Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Implementation Coordination Group – Eighth Working Group Meeting (ATNICG WG/8)
28 September to 1 October 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand
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ATNICG_WG8rpt.pdfReport of the Eighth Working Group Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation Co-Ordination Group Of APANPIRG (ATNICG WG/8)
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wp01.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda
wp02.pdfWP/02Global Air Traffic Service Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC) Interface Control Document (ICD)
wp03.pdfWP/03ATS Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC) Implementation Seminar
WP04.pdfWP/04Manual on the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Using Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) Standards and Protocols (Doc 9896)
wp05.pdfWP/05Outcome of CNS/MET SG/14 and APANPIRG/21 Meetings Relevant to AFS and AMS
wp06.pdfWP/06Discussions on Topics Related to Directory Services
wp07.pdfWP/07Asia/Pacific ATN IPS Router ICD – Draft Proposal
wp08.pdfWP/08Considerations for Introducing Security into the Asia/Pacific Regional Ground ATN/IPS Network
wp09.pdfWP/09Review of Uploaded ATNICG Subject/Tasks List
wp10.pdfWP/10Report on the Outcome of the Fifth Meeting of ATN Implementation Coordination Group (ATNICG/5)
wp11.pdfWP/11MET Data Using WEB Services over AMHS
wp12.pdfWP/12WEB Service Security Standards
wp13.pdfWP/13Clarification of Doc 9896 Internet Protocol Suite IPv6
wp14.pdfWP/14ASIA/PAC Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Security Guidance Document (Draft Second Edition, June 2010)
wp15.pdfWP/15Network Protocols Incompatibility Issues and Solutions
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ip01.pdfIP/1Meeting Bulletin
ip02.pdfIP/2Asia/Pacific IPv6 Addressing Plan Proposal
ip03.pdfIP/3Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Integration to Air Traffic Service (ATS) Voice Communication
ip04.pdfIP/4Report on Testing of XML – Based OPMET Delivery Over AMHS
ip05.pdfIP/5Asia/Pacific IP Routing Policy – Version 1.0 (Initial Draft)

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