Secretariat
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FPL 2012 Finance sources.pdfFPL 2012 Finance SourcesMay 30,2011
FPL 2012 presentation.pdf2012 Flight Plan Implementation and TransitionMay 30,2011
IATA Position Rev [Compatibility Mode].pdfIATA PositionJun 01,2011IATA
ICAO_Safety_FITS.pdfFlight Plan Implementation Tracking System (FITS)Jun 01,2011
Identify Stakeholders.pdfIdentify StakeholdersMay 30,2011
Manual FPL 2012 Programme Phases May 2011 _2_ _2_ _2_.pdfManual FPL 2012 PhasesMay 30,2011
Manual FPL2012 Programme.pdfManual FPL 2012 ProgrammeMay 30,2011
Provisional Programme V3.pdfProvisional Programme V.3Jun 01,2011Secretariat
Solution Production.pdfSolution Production Document Production and AmendmentMay 30,2011
Strategic Support Teams (2).pdfStrategic Support Teams (2)May 30,2011
Strategic Support Teams.pdfStrategic Support TeamsMay 30,2011
Testing Process.pdfTesting Process for FPL 2012May 30,2011
Transition Entry Criteria.pdfTransition Entry CriteriaMay 30,2011

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