Seventh Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation Task
force (PBN/TF/7)
Bangkok, Thailand, 1 – 3 September 2010
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(2)
PBN_TF7rpt.pdfReport of PBN/TF/7
pbn_tf6rpt.pdfReport of PBN/TF/6
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
COSCAP_PBN_Regulation.docCOSCAP PBN Model Regulations
PBN_TF7gpic.jpgGroup Photo
agenda.pdfProvisional Agenda
COSCAP_ PBN_OPS_handbookv3.docCOSCAP Performance Based Navigation Operational Approval Handbook
OB Day1.docOrder of Business - Day1
OBDay2.docOrder of Business - Day2
OB Day3.docOrder of Business - Day3
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
wp01.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda
wp02.pdfWP/02PBN Update
wp03.pdfWP/03FPP Update
wp04.pdfWP/04Outcome of APANPIRG CNS/MET SG/14 Meeting on Issues Related to Navigation
wp05.pdfWP/05PBN State Plan Harmonization Analysis Report
wp06.pdfWP/06Regional Support Strategy for PBN Implementation
wp07.pdfWP/07Performance-Based Navigation – The Implementation Challenge - Secretariat(New paper)
wp08.pdfWP/08FMS Coding Issue Encountered during the Development of RNP APCH Procedures
wp09.pdfWP/09Report on ATM/AIS/SAR/20
wp10.pdfWP/10Proposals to Facilitate PBN Implementation
wp11.pdfWP/11Review of Technical and Administrative Arrangement of APAC Regional RAIM Prediction System
wp12.pdfWP/12PBN Operational Approval Handbook
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
ip01.pdfIP/1List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)
ip02.pdfIP/2PBN Manual Update
ip03.pdfIP/3Thailand PBN Implementation in 2010  -  Revised 31 August 2010
ip04.pdfIP/4Progress on PBN Implementation in the Maldives
ip05.pdfIP/5ICAO Assembly – 37th Session Working Paper A37-WP/13 Performance Based Navigation – The Implementation Challenge
ip06.pdfIP/6ICAO/IATA PBN Go-Team Visit to Thailand

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