Fifteenth Meeting of the Communication/Navigation/Surveillance and Meteorology Sub-Group of APANPIRG (CNS/MET SG/15)
( Bangkok, Thailand,25 - 29 July 2011)
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Final Report of CNS-MET 15.pdfReport of the Fifteenth Meeting of Communications, Navigation and Surveillance/Meteorology Sub-group (CNS/MET SG/15) of APANPIRGAug 09,2011Secretariat
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CNS-MET-SG15+.jpgGroup PhotoJul 26,2011Secretariat
Tentative meeting programe CNSMET15-Final.pdfTentative Meeting ProgrammeJul 25,2011Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateJun 14,2011Secretariat
Lessons Learnt From The off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake.pdfPresentationLessons Learnt from the Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake - Practices in Aeronautical MET ServicesJul 28,2011Japan
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI2 (1) - Review Report of CNS-MET SG14 and APANPIRG-21.pdfWP/02Review of Actions Plan on the Report of the Fourteenth CNS/MET Sub-group and Twenty First APANPIRG MeetingsJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI2 (2) - DGCA47 Action Items.pdfWP/03Action Items of the 47th DGCA ConferenceJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI. 18 - Review subject tasks lists.pdfWP/04Terms of Reference and Tasks List of the CNS/MET Sub-groupJul 08,2011Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI 2 (3) - Reivew Outcome RASMAG14.pdfWP/05RASMAG/13 and RASMAG/14 OutcomesJul 12,2011Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI.9 - Status of AFTN Address.pdfWP/06Status of ACC AFTN Addresses for the Reception of Information on Radioactive MaterialJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP07_ICAO AI.9 - Contingency Plan.pdfWP/07Progress on Regional Contingency Plan (To include Volcanic Ash)Jun 14,2011Secretariat
WP08_ICAO AI.10 - Tropical Cyclone.pdfWP/08Implementation of Tropical Cyclone and Advisories in Graphical FormJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP09_ICAO AI.11 - Review METWARN TF-1.pdfWP/09Review of METWARN/I TF/1 MeetingJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP10_ICAO AI.11(7) - Dissemination of Radioactive cloud.pdfWP/10Dissemination of Information on Radioactive CloudJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP11_ICAO AI. 11 (5)  - SIGMET Guide update (Revised).pdfWP/11Update on SIGMET Guide (Revised)Jul 07,2011Secretariat
WP12_ICAO AI.11 (6) - Windshear Workshop.pdfWP/12Summary of the APAC Wind Shear Systems Acquisition WorkshopJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP13_ICAO AI.12 - OPMETM TF-9.pdfWP/13Review of OPMET/M TF/9 MeetingJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP14_ICAO AI.12 (4) - ROBEX HB.pdfWP/14ROBEX Handbook and ICD UpdatesJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP15_ICAO AI.13 - MET FASID Tables (Revised).pdfWP/15Review MET Part of ASIA/PAC Basic ANP and FASID Tables (Revised)Jul 19,2011Secretariat
WP16_ICAO AI.14 - MET-ATM Seminar and TF.pdfWP/16Summary of ICAO/WMO APAC MET/ATM Seminar and TF/2 MeetingJul 20,2011Secretariat
WP17_ICAO AI.16 - MET PFF.pdfWP/17MET Performance FrameworkJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP18_ICAO AI.14 (3) ATFM survey.pdfWP/18Validation of ATFM Survey for Asia/PacificJun 14,2011Secretariat
