The Sixth Meeting of the Aeronautical Information Services - Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (AAITF/6)
( Bangkok, Thailand,15-17 March 2011)
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final REPORT AAITF-6 17 3 2011.pdfReport of the Sixth Meeting of ICAO Aeronautical Information Services - Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (Bangkok, Thailand, 15-17 March 2011)Apr 01,2011
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WP01.pdfWP1Provisional AgendaMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP02.pdfWP2Survey of the Current Status of AIM ImplementationMar 04,2011Japan
WP03.pdfWP3Review of the Report of APANPIRG/21, and Follow-Up on Conclusions and Decisions Relevant to the AIS FieldMar 04,2011Chairman
WP04.pdfWP4Review of the Task List of AAITFMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP05.pdfWP5Review of Doc 9673 (Asia and Pacific Region Air Navigation Plan)Mar 04,2011Japan
WP06.pdfWP6Evolution towards Aeronautical Information ManagementMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP07.pdfWP7Questionnaire on Survey Inventory Related to WGS-84 ImplementationMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP08.pdfWP8New Provision to Annex 11Mar 04,2011Mongolia
WP09.pdfWP9Using new technology for provision of aeronautical information servicesMar 07,2011Mongolia
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IP01.pdfIP01List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)Mar 14,2011Secretariat
IP02.pdfIP02Philippines AIS Implementation Roadmap to AIMMar 03,2011Philippines
IP03.pdfIP03Summary of Discussion of the Third meeting of AIS-AIMSGMar 03,2011Japan
IP04.pdfIP04AIS-AIM - A CANSO PerspectiveMar 03,2011CANSO
IP05.pdfIP05Terms of Reference of AAITFMar 03,2011Secretariat
IP06.pdfIP06Review of the Fifth Meeting of the AIS-AIM Implementation Task Force (AITF/5)Mar 03,2011Secretariat
IP07.pdfIP07Aeronautical Information Service - Aeronautical Information Management in IndonesiaMar 07,2011Indonesia
IP08.pdfIP08AIM Implementation Plan of MongoliaMar 03,2011Mongolia
IP09.pdfIP09System of AD raw data, based on AICM/AIXM 4.5Mar 04,2011China
IP10.pdfIP10Development of Graphic NOTAM in ThailandMar 08,2011Thailand
IP11.pdfIP11AIS Organization and AIS Automation in Viet NamMar 14,2011Viet Nam
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Training Manual Reorg Draft 0.pdfAIS Training Guidance ManualMar 21,2011FAA
149.pdfUnited States (US) Progress in Transitioning from AIS to AIMMar 22,2011United States
Designing AIS in FAA format [Compatibility Mode].pdfDesigning AIS Staff Training Guidance - Using a Competency Based ApproachMar 21,2011FAA
ENPRM 10-004 - DQR Specification - Draft Early SOR - V0.5_Appendix1.pdfEurocontrol Specification for Data Quality RequirementsMar 22,2011FAA
ENPRM 10-005 - DAL Specification - Draft Early SOR - V0 5.pdfaft Eurocontrol Specification for Data Assurance Levels (DAL)Mar 22,2011FAA
eTOD _ GLYN.pdfICAO Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data Amendments 33 & 36Mar 21,2011FAA
QMS manual formated for edit and submission to DOC Control _MH_.pdfManual on the Quality Management System for Aeronautical Information ServicesMar 22,2011FAA

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