COM Co-ordination Meeting - People's Republic of China, Japan, Mongolia and Russian Federation
( Shanghai, People's Republic of China,18 - 20 October 2011)
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Final Report of COM Meeting Shanghai - 2011.pdfReport of the COM Co-ordination MeetingOct 28,2011Secretariat
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WP01_ICAO Provisional agenda (Rev).pdfWP/1Provisional Agenda (Revised)Oct 13,2011Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI. 1 - Review FASID Tables.pdfWP/2Review of AFS Requirements and Planning TablesOct 12,2011Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI.1 - Review ATS and AIDC Plan.pdfWP/3Review of AFS Direct Speech Circuit and AIDC PlanOct 12,2011Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI. 2 - AFS - Alternate routing Moscow - Fukuoka.pdfWP/4Review of AFTN Routing Directory ChangeOct 12,2011Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI. 3 - AFS Performance Review between Mongolia and China.pdfWP/5Review of AFS Circuits Performance between China and MongoliaOct 12,2011Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI.5 - AMHS Implementaiton.pdfWP/6Discussion on ATN/AMHS Implementation between StatesOct 12,2011Secretariat
WP07_RUS AI 2 - Ground data transmission.pdfWP/7Ground Data Transmition Circuit Khabarovsk - BeijingOct 14,2011Russian Federation
WP08_ICAO AI.6 -  AFS -Performance Review and AFTN routing change between Mongolia and Russia -Rev.pdfWP/8Review of Operational Status of AFS Communication between Mongolia and Russia, and Discuss Alternate AFTN Routing Arrangement for Ulaanbaatar and Beijing Circuit via Irkutsk/Moscow/FukuokaOct 13,2011Mongolia
WP09_China AI.2- Alternate routing issue Beijing-Khabarovsk circuit.pdfWP/9Review of Operational Status of AFS Communication between Beijing/ Fukuoka, Khabarovsk and Discuss Alternate AFTN Routing Arrangement for Fukuoka/Moscow CircuitOct 18,2011China
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP/1Meeting BulletinOct 12,2011Secretariat
IP02_ Japan Proposal for AFTN Routing Directory Change.pdfIP/2AFTN Routing Directory Change ProposalOct 12,2011Secretariat
IP03_RUS - ATS Speech Circuits between RUS and CHN and DPRK (Rev.).pdfIP/3ATS Speech Circuits including Phone Links between ATS Units of the Russian Federation (Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok) and the Area Control Centres of China (Harbin, Shenyang)and DPR of Korea (Pyongyang)(Revised)Oct 13,2011Russian Federation
IP04-Mongolia IA5.pdfIP/4Aeronautical Telecommunication Network in MongoliaOct 20,2011Mongolia
IP05_CHN - ATN-AMHS Activity in China.pdfIP/5ATN/AMHS Implementation Activity in ChinaOct 19,2011China
IP06_CHN AI. 5- AMHS connection between China and ROK.pdfIP/6Status of AMHS Connection between China and Republic of Korea (ROK)Oct 19,2011China

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