WP19_ICAO AI. 17 (2) - MET deficiencies (Revised).pdfWP/19MET Deficiencies Update (Revised)Jul 07,2011Secretariat
WP20_ICAO AI.5 (2) Report on the outcome of workshop on Ionospheric.pdfWP/20Report on the Outcome of Workshop on Ionospheric Data Collection, Analysis and Sharing to Support GNSS ImplementationJun 21,2011Secretariat
WP21_ICAO AI.3 (3) - Outcome of SIP AIDC.pdfWP/21Outcome of Special Implementation Project AIDC SeminarJun 16,2011Secretariat
WP21_Apx A.pdfWP/21AAppendix A - Additional Items to be considered for inclusion in the PAN Regional ICD for AIDCJun 16,2011Secretariat
WP21_APX. B - AIDC_implementation_planner_after AIDC SIP v 02.xlsWP/21BAppendix B - AIDC Implementation Planner V.2Jun 16,2011Secretariat
WP22_ICAO AI 19 - AOB Training requirements Revised.pdfWP/22Training Manual (Doc 7192) Part E-2 Air Traffic Electronic Personnel (ATSEP)Jun 21,2011Secretariat
WP23_ICAO AI.3 (1) - ATNICG-6.pdfWP/23Report on the Sixth Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/6)Jun 17,2011Secretariat
APX. B -  Subject tasks list.pdfWP/23AAdditional Appendix B - Subject/Tasks ListJul 25,2011Secretariat
WP24_ICAO AI.3 (2) - XML based applications.pdfWP/24Discussions on XML based ApplicationsJun 17,2011Secretariat
WP25_ICAO AI. 16 (3) - CNS-ATM Matrix.pdfWP/25CNS/ATM Implementation and Planning MatrixJun 17,2011Secretariat
WP26_ICAO AI. 16  (1) - PFF.pdfWP/26Performance-Based Approach and Measurement and CNS related PFFJun 17,2011Secretariat
WP27_ICAO AI.6 (1) - Review ADS-B SITF10.pdfWP/27Review Report of the Tenth Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task ForceJun 28,2011Secretariat
WP28_ICAO AI.4 (2) - SCGM V Revised.pdfWP/28NAT SPG/47 on First Meeting of Inter-Regional SATCOM Voice Task Force (IRSVTF)(Revised) File Size: 1.4MBJul 25,2011Secretariat
WP29_ICAO AI. 7 (1) - ICAO Position on CPM12.pdfWP/29ICAO Position on CPM-12 Recommended MethodsJul 08,2011Secretariat
WP30_ICAO AI 7. (1) - Updated ICAO position.pdfWP/30Updated ICAO Position on ITU World Radiocommunication Conference - 2012Jul 22,2011Secretariat
WP31_ICAO AI. 5 (2) - GNSS survey outcome Revised.pdfWP/31GNSS Survey Outcome (Revised)Jul 12,2011Secretariat
WP32_ICAO AI. 5 (1) - PBN Task Force (revised).pdfWP/32ICAO Asia/Pacific Peformance-Based Navigation (PBN) Task ForceJul 13,2011Secretariat
WP33_ICAO_AI.4 (1) - SOCM2.pdfWP/33Second Satellite Data-link Operational Continuity Meeting (SOCM/2) and Seminar on Satellite Data-link CommunicationJul 08,2011Secretariat
WP34_ICAO AI. 5 (3) - Navigation Strategy.pdfWP/34Navigation Strategy for the Asia/Pacific RegionJul 08,2011Secretariat
WP35_ICAO AI.6 (2) - Review Surveillance Strategy.pdfWP/35Review Surveillance Strategy for Asia/Pacific RegionJul 08,2011Secretariat
WP36_Australia AI. 4 (2) - Development in SATCOM Voice.pdfWP/36Developments in SAT COM VoiceJul 12,2011Australia
WP37_Australia AI. 6 - ADS-B -SUPPs PfA.pdfWP/37Proposed Modification to Region Procedures - ADS-BJul 12,2011Australia
WP38_Australia AI. 5 (2) - Threats to GNSS.pdfWP/38Threats to GNSS - Jammers, Pseudolites & RepeatersJul 12,2011Australia
WP39_Japan AI. 5 (2) - Ionospheric data collection.pdfWP/39Ionospheric Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing to facilitate GNSS Implementation in the Asia-Pacific RegionJul 12,2011Japan
WP40_Japan AI. 7 (1) - Protection of the AMS(R) Bands and WRC-2012.pdfWP/40Protection of the AMS(R)S Bands and WRC-2012 Preparatory ActivitiesJul 12,2011Japan
WP41_HKG AI.8 (3) - WAFS SIGWX Chart.pdfWP/41Issues on WAFS SIGWX Chart and Reception of Data from SADIS FTP and WIFSJul 12,2011Hong Kong, China
WP42_HKG Chair WAFSI TF AI.8 - Regional Progresss in WAFS Implementation (Revised).pdfWP/42Regional Progress in WAFS Implementation (Revised)Jul 21,2011Chairman WAFS I TF
WP43_Australia AI. 8 (3) - Bandwidth comarison.pdfWP/43Bandwidth Comparison of Current WAFS Internet-Based Services and Future Requirements of Secure SADIS FTPJul 20,2011Australia
WP44_IATA AI.12 (3) - OPMET Monitoring.pdfWP/44Timeliness, Availability and Regularity of OPMETJul 20,2011IATA
WP45_USA AI. 8 (1) - ISCS to WIFS Transition.pdfWP/45ISCS to WIFS Transition CoordinationJul 12,2011USA
WP46_USA AI.8 (3) - Changes to accessing WIFS.pdfWP/46Changes to Accessing WIFSJul 12,2011USA
WP47_USA AI.8 (1) - WIFS Transition Status.pdfWP/47WIFS Transition Status UpdateJul 12,2011USA
WP48_USA AI. 11 (3) - Tsunami Warning Dissimination.pdfWP/48Tsunami Warning DisseminationJul 12,2011USA
WP49_USA AI. 11 (3-7) - Provisions of Radioactive infor.pdfWP/49The Provision of Radioactive InformationJul 12,2011USA
WP50_AUS AI. 11 (1) - Tsunami Survey results  (2nd Revised).pdfWP/50Summary of Survey Results - Aerodrome Warnings for Tsunami (2nd Revised)Aug 01,2011Co-chairs, METWARN I/TF
WP51_AUS AI. 11 (1) - Radioactive survey results  (2ndRevised).pdfWP/51Summary of Survey Results - Radioactive Cloud (2nd Revised)Aug 01,2011Co-chairs, METWARN I/TF
WP52_CHN AI. 11 (4) - Review Asian SIGMET Advisory Rev.2.pdfWP/52Review of the Asian SIGMET Advisory TrialJul 13,2011China
WP53_ICAO.pdfWP/53ATM/AIS/SAR Subgroup OutcomesJul 19,2011Secretariat
WP53_ICAO AI. 2 (2) - Attachment.pdfWP/53AAttachment to WP/53 - Draft Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Concept of OperationsJul 22,2011Secretariat
WP54_UK AI. 8 (3) - Forthcoming and Developments to WAFS.pdfWP/54Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Development to the WAFSJul 14,2011WAFC Provider States
WP55_UK AI. 8 (3) - Forthcoming and Developments to SADIS.pdfWP/55Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the SADISJul 14,2011SADIS Provider
WP56_UK AI. 8 (3) - Internet based service of SAIDS ISCS and WIFS.pdfWP/56Obtaining Access to the Internet Based Services of the SADIS and ISCS/WIFS ProvidersJul 14,2011ISCS/WIFS & SADIS Provider States
WP57_ICAO AI.17 (1) - CNS deficiencies.pdfWP/57Status of CNS DeficienciesJul 18,2011Secretariat
WP58_IATA AI.5 (4) - Future ASIA-PAC Airspace concept operations.pdfWP/58Future Asia/Pacific Airspace Concept of OperationsJul 19,2011IATA
WP59_ICAO AI.19 - Review Basic ANP (Revised).pdfWP/59Review CNS Part of ASIA/PAC Basic ANP (Revised)Jul 21,2011Secretariat
WP60_NZ AI. 4 and 6 - Peformance Based Com and Surveillance.pdfWP/60Performance-Based Approach for Communications and SurveillanceJul 22,2011New Zealand
WP61_ICAO AI. 3 (1) - ASIA-PAC AMHS ICD update.pdfWP/61ASIA/PAC Regional AMHS ICD UpdateJul 27,2011Chair of Ad Hoc WG on AMHS ICD
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IP01_ICAO -  Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinJun 14,2011Secretariat
IP02_ICAO AI.12 - OPMET XML WMO CBS.pdfIP/02Summary of ICAO Attendance at the 2010 Extraordinary Session of the WMO CBSJun 14,2011Secretariat
IP03_ICAO AI.16 - Revised Workshop on  Air navigation systems.pdfIP/03Workshop on the Development of National Performance Framework for Air Navigation Systems (Revised)Jul 18,2011Secretariat
IP04_ICAO AI.18 - Report of ABSRTF.pdfIP/04Report of the Meeting of the APANPIRG Contributory Bodies Structure Review Task Force (ABSRTF)Jun 17,2011Secretariat
IP05_ICAO AI. 5 (4) - Outcome of NSP Meetings.pdfIP/05Outcome of Navigation Systems Panel (NSP) MeetingsJun 17,2011Secretariat
IP06_ICAO AI. 19 - GANIS and AN-CONF-12.pdfIP/06Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium (GANIS) and Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12)Jun 28,2011Secretariat
IP07_ICAO AI. 5 (2) - Report of 15th Meeting of APEC GIT15.pdfIP/07Report on Outcome of 15th Meeting of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) GNSS Implementation Team (GIT/15)Jul 12,2011Secretariat
IP08_NZ AI.9 - Volcanic Ash.pdfIP/08Volcanic Ash - New Zealand CAA Risk Based ResponseJul 01,2011New Zealand
IP09_ICAO AI. 7 (2) - Report on 3 and 4 APT Conference.pdfIP/09Brief Report on 3rd and 4th APT Conference Preparatory Group Meeting for WRC-2012Jul 12,2011Secretariat
IP10_ROK AI.19 - Expansion of fellowship training programme Revised.pdfIP/10Expansion of the Fellowship Training Programme of the Republic of Korea jointly Established with ICAO (Revised)Jul 20,2011Republic of Korea
IP11_AUS AI.4 (3) - SELCAL Codes.pdfIP/11Duplication of SELCAL CodesJul 13,2011Australia
IP12_AUS AI. 5 (2) - GBAS status.pdfIP/12GBAS StatusJul 13,2011Australia
IP13_Indonesia AI. 4 (3) - FSS-RDARA Planning.pdfIP/13FSS/RDARA Restructurization PlanningJul 13,2011Indonesia
IP14_Indonesia AI.19 - Air Navigation Instructor Course.pdfIP/14Establishment of Air Navigation Inspector Course by ICAOJul 13,2011Indonesia
IP15_USA and JPN AI.19 - Update of FATS WG.pdfIP/15Update on Activities of the FAA - JCAB Future Air Transportation System Working Group (FATS WG)Jul 13,2011USA and Japan
IP16_HKG AI. 14 (1) - MSTA.pdfIP/16Discussion on Meteorological Services in the Terminal Area (MSTA)Jul 13,2011Hong Kong, China
IP17_HKG AI. 11 (4) Web based  of global SIGMETS.pdfIP/17Web-Based Display of Global SIGMETS and AdvisoriesJul 13,2011Hong Kong, China
IP18_HKG AI. 10 - Pilot Project ADRR (revised).pdfIP/18Updates of the Pilot Project on Aviation Weather Disaster Risk Reduction (ADRR)(Revised)Jul 25,2011Hong Kong, China
IP19_WAFS TF Chair AI.8 - WAFS Survey and Traning Needs.pdfIP/19Survey on Implementation Status of WAFS in Asia/Pacific Regions and WAFS Training Needs of Asia/Pacific StatesJul 13,2011Chairman WAFS I TF
IP20_WAFS TF Chair AI.8 - Update of WAFS service Reference Doc.pdfIP/20Update of WAFS Service Reference DocumentJul 13,2011Chairman WAFS I TF
IP21_WAFS TF Chair AI. 16 (3) - Update of Work Plan WAFSI TF.pdfIP/21Update of Work Plan of WAFS/I TFJul 13,2011Chairman WAFS I TF
IP22_AUS AI. 11 (3) - Change to Australian SIGMET Format.pdfIP/22Change to the Australian SIGMET Format to Meet ICAO RequirementsJul 13,2011Australia
IP23_AUS AI.15 - Aerodrome Verification.pdfIP/23Verification of Aerodrome ForecastsJul 20,2011Australia
IP24_USA AI. 8 (3) - WAFS Interent and Current Developments.pdfIP/24WAFS Internet File Service (WIFS) and Current DevelopmentsJul 13,2011USA
IP25_USA AI.11 - VA contingency initiatives.pdfIP/25Collaborative Volcanic Ash Contingency InitiativesJul 13,2011USA
IP26_USA AI.14 - Promoting Collaborative Decision Making.pdfIP/26Promoting Collaborative Decision MakingJul 13,2011USA
IP27_USA AI. 3 (3) - Harmonization of PAN ICD.pdfIP/27Status of Harmonization of the Interface Control Document for the North Atlantic and Asia/Pacific Region (PAN ICD)Jul 13,2011USA
IP28_AUS AI.5 (4) - Navigation Roadmaps.pdfIP/28Request for Navigation RoadmapsJul 18,2011Australia
IP29_ICAO-HQs AI.19 - Review BORPC.pdfIP/29Review of the Statement of Basic Operational Requirements and Planning Criteria (BORCP)Jul 18,2011Secretariat
IP30_ICAO-HQs AI.19 - Review GANP.pdfIP/30Review of the Outline and Objectives for Revised GANPJul 18,2011Secretariat
IP31_ROK AI.3 (3) - ATNAMHS Status.pdfIP/31ATN/AMHS Implementation and Operational Status in the Republic of KoreaJul 18,2011Republic of Korea
IP27_IATA AI.11 - IVATF SG Paper.pdfIP/32Copy of Working Paper 14 Presented to IVATF/2Jul 19,2011IATA
IP33_JPN AI.4 (1) - Near Term Future plan of MTSAT.pdfIP/33Near-Term Future Plan of MTSAT SystemsJul 19,2011Japan
IP34_JPN AI.5 (2) - GBAS Research.pdfIP/34GBAS Research and Development Status in JapanJul 19,2011Japan
IP35_JPN AI.4 (1) - Contingency MTSAT.pdfIP/35Contingency Arrangement of Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (Route) Services SystemJul 19,2011Japan
IP36_JPN AI.19 - Doc 7192 - Part E-2 - ATSEP.pdfIP/36Development of Training Manual (Doc 7192) Part E-2 and Air Traffic Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) in JapanJul 19,2011Japan
IP37_ICAO AI. 7 - Radio Freq Spectrum Handbook Part II.pdfIP/37Development of Part II of ICAO Frequency Spectrum Handbook Doc 9718Jul 19,2011Secretariat
IP38_AUS AI.9 - Volcanic Ash in Australian Airspace.pdfIP/38Volcanic Ash in Australian AirspaceJul 20,2011Australia
IP39_JPN AI.11 - Current Situation on Radioactive and Tsunami.pdfIP/39Current Situation on Radioactive and TsunamiJul 21,2011Japan
IP40_JPN AI.14 (2) - Typhoon Wind Map.pdfIP/40Typhoon Wind Distribution MapJul 21,2011Japan
IP41_JPN AI. 11 (2) - Progress of SIGMET tests WC and WV.pdfIP/41Progress with SIGMET Tests â?? WC and WVJul 21,2011Japan
IP42_USA AI.8 - Download files from WIFS.pdfIP/42Time to Download Files from WIFSJul 21,2011USA
IP43_USA AI. 6 (3) - ADS-B.pdfIP/43Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B)Jul 21,2011USA
IP44_USA AI.19. Next Gen.pdfIP/44NextGen StatusJul 21,2011USA
IP45_NZ AI.4 - Datalink performance (Revised).pdfIP/45Datalink Performance Monitoring Results (Revised)Jul 27,2011New Zealand
IP46_MYN AI.4 (3) and 7 - Air ground com in Yangon FIR.pdfIP/46Summary of Present and Ongoing Initiatives in Air Ground Communication Activities within Yangon FIRJul 22,2011Myanmar
IP47_SRL AI. 3 (1) - ATN-AMHS Implementation status.pdfIP/47Review of ATN/AMHS Implementation Status in Sri Lanka and Amendment of Respective FASID TablesJul 25,2011Sri Lanka
IP48_SRL AI.9 - AFTN Address for radioactive material.pdfIP/48ACC AFTN Addresses for the Reception of Information on Radioactive MaterialJul 25,2011Sri Lanka
IP49_SRL AI.4 (3) - HF reception over Colombo FIR.pdfIP/49HF Reception Performance over Colombo FIRJul 26,2011Sri Lanka
IP50_ICAO AI.9 - Executive Summary of IVATF-2.pdfIP/50Executive Summary of Second Meeting of the International Volcanic Ash Task Force (IVATF/2)Jul 27,2011Secretariat

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